20th parallel south

The 20th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 20 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America.

Line across the Earth
20th parallel south

Around the world

Starting at the Prime Meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 20° south passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
20°0′S 0°0′E / 20.000°S 0.000°E Atlantic Ocean
20°0′S 13°1′E / 20.000°S 13.017°E  Namibia
20°0′S 21°0′E / 20.000°S 21.000°E  Botswana
20°0′S 26°55′E / 20.000°S 26.917°E  Zimbabwe
20°0′S 33°1′E / 20.000°S 33.017°E  Mozambique
20°0′S 34°45′E / 20.000°S 34.750°E Indian Ocean Mozambique Channel
20°0′S 44°28′E / 20.000°S 44.467°E  Madagascar
20°0′S 48°47′E / 20.000°S 48.783°E Indian Ocean
20°0′S 57°35′E / 20.000°S 57.583°E  Mauritius
20°0′S 57°38′E / 20.000°S 57.633°E Indian Ocean
20°0′S 119°5′E / 20.000°S 119.083°E  Australia Western Australia
20°0′S 119°22′E / 20.000°S 119.367°E Indian Ocean
20°0′S 119°44′E / 20.000°S 119.733°E  Australia Western Australia
Northern Territory
20°0′S 148°16′E / 20.000°S 148.267°E Coral Sea
20°0′S 148°26′E / 20.000°S 148.433°E  Australia Queensland - Gloucester Island
20°0′S 148°28′E / 20.000°S 148.467°E Coral Sea Passing south of Marion Reef in  Australia's Coral Sea Islands Territory
Passing just south of the Ilots du Mouillage,  New Caledonia
Passing just north of Île Baaba,  New Caledonia
Passing between the islands of Tanna and Anatom,  Vanuatu
20°0′S 170°0′E / 20.000°S 170.000°E Pacific Ocean Passing between the islands of Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau,  Fiji
Passing through the Ha'apai island group,  Tonga
20°0′S 158°8′W / 20.000°S 158.133°W  Cook Islands Island of Atiu
20°0′S 158°4′W / 20.000°S 158.067°W Pacific Ocean Passing between the atolls of Hereheretue and Anuanuraro,  French Polynesia
Passing between the atolls of Ahunui and Vanavana,  French Polynesia
20°0′S 70°7′W / 20.000°S 70.117°W  Chile
20°0′S 68°33′W / 20.000°S 68.550°W  Bolivia
20°0′S 61°53′W / 20.000°S 61.883°W  Paraguay
20°0′S 58°10′W / 20.000°S 58.167°W  Bolivia
20°0′S 57°52′W / 20.000°S 57.867°W  Brazil Mato Grosso do Sul
São Paulo
Minas Gerais - for about 10 km
São Paulo
Minas Gerais
São Paulo - for about 16 km
Minas Gerais - for about 11 km
São Paulo - for about 14 km
Minas Gerais
Espírito Santo
20°0′S 39°44′W / 20.000°S 39.733°W Atlantic Ocean

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