48th World Science Fiction Convention

The 48th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), was ConFiction, which was held in The Hague, Netherlands 23rd-27 August 1990 at the Netherlands Congress Centre. This convention was one of the two Worldcons held in continental Europe, the other being the 28th World Science Fiction Convention held in West Germany.

ConFiction, the 48th World Science Fiction Convention
World Forum Den Haag
Netherlands Congress Centre, now World Forum
GenreScience fiction
VenueNetherlands Congress Centre
Location(s)The Hague
Inaugurated23–27 August 1990


The guests of honour for the convention were Joe Haldeman, Wolfgang Jeschke and Harry Harrison, with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro as Toastmaster and Andrew I. Porter as Fan Guest of Honour. The organising committee was chaired by Kees van Toorn. The total membership of the convention was 3580, despite the preparations for the Gulf war which deterred many Americans from traveling.

This was the first Worldcon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, so was the first convention which many fans, writers and editors from Eastern European countries were able to attend. The convention was opened by the then Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Netherlands, and the Hugos were presented by the U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.


The Hugo Awards, named after Hugo Gernsback, are presented every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year. The results are based on the ballots submitted by members of the World Science Fiction Society. Other awards, including the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (since 1973), are also presented at each year's Worldcon.[1] [2]

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47th World Science Fiction Convention
Noreascon 3 in Boston, United States (1989)
List of Worldcons
48rd World Science Fiction Convention
ConFiction in The Hague, Netherlands (1990)
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47th World Science Fiction Convention

The 47th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), also known as Noreascon 3 (or "... Three", or "... III"), was held August 31–September 4, 1989, at the Sheraton-Boston Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Boston Park Plaza, and the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.The chairman was Mark L. Olson. The Guests of Honor were Andre Norton, Ian & Betty Ballantine (pro), and The Stranger Club (fan). Seven surviving members of the latter group—the first known science fiction club in the Boston area, and responsible for organizing Boskone I, New England's first science fiction convention, in 1941—attended, including Harry Stubbs (Hal Clement). Total attendance was 6,837, of 7,795 paid memberships.

49th World Science Fiction Convention

The 49th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), also known as Chicon V, was held August 29–September 2, 1991, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The convention was chaired by Kathleen Meyer. Total attendance was reported as 5,661 members.

World Forum (The Hague)

The World Forum (originally known as Nederlands Congresgebouw and formerly Nederlands Congres Centrum and World Forum Convention Center) is a concert venue and convention centre in The Hague, Netherlands, near the buildings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and one of the administrative offices of the International Baccalaureate.

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