Year 458 (CDLVIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Maiorianus and Leo (or, less frequently, year 1211 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 458 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

Millennium: 1st millennium
458 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar458
Ab urbe condita1211
Assyrian calendar5208
Balinese saka calendar379–380
Bengali calendar−135
Berber calendar1408
Buddhist calendar1002
Burmese calendar−180
Byzantine calendar5966–5967
Chinese calendar丁酉(Fire Rooster)
3154 or 3094
    — to —
戊戌年 (Earth Dog)
3155 or 3095
Coptic calendar174–175
Discordian calendar1624
Ethiopian calendar450–451
Hebrew calendar4218–4219
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat514–515
 - Shaka Samvat379–380
 - Kali Yuga3558–3559
Holocene calendar10458
Iranian calendar164 BP – 163 BP
Islamic calendar169 BH – 168 BH
Javanese calendar343–344
Julian calendar458
Korean calendar2791
Minguo calendar1454 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−1010
Seleucid era769/770 AG
Thai solar calendar1000–1001
Tibetan calendar阴火鸡年
(female Fire-Rooster)
584 or 203 or −569
    — to —
(male Earth-Dog)
585 or 204 or −568
Campaign of emperor Majorian (458–461)


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Roman Empire


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Exploration and Colonization




.458 Winchester Magnum

The .458 Winchester Magnum is a belted, straight-taper cased, dangerous game rifle cartridge. It was introduced commercially in 1956 by Winchester and first chambered in the Winchester Model 70 African rifle. It was designed to compete against the .450 Nitro Express and the .470 Nitro Express cartridges used in big bore British double rifles. The .458 Winchester Magnum remains one of the most popular dangerous game cartridges, and most major ammunition manufacturers offer a selection of .458 ammunition.

AF Corse

AF Corse is an Italian auto racing team founded by former racing driver Amato Ferrari in 1995 in Piacenza. Strongly linked to the Maserati and Ferrari brands, AF Corse currently competes in the FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series, Asian Le Mans Series, and International GT Open, and are four-time champions of the GT2 class of the former FIA GT Championship. The team has also entered cars under Advanced Engineering, AT Racing, Pecom Racing, Spirit of Race, Formula Racing and 8Star Motorsports, and in association with Michael Waltrip Racing (AF Waltrip).

Anatolius of Constantinople

Saint Anatolius (? – 3 July 458) was the first Patriarch of Constantinople (451 – 3 July 458).

Area codes 541 and 458

North American area code 541 covers the majority of Oregon in terms of surface area, except the northwest part of the state. Its service area includes the cities of Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, Medford, Bend, Ashland, The Dalles, and Pendleton, as well as the coastal region from Lincoln County to the California border. It began its split from area code 503 on November 5, 1995, and finished June 30, 1996. It is overlaid with area code 458, effective February 10, 2010.

British Rail Class 458

The British Rail Class 458 is an electric multiple-unit passenger train built by Alstom at Washwood Heath between 1998 and 2002 for South West Trains. They were the first new fleet of trains to be delivered following the privatisation of British Rail.The fleet of 30 four-car trains was ordered in 1997, with the first train delivered in October 1998. The trains entered passenger service between 2000 and 2003 and are maintained at Wimbledon depot. They form part of Alstom's Juniper family of trains, which also includes Classes 334 and 460.Between 2013 and 2016, they were merged with the mechanically similar Class 460 fleet and reconfigured into 36 five-cars units, designated Class 458/5, to improve capacity. The trains are now used by South Western Railway.

British Rail Class 460

Class 460 (or 8Gat) was the designation of a fleet of 8-car electric multiple-unit trains built by Alstom at Washwood Heath in 1999-2001. They were part of Alstom's "Juniper" family, which also includes the 334 and 458 classes.

From their introduction until the final units were withdrawn in September 2012, they operated Gatwick Express services between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport. All have since been converted to class 458/5 units (other than four surplus driving vehicles used as spares donors) for operation by South West Trains.

Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 Italia (Type F142) is a mid-engine sports car produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari. The 458 replaced the F430, and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was succeeded by the 488, which was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari 488

The Ferrari 488 (Type F142M) is a mid-engine sports car produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari. The car is an update to the 458 with notable exterior and performance changes.

