2019 Northrop N-9M crash

On April 22, 2019, a Northrop N-9MB aircraft crashed in Norco, California, United States, killing the pilot. The aircraft was the last survivor of four built. It was destroyed in the post-crash fire.

2019 Northrop N-9M crash
Photograph of the Northrop N-9M in flight
N9MB,The aircraft involved, seen in May 2014
DateApril 22, 2019
SummaryUnder investigation
SiteNorco, California, United States
33°55′45.7″N 117°34′30.1″W / 33.929361°N 117.575028°WCoordinates: 33°55′45.7″N 117°34′30.1″W / 33.929361°N 117.575028°W
Aircraft typeNorthrop N-9MB
OperatorPlanes of Fame Air Museum
Flight originChino Airport, California
DestinationChino Airport


Shortly after take-off from Chino Airport,[1] the aircraft was reported to have crashed into the grounds of the California Rehabilitation Center, Norco, California at 12:10 local time.[2] The aircraft was reported to have sustained substantial damage in a post-crash fire.[3] Although the pilot was killed, no ground casualties were reported.[2]


The aircraft involved was the sole remaining Northrop N-9MB, registration N9MB. One of four built, it was operated by the Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino, California.[2][3]


The National Transportation Safety Board opened an investigation into the accident.[2]


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