2016–17 FA Cup

The 2016–17 FA Cup (also known as the FA Challenge Cup) was the 136th edition of the oldest recognised football tournament in the world. It was sponsored by Emirates, and known as The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. 736 clubs were accepted into the tournament,[1] and it began with the Extra Preliminary Round on 6 August 2016, and concluded with the final on 27 May 2017.[2] The winner qualified for the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League group stage.

Premier League side Manchester United were the defending champions, but were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Chelsea.

Arsenal won a record 13th title following a 2–1 win over Chelsea in the final, winning their 3rd FA Cup in 4 seasons.

This edition of the FA Cup was the first in which quarter-final matches were played to a result on the day, instead of being subject to replay in case of a draw. However, all four matches were settled without the need for extra time.[3]

2016–17 FA Cup
Football Association Challenge Cup
Dates5 August – 19 October 2016 (qualifying competition)
4 November 2016 – 27 May 2017 (main competition)
Teams736 (overall)
644 (qualifying competition)
124 (main competition)
Defending championsManchester United
ChampionsArsenal (13th title)
Matches played156
Goals scored490 (3.14 per match)
Attendance1,977,797 (12,678 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Adam Morgan
Son Heung-min
(6 goals each)


Round Clubs
Winners from
previous round
New entries
this round
Leagues entering
at this round
First Round Proper 124 80 32 48 EFL League One
EFL League Two
Second Round Proper 84 40 40 none none
Third Round Proper 64 64 20 44 Premier League
EFL Championship
Fourth Round Proper 32 32 32 none none
Fifth Round Proper 16 16 16 none none
Quarter-finals 8 8 8 none none
Semi-finals 4 4 4 none none
Final 2 2 2 none none

Prize fund

Round No. of Clubs
receive fund
Prize fund
per club
Extra Preliminary Round winners 184 £1,500
Preliminary Round winners 160 £1,925
First Round Qualifying winners 116 £3,000
Second Round Qualifying winners 80 £4,500
Third Round Qualifying winners 40 £7,500
Fourth Round Qualifying winners 32 £12,500
First Round Proper winners 40 £18,000
Second Round Proper winners 20 £27,000
Third Round Proper winners 32 £67,500
Fourth Round Proper winners 16 £90,000
Fifth Round Proper winners 8 £180,000
Quarter-final winners 4 £360,000
Semi-final losers 2 £450,000
Semi-final winners 2 £900,000
Final runners-up 1 £900,000
Final winner 1 £1,800,000
Total £15,132,000

Round and draw dates

The schedule was as follows.[1][2]

Phase Round Draw date Match date
Qualifying rounds Extra Preliminary Round 8 July 2016 6 August 2016
Preliminary Round 20 August 2016
First Round Qualifying 15 August 2016 3 September 2016
Second Round Qualifying 5 September 2016 17 September 2016
Third Round Qualifying 19 September 2016 1 October 2016
Fourth Round Qualifying 3 October 2016 15 October 2016
Main tournament First Round Proper 17 October 2016 5 November 2016
Second Round Proper 7 November 2016 3 December 2016
Third Round Proper 5 December 2016 7 January 2017
Fourth Round Proper 9 January 2017 28 January 2017
Fifth Round Proper 30 January 2017 18 February 2017
Quarter-finals 19 February 2017 11 March 2017
Semi-finals 13 March 2017 22 and 23 April 2017
Final 27 May 2017

Qualifying rounds

The qualifying competition began with the Extra Preliminary Round on 6 August 2016.[2] All of the competing teams that are not members of either the Premier League or English Football League had to compete in the qualifying rounds to secure a place in the First Round Proper. The final (fourth) qualifying round was played over the weekend of 15 October.[2]

First Round Proper

The First Round draw took place on 17 October and was broadcast live on BBC Two and BT Sport.[4] All 40 First Round Proper ties were played on the weekend of 5 November.[2] 32 teams from the qualifying competition joined the 48 teams from League One and League Two to compete in this round. The round included one team from Level 9 still in the competition, Westfields, who were the lowest-ranked team in this round.[5]

Second Round Proper

The second round draw took place on 7 November at Haig Avenue, home of Southport F.C., immediately prior to the Southport-Fleetwood tie, and was broadcast live on BT Sport. The round included one team from Level 7 still in the competition, Stourbridge, who were the lowest-ranked team in this round.[6]

Third Round Proper

A total of 64 clubs played in the third round; 20 winners of the second round, and 44 teams from Premier League and EFL Championship entering in this round. The draw was held on 5 December 2016 at the BT Tower and was broadcast live on BT Sport and BBC Two.[8] The matches were played across the weekend of 6–9 January 2017.[9][10] The round included one team from Level 7 still in the competition, Stourbridge, who were the lowest-ranked team in this round.

