26th government of Turkey

The 26th government of Turkey (20 November 1961 – 25 June 1962), also known as the first coalition government of Turkey and the eight government of İsmet İnönü, was the first civilian government following the 1960 Turkish coup d'état. The prime minister, İsmet İnönü, was the leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP) and a former president of Turkey. The CHP was joined in coalition by the Justice Party (AP).

Inonu Ismet
İsmet İnönü


In the elections held on 15 October 1961, CHP received 36.7%, and AP received 34.8%. Thus, CHP gained 173 seats and AP gained 158 seats in the 450-seat parliament. İnönü formed the first coalition government in the history of Turkey with AP. AP claimed to be the successor of Democrat Party (DP), which had been banned by the leaders of the 1960 coup. İnönü's main objective was to end the tension between the former coup leaders and the Justice Party. In the relatively short span of time in which the 26th government existed, the Justice Party tried to lift the ban on DP politicians, but the former coup partisans opposed this policy. On 22 February 1962, Turkey was faced again with an attempted coup, but İnönü managed to suppress it.[1]

The government

Some of the cabinet members were changed during the lifespan of the cabinet. In the list below, the serving period of cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinets lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[2][3] Name Party Notes
Prime Minister İsmet İnönü CHP
Deputy Prime Minister Ali Akif Eyidoğan AP
Minister of State
Turhan Feyzioğlu CHP
Avni Doğan
Hıfzı Oğuz Bekata
CHP 20 November 1961 – 23 May 1962
23 May 1962 – 5 June 1962
Necmi Ökten AP
Nihat Su AP
Ministry of Justice Kemal Sahir Kurutluoğlu Indep
Ministry of National Defense İlhami Sancar CHP
Ministry of the Interior Ahmet Topaloğlu AP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Selim Sarper
Feridun Cemal Erkin
20 November 1961 – 26.03-1962
26 March 1962 – 5 June 1962
Ministry of Finance Şefik İnan CHP
Ministry of National Education Hilmi İncesulu CHP
Ministry of Public Works Emin Paksüt CHP
Ministry of Commerce İhsan Gürsan AP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Süleyman Suat Seren AP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Şevket Pulatoğlu AP
Ministry of Agriculture Cavit Oral AP
Ministry of Transport Mustafa Cahit Akyar AP
Ministry of Labour and Social Security Bülent Ecevit CHP
Ministry of Industry Fethi Çelikbaş CHP
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Kamran Evliyaoğlu AP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Mehmet Muhittin Güven AP


In the last month of the coalition government, the main issue was the idea of an amnesty act for the former DP members. According to an interview, İnönü thought that the split of opinion on this issue made the government nonfunctional, and he resigned.[4]


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Preceded by
25th government of Turkey
(Cemal Gürsel)
26th Government of Turkey
20 November 1961 – 25 June 1962
Succeeded by
27th government of Turkey
(İsmet İnönü)
12th Parliament of Turkey

The 12th Grand National Assembly of Turkey existed from 15 October 1961 to 1o October 1965.

Actually there is one other parliament between the 11th parliament of Turkey and the 12th parliament of Turkey. But the members of the chamber of deputies in 1960-61 term were appointed members rather than elected members and usually chamber of deputies is not included in the list of the parliaments in Turkey.

According to the new constitution, there were two houses in the parliament . There were 450 MPs in the lower house ; Republican People’s Party (CHP) with 173 MPs, Justice Party (AP)with 158 MPs, New Turkey Party (YTP) with 65 MPs and Republican Villagers Nation Party with 54 MPs. Since no party was able to win the majority of seats, this term witnessed four coalition governments.

1961 in Turkey

Events in the year 1961 in Turkey.

1962 in Turkey

Events in the year 1962 in Turkey.

25th government of Turkey

The 25th government of Turkey (5 January 1961 – 20 November 1961) was a government in the history of Turkey. It is also called the Second Gürsel government.

27th government of Turkey

The 27th government of Turkey (25 June 1962 – 25 December 1963) is the second coalition government in the history of Turkey. The prime minister, İsmet İnönü, was the leader of Republican People's Party (CHP) and a former president.

Bülent Ecevit

Mustafa Bülent Ecevit (Turkish: [byˈlænt edʒeˈvit]; 28 May 1925 – 5 November 2006) was a Turkish politician, poet, writer, scholar, and journalist, who served as the Prime Minister of Turkey four times between 1974 and 2002. He served as prime minister of Turkey in 1974, 1977, 1978–79, and 1999–2002. He was the leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP) between 1972 and 1980, and in 1989 he became the leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP).

Selim Sarper

Selim Rauf Sarper (June 14, 1899, Constantinople – October 11, 1968, Ankara) was a Turkish diplomat and politician. He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1960-1962.

Turhan Feyzioğlu

Turhan Feyzioğlu (1922 – 24 March 1988) was a Turkish academic and a politician.

İlhami Sancar

İlhami Sancar (1909 – 13 December 1986) was a Turkish judge, politician and former government minister.

İlhami Sancar born in Gördes ilçe (district) of Manisa Province, Ottoman Empire in 1909. He completed his primary education in Kemalpaşa, and the secondary education in İzmir. He studied in Law School of Ankara University. After graduation in 1933, he served as a judge.

İsmet İnönü

Mustafa İsmet İnönü (Turkish pronunciation: [isˈmet ˈinœny]; 24 September 1884 – 25 December 1973) was a Turkish general and statesman, who served as the second President of Turkey from 10 November 1938 to 27 May 1950, when his Republican People's Party was defeated in Turkey's second free elections. He also served as the first Chief of the General Staff from 1922 to 1924, and as the first Prime Minister after the declaration of the Republic, serving three terms: from 1923 to 1924, 1925 to 1937, and 1961 to 1965. As President, he was granted the official title of "Millî Şef" (National Chief).When the 1934 Surname Law was adopted, Mustafa Kemal gave him a surname taken from İnönü, where he commanded the forces of Army of Grand National Assembly as the Minister of the Chief of the General Staff (Erkân-ı Harbiye-i Umumiye Reis Vekili) during the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922. Afterwards these battles became to be known as the First Battle of İnönü and Second Battle of İnönü.

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