41st government of Turkey

The 41st government of Turkey (21 July 1977 – 5 January 1978) was a historical government of Turkey. It is also called the fifth Demirel cabinet and Second Nationalist Front.

Demirel 1976 cropped
Süleyman Demirel, 1976


After the 40th government failed to receive the vote of confidence, three parties formed a coalition and named their government the "Second Nationalist Front." The prime minister was Süleyman Demirel, the leader of Justice Party (AP). Other partners were National Salvation Party (MSP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The difference between the first and the second nationalistic fronts was that Republican Reliance Party (CGP) was no longer a partner of the coalition.

The government

In the list below, the serving period of cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Party Notes
Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel AP
Deputy Prime Minister
Necmettin Erbakan MSP
Alparslan Türkeş MHP
Minister of State
Seyfi Öztürk AP
Süleyman Arif Emre MSP
Sadi Somuncuoğu MHP
Ali Şevki Erek
Ekrem Ceyhun
AP 21 July 1977 – 1 November 1977
11 November 1977 – 5 January 1978
Ministry of Justice Necmettin Cevheri AP
Ministry of National Defense Sadettin Bilgiç
Turhan Kapanlı
Ministry of the Interior Korkut Özal MSP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil AP
Ministry of Finance Cihat Bilgehan AP
Ministry of National Education Nahit Menteşe AP
Ministry of Public Works Selahattin Kılıç AP
Ministry of Commerce Agah Oktar Güner MHP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Cengiz Gökçek MHP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Gün Sazak MHP
Ministry Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Fehim Adak MSP
Ministry of Transport Yılmaz Ergenekon AP
Ministry of Labour Fehmi Cumalıoğlu MSP
Ministry of Social Security Turhan Kapanlıı
İlhami Ertem
AP 21 July 1977 – 28 October 1977
12 November 1977 – 5 January 1978[3]
Ministry of Industry and Technology Oğuzhan Asiltürk MSP
Ministry Tourism İskender Cenap Ege AP
Ministry Culture Avni Alyol AP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Recai Kutan MSP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Kamran İnan AP
Ministry of Village Affairs and Cooperatives Turgut Yücel AP
Ministry of Forestry Sabahattin Savcı MSP
Ministry of Youth and Sports Önal Şakar
Ali Şevki Erek
AP 21 July 1977 – 14 October 1977
1 November 1977 – 5 January 1978


The government was short-lived. The Republican People's Party overthrew the government by interpellation.


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Preceded by
40th government of Turkey
(Bülent Ecevit)
41st Government of Turkey
21 July 1977 – 5 January 1978
Succeeded by
42nd government of Turkey
(Bülent Ecevit)

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