Fourth Round Proper

A total of 32 teams played in the fourth round, all winners of the third round. The draw took place at the BT Tower on 9 January 2017.[11][12][13] The round included two teams from Level 5 who were still in the competition: Lincoln City, leading the National League on the night of their third round replay and Sutton United, fifteenth on the same night and therefore the lowest-ranked team to play in this round.

Fifth Round Proper

A total of 16 clubs played in the fifth round, all winners of the fourth round. The draw was held on 30 January 2017,[14] and the matches were played across the weekend of 18–20 February 2017.[15][16] The round included the two teams from Level 5 that were still in the competition: Lincoln City and Sutton United, whose fourth round victories ensured the first ever fifth round with two non-league sides remaining. Lincoln City were in this round for the first time in 115 years and Sutton United for the first time in their history.[17]


A total of eight clubs played in the quarter-finals, all winners of the fifth round. The draw was held on 19 February 2017 at Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers F.C., immediately following the Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United match.[18] Matches were played between 11 and 13 March 2017.

In a break from tradition, the FA officially renamed the stage the 'Quarter-finals', the name that had long been used colloquially to describe what was previously called the Sixth Round Proper.[19] Changes to previous rules meant that tied matches would have gone to extra-time and potentially a penalty shootout at this stage rather than to a replay, and that a fourth substitute would have been permitted in extra time.[19] The round included Lincoln City from Level 5, who became the first non-league club to reach the quarter-finals since 1914.[20]


The 2016-16 FA Cup Semi-finals at Wembley Stadium, Chelsea vs Tottenham (top) and Arsenal vs Manchester City (bottom).

Chelsea 4 Spurs 2 (33831630300)

The four winners of the quarter-finals progressed to the semi-finals. The semi-final draw took place at Stamford Bridge on 13 March following the quarter-final tie between Chelsea and Manchester United.[21] The semi-finals were played at Wembley Stadium on 22 and 23 April 2017.[22][23]

Chelsea (1)4–2Tottenham Hotspur (1)
Willian Goal 5'43' (pen.)
Hazard Goal 75'
Matić Goal 80'
Report Kane Goal 18'
Alli Goal 52'
Arsenal (1)2–1 (a.e.t.)Manchester City (1)
Monreal Goal 71'
Sánchez Goal 101'
Report Agüero Goal 62'


Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 (35008804615)
Arsenal and Chelsea before the 2016–17 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium.
Sánchez Goal 4'
Ramsey Goal 79'
Report Costa Goal 76'


The following is the bracket which the FA Cup resembled. Numbers in parentheses next to the match score represent the results of a replay, except for the quarter-finals stage onwards. Numbers in parentheses next to the replay score represents the results of a penalty shoot-out except for the quarter-finals stage onwards.

Third Round Proper
6–9 January 2017
17–18 January 2017 (replays)
Fourth Round Proper
27–29 January 2017
8 February 2017 (replays)
Fifth Round Proper
18–20 February 2017
1 March 2017 (replays)
11–13 March 2017
22–23 April 2017
27 May 2017
Sutton United0 (3)
AFC Wimbledon0 (1)
Sutton United1
Leeds United0
Cambridge United1
Leeds United2
Sutton United0
Norwich City2 (0)
Southampton2 (1)
Preston North End1
Lincoln City0
Sunderland0 (0)
Burnley0 (2)
Bristol City0
Bristol City0 (1)
Fleetwood Town0 (0)
Lincoln City1
Ipswich Town2 (0)
Lincoln City2 (1)
Lincoln City3
Brighton & Hove Albion1
Brighton & Hove Albion2
Milton Keynes Dons0
Arsenal (a.e.t.)2
Manchester City1
Sheffield Wednesday0
Accrington Stanley0
Accrington Stanley2
Luton Town1
Oxford United2
Rotherham United2
Oxford United3
Oxford United3
Newcastle United0
Birmingham City1 (1)
Newcastle United1 (3)
Manchester City2
Huddersfield Town4
Huddersfield Town4
Port Vale0
Huddersfield Town0 (1)
Manchester City0 (5)
Bolton Wanderers0 (1)
Crystal Palace0 (2)
Crystal Palace0
Manchester City3
West Ham United0
Manchester City5
Liverpool0 (1)
Plymouth Argyle0 (0)
Wolverhampton Wanderers2
Stoke City0
Wolverhampton Wanderers2
Wolverhampton Wanderers0
Peterborough United1
Manchester United0
Queens Park Rangers1
Blackburn Rovers2
Blackburn Rovers2
Blackpool (a.e.t.)0 (2)
Barnsley0 (1)
Blackburn Rovers1
Manchester United2
Manchester United4
Manchester United4
Wigan Athletic0
Wigan Athletic2
Nottingham Forest0
Tottenham Hotspur2
Cardiff City1
Hull City1
Hull City2
Swansea City0
Tottenham Hotspur3
Tottenham Hotspur2
Aston Villa0
Tottenham Hotspur4
Wycombe Wanderers3
Wycombe Wanderers2
Tottenham Hotspur6
Burton Albion0
Leicester City0
West Bromwich Albion F.C.1
Derby County2
Derby County2 (1)
Leicester City (a.e.t.)2 (3)
Leicester City2