The car is powered by a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, smaller in displacement but generating a higher power output than the 458's naturally aspirated engine. The 488 GTB was named "The Supercar of the Year 2015" by car magazine Top Gear, as well as becoming Motor Trend's 2017 "Best Driver's Car". The 488 was succeeded by the F8 Tributo in February 2019.

German submarine U-458

German submarine U-458 was a Type VIIC U-boat built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine for service during World War II.

She was laid down on 16 October 1940 by Deutsche Werke AG, Kiel as yard number 289, launched on 4 October 1941 and commissioned on 12 December 1941 under Oberleutnant zur See Kurt Diggins.

Giancarlo Fisichella

Giancarlo Fisichella (Italian pronunciation: [dʒaŋˈkarlo fiziˈkɛlla]; born 14 January 1973), also known as Fisico, Giano or Fisi, is an Italian professional racing driver. He has driven in Formula One for Minardi, Jordan, Benetton, Sauber, Renault, Force India and Ferrari. Since then he has driven for AF Corse in their Ferrari 458 GTE at various sportscar events, becoming twice a Le Mans 24 Hour class winner, and a GT class winner of the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. He was also Ferrari's F1 reserve driver for 2010.

Fisichella won three races in his Formula One career, the first of which was at the chaotic 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix, a race abandoned for safety reasons with 15 laps remaining. After several days of confusion regarding rules and technicalities, Fisichella was eventually declared the winner in the following week, and collected his trophy in an unofficial ceremony at the following race. He was brought into the Renault team to replace fellow Italian Jarno Trulli, and won his first race with the team in Australia in 2005. However, after that race it was his teammate, the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, that would win the greater share of races for Renault. Although highly rated as a driver, Fisichella was unable to keep pace with eventual champion Alonso, managing just one further race win following his debut. Outside of driving, he has backed his own GP2 team, FMS International.

On 17 June 2012 Fisichella won the GTE Pro division of the Le Mans 24hrs for AF Corse and followed this up with the Manufacturers' title in the WEC at the end of the season.

Kosmos 458

Kosmos 458 (Russian: Космос 458 meaning Cosmos 458), known before launch as DS-P1-Yu No.53, was a Soviet satellite which was launched in 1971 as part of the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik programme. It was a 325-kilogram (717 lb) spacecraft, which was built by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, and was used as a radar calibration target for anti-ballistic missile tests.

List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 458

This is a list of all the United States Supreme Court cases from volume 458 of the United States Reports:

Toll v. Moreno, 458 U.S. 1 (1982)

Northern Pipeline Construction Company v. Marathon Pipe Line Company, 458 U.S. 50 (1982)

Union Labor Life Ins. Co. v. Pireno, 458 U.S. 119 (1982)

Fidelity Fed. Sav. & Loan Assn. v. De la Cuesta, 458 U.S. 141 (1982)

Board of Ed. of Hendrick Hudson Central School Dist., Westchester Cty. v. Rowley, 458 U.S. 176 (1982)

Ford Motor Co. v. EEOC, 458 U.S. 219 (1982)

Michigan v. Thomas, 458 U.S. 259 (1982) (per curiam)

United States v. Hollywood Motor Car Co., 458 U.S. 263 (1982) (per curiam)

South Dakota v. Nebraska, 458 U.S. 276 (1982)

Williams v. United States, 458 U.S. 279 (1982)

ASARCO Inc. v. Idaho Tax Comm'n, 458 U.S. 307 (1982)

F. W. Woolworth Co. v. Taxation and Revenue Dept. of N. M., 458 U.S. 354 (1982)

General Building Contractors Assn., Inc. v. Pennsylvania, 458 U.S. 375 (1982)

Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp., 458 U.S. 419 (1982)

Washington v. Seattle School Dist. No. 1, 458 U.S. 457 (1982)

Lehman v. Lycoming County Children's Servs. Agency, 458 U.S. 502 (1982)

Crawford v. Board of Ed. of Los Angeles, 458 U.S. 527 (1982)

Griffin v. Oceanic Contractors, Inc., 458 U.S. 564 (1982)

