5Star is a British free-to-air television channel owned by Viacom. It is a sister channel of Channel 5, 5Spike, 5USA and 5Select. It originally launched as the female-oriented Five Life on 15 October 2006, and was rebranded as Fiver on 28 April 2008 with a revised version of the same concept. The channel later re-branded as 5* on 7 March 2011, and later to its current name on 11 February 2016.

5Star logo
Launched15 October 2006
NetworkChannel 5
Owned byViacom International Media Networks
Picture format16:9 576i SDTV
Audience share0.57%
0.06% (+1)
(September 2018, BARB)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Formerly calledFive Life (2006–08)
Fiver (2008–11)
5* (2011–16)
Sister channel(s)
Timeshift service5Star +1
FreeviewChannel 30
Channel 56 (+1)
FreesatChannel 131
(UK only)
Channel 128
Channel 228 (+1)
Astra 2G10964 H 22000 5/6
10964 H 22000 5/6 (+1)
Virgin MediaChannel 151
Channel 186 (+1)
WightFibreChannel 15
Streaming media
TVPlayerWatch live (UK only)


2006–08: Five Life

5STAR launch, Oct 2006.jpeg
A collage of excerpt images from 5STAR’s launch as Five Life. Note that the images date back to c. October 2006.

The channel was intended to be a female-oriented channel with an emphasis on lifestyle programming.[1] Channel 5 announced that programming on launch would include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Love My Way, Windfall, Angela's Eyes, and a weekday double-bill of the chat show Trisha Goddard. On 16 October 2006, a day following the channel's launch, Australian soap opera Home and Away began airing from episode 4212 (Series 19). New episodes are shown Monday to Friday in a 'First Look' screening with episodes following the Channel 5 airing. Repeats of popular female-skewing dramas, both nationally and internationally produced, were soon acquired. Following the channel's launch, a time-shift version of the channel was launched in summer 2007.[2]

2008–11: Fiver

Five Life relaunched as Fiver in 2008 while still targeting female audiences, the channel was re-positioned with a "younger, faster, louder" concept, meant to compete with Sky Living. On-air presentation reflected this shift with a "cursor" motif, typing out words reflecting programs and current events.[3]

2011–16: 5*

In 2011, the channel was re-launched again, as 5* (pronounced "Five Star"). The new brand focused on a "fun-loving" concept, with initial acquisitions including $h*! My Dad Says, Better with You and Parenthood.[4] On 11 April 2011, 5* reduced its broadcast hours to 13:00 to 00:00, replacing the hours withdrawn with more teleshopping. When some of these new programs failed to make much of an impact in the channel's ratings, several were dropped and replaced by new locally produced and acquired programming. These included the American series 8 Simple Rules, 10 Things I Hate About You, Alphas and The Lying Game.[5]

In 2012, in consort with Channel 5's acquisition of the series, 5* began airing the Big Brother companion show Big Brother: Live from the House, which aired 60 minutes of live feed following every eviction show. In 2013, after Live from the House set ratings records for the channel, the programme was expanded to two hours nightly.[6] However, ratings were at a share below that of the channel's average, with just 70,000 watching the first live feeds.[7] Subsequently, the live feeds were shut down and the spin-off show last aired in June 2013.[8] Also in 2013, American Idol moved to 5* from ITV2.[9] Continuing the channel's venture into reality based programming, Tallafornia was acquired from Ireland's TV3 and this was soon joined by Bar Rescue, World's Worst Tenants and Top 20 Funniest in 2014.[10]

The current schedule includes a variety of programming, including the aforementioned reality series, as well as the first-run rights to Helix, the second-run rights to American series Falling Skies, Under the Dome and The Walking Dead, and Australian soap operas Home & Away and Neighbours. Popular documentary series shared with Channel 5 air throughout the daytime and primetime hours, such as The Gadget Show.

The time-shift version of the channel was shut down on 3 February 2014 and replaced by Channel 5 +24.[11] The channel returned later, launching on Freesat on 16 September 2014 and Sky in the UK and Ireland on 4 November 2014, replacing BET +1 on the platform. The addition of the channel in Ireland was an error, thus it was removed on 6 November 2014.

