34th Army Corps (Russian Empire)

The 34th Army Corps was an Army corps in the Imperial Russian Army.

34th Army Corps
Country Russian Empire
AllegianceImperial Russian Army
EngagementsWorld War I

Part of


Imperial Russian Army formations and units (1914)

This article lists Imperial Russian Army formations and units in 1914 prior to World War I mobilisation for the Russian invasion of Prussia and liberation Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia.

The prewar chain of command was: military district, corps (or Army corps), then to division, brigade, regiment, and then the regiment's battalions.

After mobilisation in the event of war the chain of command of the Imperial Russian Army ran from Stavka, the Russian general headquarters, which was created during mobilization, to Front-level (Army group) also created during mobilization, to the Army level. Army headquarters were created during mobilization by transformation of the military district headquarters. Below Army level the chain was the same; corps (or Army corps, it was used interchangeably), division, brigade, and regiment.

Abbreviations used

ACorps = Army Corps (ak = armeysy korpus)

MD = Military district (VO = voenny okrug)

GrenCorps = Grenadier Corps (Gren. k = Grenadersky korpus)

LGrd = Lifeguard (l.-gv. = leyb-gvardi)

SibCorps = Sibirian Corps (Sib. k = Sibirsky korpus)

TurkCorps = Turkestan Corps (Sib. k = Sibirsky korpus)

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