Top goalscorers


Rank Player Club Goals
1 England Adam Morgan Curzon Ashton 6
South Korea Son Heung-min Tottenham Hotspur
3 Argentina Sergio Agüero Manchester City 5
England Kane Hemmings Oxford United
France Mikael Mandron Eastleigh
Jamaica Theo Robinsona Lincoln City
England Theo Walcott Arsenal

a Theo Robinson moved to Southend United during the January transfer window with Lincoln still in the cup.

Broadcasting rights

The following matches were broadcast live on UK television:

Round BT Sport BBC
First Round Proper[25] Merstham v Oxford United
Southport v Fleetwood Town
Brackley Town v Gillingham (Replay)
Dover Athletic v Cambridge United (Replay)
Eastleigh v Swindon Town
Second Round Proper[26] Lincoln City v Oldham Athletic
Curzon Ashton v AFC Wimbledon
Peterborough United v Notts County (Replay)
Newport County v Plymouth Argyle (Replay)
Macclesfield Town v Oxford United
Third Round Proper[27] Manchester United v Reading
Preston North End v Arsenal
Liverpool v Plymouth Argyle
Cambridge United v Leeds United
Plymouth Argyle v Liverpool (Replay)
West Ham United v Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa
Cardiff City v Fulham (BBC Wales)
Lincoln City v Ipswich Town (Replay)
Fourth Round Proper[28][29] Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Southampton v Arsenal
Sutton United v Leeds United
Derby County v Leicester City
Millwall v Watford
Manchester United v Wigan Athletic
Leicester City v Derby County (Replay)
Fifth Round Proper[30] Burnley v Lincoln City
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea
Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United
Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur
Sutton United v Arsenal
Manchester City v Huddersfield Town (Replay)
Quarter-finals[31] Middlesbrough v Manchester City
Arsenal v Lincoln City
Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall
Chelsea v Manchester United
Semi-finals[32] Arsenal v Manchester City Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur
Final[33] Arsenal 2–1 Chelsea


  1. ^ The match on 4 December 2016 between Stourbridge and Northampton Town was postponed due to a frozen pitch.[7] The match was later rearranged for 13 December 2016.


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External links

1913–14 FA Cup

The 1913–14 FA Cup was the 43rd season of the world's oldest association football competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup (more usually known as the FA Cup). Burnley won the competition for the first and (as of 2017) only time, beating Liverpool 1–0 in the final at Crystal Palace, London.

Queens Park Rangers, then of the Southern League, reached the last eight. They were the last non-league team to reach the quarter-finals until Lincoln City in 2017.Matches were scheduled to be played at the stadium of the team named first on the date specified for each round, which was always a Saturday. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played, a replay would take place at the stadium of the second-named team later the same week. If the replayed match was drawn further replays would be held at neutral venues until a winner was determined. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played in a replay, a 30-minute period of extra time would be played.

2016–17 FA Cup qualifying rounds

The 2016–17 FA Cup qualifying rounds open the 136th season of competition in England for The Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup), the world's oldest association football single knockout competition. For the third successive year, 736 entrants were accepted into the competition.The large number of clubs entering the tournament from lower down (Levels 5 to 10) in the English football pyramid mean that the competition is scheduled to start with six rounds of preliminary (2) and qualifying (4) knockouts for these non-League teams. The 32 winning teams from the Fourth Qualifying Round progress to the First Round Proper, when League teams tiered at Levels 3 and 4 enter the competition.