On 11 February 2016, as part of an overall re-branding of Channel 5's networks following their acquisition by Viacom, the channel was re-branded as 5Star.[12]


The launch of Five Life was at the time ranked as the worst received multichannel launch for a terrestrial broadcaster, only managing to achieve a primetime share of 0.21%.[13] Following the channel's relaunch as Fiver in 2008, the all-day share for the channel has been between 0.5–0.6%. The highest rated series airing on the channel are Home & Away, Neighbours and the weeknight showings of primetime movies. The highest rating for the channel is held by Big Brother: Live from the House, when it received just over one million viewers and an audience share of over five percent in 2013.

Current programming



Former programming


  • ^1 Several documentary series shared with Channel 5 air on 5Star. However, the titles that come to 5Star change too sporadically to pinpoint what specifically airs first-run or second-run to the channel.


Five Life logo
Five Life logo
(15 October 2006 – 28 April 2008)
Fiver (Five) logo 2008
First Fiver logo
(28 April 2008 – 7 October 2008)
Fiver logo
Final Fiver logo
(7 October 2008 – 7 March 2011)
Channel 5 Star
5* logo
(7 March 2011 – 11 February 2016)
5Star logo
5Star logo
(11 February 2016 – present)


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5Select is a British free-to-air television channel which features documentaries and dramas and Channel 5 original content. It is owned by Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd.


5Spike is a British free-to-air television channel owned by Viacom. Launching on 15 April 2015 on Freeview, it is a multiplex channel of Channel 5 and localised version of the American channel Spike (now Paramount Network). It primarily airs entertainment programs including action and drama series, police documentaries, programming from its U.S. counterpart, and mixed martial arts.


5USA is a British free-to-air television channel. It is owned by Viacom and is a sister channel of Channel 5, 5Spike, 5Star and 5Select. It was launched on 16 October 2006 as Five US and was the second digital terrestrial television channel in the UK to be launched by RTL Group (the owner at the time) as part of their multi-channel strategy, the first being Five Life (now 5Star). 5USA concentrates on showing imported movies and programmes from the United States. The channel's original broadcast hours were from 4:00pm to 01:00am, however it extended its hours starting at 12:00pm in June 2007. On 1 November 2015, the channel extended its hours again and began broadcasting from 7:00am until 3:00am. The channel changes its programme slots and shows from time to time.

British comedian Russell Kane was the 'face of the channel', presenting short clips between some programmes which acted as space fillers to comply with advertising regulations in the UK (UK regulation allows fewer minutes of advertising than in the US) until 16 February 2009. The music used during the idents until February 2009 was "The Dress Looks Nice on You!" and "Jacksonville" by Sufjan Stevens.

On 28 August 2007, Five US launched a timeshift channel named Five US +1 available only on Sky. On 22 January 2009, it was announced that Five US would be rebranded to "Five USA" on 16 February. The channel rebranded for a second time as "5USA" on 7 March 2011.The channel's highest ratings to date were on 12 February 2008 for the second part of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without a Trace crossover. The show averaged 2.580 million viewers between 10:00pm and 11:00pm equating to a multichannel share of 13.9%. Those numbers made the show the most-watched multichannel programme in its slot – beating every other channel (digital and analogue) aside from BBC One, and is currently one of the highest ratings for a multichannel in the United Kingdom.

Access (UK TV programme)

Access is a British entertainment news television programme created by Channel 5 which airs over their own networks which include Channel 5, 5Select, 5Spike, 5Star, 5USA and Paramount Network.

Akil Borneo

Akil Anthony Borneo (born 18 April 1979), better known by his stagename 5Star Akil, is a Trinidadian soca artist. In 2010, Borneo survived being shot five times.

Celebs on the Farm

Celebs on the Farm is a British television series that began on 5Star from 20 August 2018. The show is hosted by Stephen Bailey.

In 2019, Bailey is set host a new version of the show, titled Celebs on the Ranch, with a new lineup of celebrities.

Chas Guldemond

Charles 'Chas' Guldemond (born April 22, 1987) is an American snowboarder.