Velde v. National Black Police Assn., Inc., 458 U.S. 591 (1982) (per curiam)

Alfred L. Snapp & Son, Inc. v. Puerto Rico ex rel. Barez, 458 U.S. 592 (1982)

Rogers v. Lodge, 458 U.S. 613 (1982)

Rice v. Norman Williams Co., 458 U.S. 654 (1982)

Florida Dept. of State v. Treasure Salvors, Inc., 458 U.S. 670 (1982)

Mississippi Univ. for Women v. Hogan, 458 U.S. 718 (1982)

New York v. Ferber, 458 U.S. 747 (1982)

Enmund v. Florida, 458 U.S. 782 (1982)

Ramah Navajo School Bd., Inc. v. Bureau of Revenue of N.M., 458 U.S. 832 (1982)

United States v. Valenzuela-Bernal, 458 U.S. 858 (1982)

NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co., 458 U.S. 886 (1982)

Sporhase v. Nebraska ex rel. Douglas, 458 U.S. 941 (1982)

Board of Ed. of Rogers v. McCluskey, 458 U.S. 966 (1982) (per curiam)

White v. Florida, 458 U.S. 1301 (1982)

Beltran v. Smith, 458 U.S. 1303 (1982)

Corsetti v. Massachusetts, 458 U.S. 1306 (1982)

List of political parties in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power by controlling the Legislative Council. The Chief Executive is elected by an indirectly elected Election Committee and is nonpartisan as restricted by the Chief Executive Election Ordinance, but has to rely on political parties in the legislature for support, effectively having a coalition government.

Hong Kong has no legislation for political parties, and thus has no legal definition for what a political party is. Most political parties and political groups registered either as limited companies or societies.

In Hong Kong there are three main political ideological blocs, which presents to pro-democracy camp, pro-Beijing camp and the localist groups.

List of rifle cartridges

List of rifle cartridges, by primer type, calibre and name.

NGC 458

NGC 458 is an open cluster located in the constellation Tucana. It was discovered on September 6, 1826, by James Dunlop. It was also observed by John Herschel and DeLisle Stewart. It was described by Dreyer as "pretty faint, large, round, very gradually brighter middle." It was also noted in the second Index Catalogue that it was "probably a cluster, extremely small, close, no nebulosity seen by D.S. (DeLisle Stewart)."

National Highway 458 (India)

National Highway 458, commonly referred to as NH 458 is a national highway in India. It is a spur road of National Highway 58. NH-458 traverses the state of Rajasthan in India.

New York v. Ferber

New York v. Ferber, 458 U.S. 747 (1982), is a precedential decision given by the United States Supreme Court, which ruled unanimously that the First Amendment right to free speech did not forbid states from banning the sale of material depicting children engaged in sexual activity, even if the material was not obscene.

No. 458 Squadron RAAF

No. 458 Squadron RAAF was a Royal Australian Air Force squadron that operated during World War II. It was formed in Australia under Article XV of the Empire Air Training Scheme. The squadron flew various versions of Vickers Wellington bombers, first in Europe and later in the Middle East. It was disbanded in mid-1945, following the conclusion of hostilities in Europe.

Rural Municipality of Willow Creek No. 458

Willow Creek No. 458 is a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, located in the Census Division 14. The seat of the municipality is located in the Hamlet of Brooksby.

USS Lucid (MSO-458)

USS Lucid (AM-458/MSO-458) is an Aggressive-class minesweeper acquired by the U.S. Navy for the task of removing naval mines that had been placed in the water to prevent the safe passage of ships. She was launched soon after the Korean War, sailed on four Western Pacific (Westpac) cruises and served two tours in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Lucid was decommissioned at the end of 1970 and placed in mothballs after only 15 years of service, as the Vietnam War was winding down and there was no longer a need for a large fleet of minesweepers. She was purchased by civilians and served as a houseboat for ten years before being sold again and used as a warehouse in the Sacramento Delta. In 2005, Lucid was acquired by a foundation seeking to save a ship of this class and is now undergoing restoration as a museum ship by a maritime museum in Stockton, California. Lucid is the last Aggressive-class minesweeper afloat in the United States.

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