2017 FA Cup Final

The 2017 FA Cup Final was the 136th final of the FA Cup, the world's oldest football cup competition. It took place on 27 May 2017 at Wembley Stadium in London, England and was contested between London rivals Arsenal and Chelsea. Arsenal won the game 2–1 to secure a record 13th title, while manager Arsène Wenger became the most successful manager in the tournament's history with seven wins.

The winners would enter the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League group stage, had they not already qualified for the UEFA Champions League via other competitions.This was a rematch of the 2002 FA Cup Final and the first final since 2003 in which both sides split the league games against each other during the course of the season, with a 3–0 victory by Arsenal in September 2016, and a 3–1 win by Chelsea in February 2017. The game was broadcast live in the United Kingdom by both BBC and BT Sport. BBC One provided the free-to-air coverage and BT Sport 2 was the pay-TV alternative. In North America, this was the first FA Cup Final to be televised by CTV in Canada and by FOX in the United States.

Due to the circumstances surrounding his appearance, and performance on the day, Arsenal fans and former players have dubbed the game The Mertesacker Final.

AC London F.C.

Academic Club London Football Club, commonly known as AC London, is a semi-professional football club based in London, England. They were members of the Combined Counties League Division One until midway through the 2018–19 season and play at Whyteleafe's Church Road ground.

Ashby Ivanhoe F.C.

Ashby Ivanhoe Football Club are a football club based in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England. They are currently members of the Midland League Division One and play at the NFU Sports Ground.

Brackley Town F.C.

Brackley Town Football Club is a football club in Brackley, Northamptonshire, England. They are currently members of the National League North, the sixth tier of English football, and play at St. James Park. They won the FA Trophy in 2018.

Bridlington Town A.F.C.

Bridlington Town Association Football Club are an English football club, based in Bridlington, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. They were founded in 1918 and currently play in the Northern Counties East League Premier Division. The club's reserve team play in the Humber Premier League.

Burnley F.C. 0–1 Lincoln City F.C. (2017)

Burnley vs Lincoln City was an FA Cup Fifth Round tie, played on 18 February 2017 at Turf Moor, Burnley between Premier League Burnley and National League Lincoln City, who won the game 1–0. This was the first time a top division side lost to a non-league side since Norwich City's 1–0 loss to Luton in 2013 (for whom Burnley striker Andre Gray was playing at the time, meaning he beat a Premier League team with a non league side, and lost to a non league side with a Premier League team). This was also the first time in 103 years that a non-League side reached the last 8 stage of the FA Cup (now the Quarter Finals or Sixth Round, then the Fourth Round), since Queens Park Rangers of the Southern Football League in 1914, and the first outright since the non-League became part of the English football league system instead of running parallel to the English Football League. Lincoln City would go on to play Premier League Arsenal away at the Emirates Stadium in the quarter-finals, losing 5–0.

Dan Scarr

Daniel George Scarr (born 24 December 1994) is an English professional footballer who plays as a centre back for EFL League One club Walsall. He played for several years in non-league football, including as a member of the Stourbridge team that reached the third round of the 2016–17 FA Cup, before signing for Birmingham City in January 2017.

Danielle Turner

Danielle "Dan" Turner is an English football defender who plays for Everton.

FA Cup

The FA Cup, also known officially as The Football Association Challenge Cup, is an annual knockout football competition in men's domestic English football. First played during the 1871–72 season, it is the oldest national football competition in the world. It is organised by and named after The Football Association (The FA). For sponsorship reasons, from 2015 through to 2019 it is also known as The Emirates FA Cup. A concurrent women's tournament is also held, the FA Women's Cup.

The competition is open to any eligible club down to Level 10 of the English football league system – all 92 professional clubs in the Premier League (Level 1) and the English Football League (Levels 2 to 4), and several hundred "non-league" teams in Steps 1 to 6 of the National League System (Levels 5 to 10). A record 763 clubs competed in 2011–12. The tournament consists of 12 randomly drawn rounds followed by the semi-finals and the final. Entrants are not seeded, although a system of byes based on league level ensures higher ranked teams enter in later rounds – the minimum number of games needed to win, depending on which round a team enters the competition, ranges from six to fourteen.