Five Star Movement

The Five Star Movement (Italian: Movimento 5 Stelle [moviˈmento ˈtʃiŋkwe ˈstelle], M5S) is a political party in Italy. The M5S was founded on 4 October 2009 by Beppe Grillo, a comedian and blogger, and Gianroberto Casaleggio, a web strategist. After Casaleggio's death in April 2016, Grillo appointed a directorate composed of five leading MPs (Alessandro Di Battista, Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Fico, Carla Ruocco and Carlo Sibilia), which lasted until the following October when he dissolved it and proclaimed himself the "political head" of the M5S. Grillo is also formally president of the association named the Five Star Movement; his nephew, Enrico Grillo, serves as vice president; and his accountant, Enrico Maria Nadasi, as secretary. Davide Casaleggio, Gianroberto's son, has an increasingly important albeit unofficial role.The M5S is variously considered populist, anti-establishment, environmentalist, anti-globalist and Eurosceptic. The party has also been described as New Right and described by some as being right-wing due to its anti-immigration stance despite its promotion of policies usually advocated by the Italian left-wing, such as citizen's income and green-inspired policies. Grillo himself once provocatively referred to the movement as "populist". Its members stress that the M5S is not a party but a "movement", and it may not be included in the traditional left–right paradigm. The "five stars" are a reference to five key issues for the party: public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access, and environmentalism. The party also advocates e-democracy, direct democracy, the principle of "zero-cost politics", degrowth and nonviolence.In the 2013 general election, the M5S won the most votes of all parties (excluding votes from Italians abroad) for the Chamber of Deputies. However, its deputies only held 109 of 630 positions as M5S refused to join a coalition. Since the 2014 European Parliament election, the M5S has been part of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group in the European Parliament, along with the UK Independence Party and minor right-wing parties. In January 2017, M5S members voted in favor of Grillo's proposal to join the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group, but the party was eventually refused, and M5S continues to be part of the EFDD group.

In 2016, two party members, Virginia Raggi and Chiara Appendino, were elected mayors of Rome and Turin, respectively. On 21–22 September 2017, the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies Luigi Di Maio was elected with 82% of votes in an online primary election as candidate to the premiership and "political head" of the movement, replacing Grillo as leader of the M5S, but not as the M5S's "guarantor". In January 2018, Grillo separated his own blog from the movement, which was used in the previous years as an M5S online newspaper and the main propaganda tool.In the 2018 general election, the M5S became the largest individual party in the Italian Parliament and entered government.


GreatCall is a connected health technology company based in San Diego, California. GreatCall offers health and safety products and services for older adults, including mobile devices, cellular service, mobile apps and a wearable device. The company provides nationwide cellular service as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) through the Verizon Wireless network.

Jamie Anderson (snowboarder)

Jamie Louise Anderson (born September 13, 1990) is an American professional snowboarder. She won the gold medal in the inaugural Women's Slopestyle Event at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and repeated the feat at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, making her the first female snowboarder to win more than one Olympic gold medal. She has won gold medals in slopestyle at the Winter X Games in consecutive years in 2007/8 and 2012/3. She has 11 total medals, including four gold, five silver and two bronze.

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark (born July 26, 1983) is an American snowboarder who won halfpipe gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Clark was born in Newport, Rhode Island. She started snowboarding when she was 7 years old, began competing in 1999, and became a member of the US Snowboard team in 2000. On January 25,2019 at the Winter Xgames in Aspen, she announced her retirement from the sport.

Markus Malin

Markus Malin (born 28 May 1987) is a Finnish snowboarder. He is a two-time Olympian; representing Finland in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongchang and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. At both Olympics, Markus competed in halfpipe, finishing 11th in 2010 and 19th in 2018. Malin won the bronze medal at a 2008–09 World Cup event at Stoneham Mountain Resort in the halfpipe. He also won bronze at the 2010 Canadian Open, a tune-up for the Olympics.Malin is also a constant competitor at events of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. After finishing the 08/09 season already in the Top 10 of the Tour, he ended the 09/10 season in World No. 3 of the world ranking list thanks to some good results like a third place at the 5Star Burton Canadian Open and a fourth-place finish at the 6Star O'Neill Evolution and the 6Star Burton US Open.

Michael Murphy (singer)

Michael Murphy (born Michael Sean D'Arcy Murphy on 4 September 1986, in Taupo, New Zealand) is a singer and runner-up winner of the 2004 New Zealand Idol (NZ Idol). He was ultimately beaten by Ben Lummis, who became his friend over the course of the contest.

After NZ Idol, Michael Murphy had signed to BMG records. Murphy's first single debuted at No. 1 and stayed a while at the top of radio charts. He gained a gold status for No Place to Land, his debut album. He then toured New Zealand, singing to sold-out audiences. With 5star Fallout, Michael toured New Zealand, the U.S. and English pubs.


Milkshake! is a British preschool television programming block on Channel 5, aimed at children two to seven years old. The block debuted in 1997 and is broadcast on weekdays from 06:00 to 09:15 and weekends from 06:00 to 10:00. The block has a number of presenters, and features a range of children's programming. Some of its current programmes include iconic shows such as Thomas and Friends, Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, Fireman Sam, PAW Patrol' , Floogals, Wissper, Shane The Chef, Little Princess, Noddy Toyland Dectective and many more. From 1997–2002 and 2007–2016, Milkshake! also aired programmes for older children; afterwards, these programmes moved to Shake!, which used to run on weekends after Milkshake!

When Five Life launched in 2006, Milkshake! was shown on the channel between 09:00 and 13:00 each day. By April 2011, the channel had reduced its broadcast hours and the block was replaced by teleshopping. On 21 August 2017, Milkshake relaunched on 5Star, where it aired from 9:15 to 11:00am. Milkshake! On 5Star was later dropped and removed in 2018. On 6 July 2017, Channel 5 announced a rebranding of Milkshake! that launched on 24 July, including updated branding, a new studio, and the launch of a YouTube channel that will feature digital content related to the block.Current features in the Milkshake! studio welcome viewers to participate and send in their pictures and shout outs for Mini Milkshakers!, pet of the day, Milkshake! First Awards, Milkshake! thumbs up, birthday cards, a daily competition, picture galleries and a daily song and dance routine. Celebration and cultural days are also featured like Grandparents Day, Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and Holi, in addition to storybook readings, activity films at museums and at farms to reflect the world of the pre school viewer.

The current block in 2019 has achieved its highest ever share of kids 4-15 viewing, with viewer growth year on year.

There is a national theatre tour Milkshake! Live, DVD and monthly magazine.

Paramount Network (UK)

Paramount Network is a British free-to-air television channel operated by Channel 5 Broadcasting. It features a range of programming from the Channel 5 stable as well as other content from the UK and US.The channel was launched on 4 July 2018, but ceased to be available via satellite in Ireland on 13 July 2018 having supposedly been made available only by mistake, even though the channel had been promoted to Irish viewers before launch. The channel can still be accessed on Sky Ireland by adding it via the extra channel.

The channel launched a high-definition feed exclusively on Virgin Media on 21 July 2018.

Sa'adat Abad

Sa'adat Abad (Persian: سعادت‌آباد‎) is a rich and luxury neighborhood located in northwestern Tehran. The most luxury 5star hotel in tehran the espinnas palace hotel is located in this neighbourhood. It has good air quality, because it is located so nearly by Alborz mountains. Saadat Abad is also close to the Evin district that houses the Evin Prison, which is the most famous prison in Iran.

You can see Many luxury cars in this district and its famous for these cars and special houses.

Sa'adat Abad also contains the Tehran International School (Boys Section), located in Farhang square. The school consists of roughly two hundred students and is a registered IB (International Baccalaureate School). Property values in Sa'adat Abad are usually between 125 and 350«and more» million Rials (IRR) per square meter.

Silvia Mittermüller

Silvia Mittermüller (born 8 August 1983 in Munich) is a German snowboarder.

Warren Bullock

Warren Bullock is a professional ballroom dancer and dance teacher. He owns a dance teaching business with a chain of 14 'studios', and also teaches on cruises. He has won a number of awards as a dance teacher and coach and together with his wife Jane, pioneered the teaching of Ballroom and Latin American dancing in schools starting at Glebefields School in Tipton and King Edwards School for girls in Edgebaston before speaking and promoting this concept at the BDF conference in 1997 which resulted in dance becoming part of the national curriculum in some counties. He was the main character in 8 one-hour programmes of Baby Ballroom on channel 5Star – a reality documentary made by Firecracker Films based on Bullock, his family and Zig Zag Dance Factory.

Xia Brookside

Xia Henderson (born 16 October 1998) is an English professional wrestler and valet currently signed to WWE where she performs on the NXT UK brand under the ringname Xia Brookside. The daughter of British wrestling legend Robbie Brookside, she is best known for her appearances in World Wonder Ring Stardom and All Star Wrestling.


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