The first six rounds are the Qualifying Competition, from which 32 teams progress to the first round of the Competition Proper, meeting the first of the 48 professional teams from Leagues One and Two. The last entrants are the Premier League and Championship clubs, into the draw for the Third Round Proper. In the modern era, only one non-league team has ever reached the quarter-finals, and teams below Level 2 have never reached the final. As a result, significant focus is given to those "minnows" (smaller teams) who progress furthest, especially if they achieve an unlikely "giant-killing" victory.

Winners receive the FA Cup trophy, of which there have been two designs and five actual cups; the latest is a 2014 replica of the second design, introduced in 1911. Winners also qualify for the Europa League and a place in the FA Community Shield match. Manchester City are the current holders, having beaten Watford 6–0 in the 2019 final. Arsenal are the most successful club with 13 titles. Arsène Wenger is the most successful manager in the history of the competition, having won seven finals as manager of Arsenal.

FIFA Puskás Award

The FIFA Puskás Award [ˈpuʃkaːʃ] is an award established on 20 October 2009 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), at the behest of then-president Sepp Blatter, in order to award the player, male or female, judged to have scored the most aesthetically significant, or "most beautiful", goal of the calendar year.

The award is in honor of Ferenc Puskás, the striker of Real Madrid at the late 1950s and the 1960s, and central member of the highly successful Hungarian side of the same era. Puskás is widely considered by many to be the most powerful and prolific forward European football produced in first-division football, and scored a once world record of 84 goals in 85 internationals. He is one of the top scorers of the 20th century, with 512 goals in 528 matches.

"It is important to preserve the memory of those footballing greats who have left their mark on our history. Ferenc Puskás was not only a player with immense talent who won many honours, but also a remarkable man. FIFA is therefore delighted to pay tribute to him by dedicating this award to his memory," said Blatter at the inauguration of the award in Budapest.

The time-frame for the first award was July 2008 to July 2009. The annual award was presented for the first time during the 2009 FIFA World Player of the Year Gala on 21 December in Switzerland, with the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo being the first (1st) prize winner.

Frome Town F.C.

Frome Town Football Club is an English football club based in Frome, a town in the county of Somerset. They play in the Southern League Division One South. The club's nickname is the Robins and they play in a predominantly red kit.

Marcos Alonso (footballer, born 1990)

Marcos Alonso Mendoza (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmaɾkos aˈlonso menˈdoθa]; born 28 December 1990) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a left back or a wing back for Premier League club Chelsea and the Spain national team.

He started his career with Real Madrid, but went on to make his name with Bolton Wanderers in England and later with Fiorentina in Italy. His success at the latter club led Chelsea to sign him for an estimated £24 million in 2016.

Alonso made his full debut for Spain in March 2018.

Monty Patterson

Monty Mark Patterson is a New Zealand international footballer who plays as a forward for Norwegian side Hønefoss BK.

Born in New Zealand, Patterson moved to England in 2013 where he played youth football for Ipswich Town.

He has represented New Zealand since debuting in the 2016 OFC Nations Cup. He has also represented New Zealand at youth level, including at the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup and the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

N'Golo Kanté

N'Golo Kanté (French: [(ɛ)ŋɡolo kɑ̃te]; born 29 March 1991) is a French professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the France national team.

He made his senior debut at Boulogne and then spent two seasons at Caen, the latter in Ligue 1. In 2015, he joined Leicester City for a fee of £5.6 million and became an integral member of the club's first ever Premier League title in his only season at the club. The following year, he joined Chelsea for a reported fee of £32 million, winning the league again in his first season. He also won the PFA Players' Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year and became the first outfield player to win back-to-back English league titles with different clubs since Eric Cantona in 1992 and 1993.Kanté made his senior international debut for France in 2016. He was included in their squad that finished runners-up at that year's European Championship. Two years later, he was a key member of the French team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Phoenix Sports F.C.

Phoenix Sports Football Club is an English football club located in Barnehurst, in Greater London. The club plays in the Isthmian League South East Division. Phoenix Sports spent most of its history in the Kent County Football League, with a six-year stint in the Spartan League in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The club was accepted into the newly formed Kent Invicta Football League for the inaugural 2011–12 season.

Steve Holland (footballer)

Steve Holland (born 30 April 1970) is an English football coach who is currently the assistant manager to Gareth Southgate with the England national team.

Tavistock A.F.C.

Tavistock Association Football Club is a football club based in Tavistock, Devon, England. They play in the Western League Premier Division.

4 November 2016 Millwall (3)1–0Southend United (3)London
19:45 Romeo Goal 88' Report Stadium: The Den
Attendance: 4,502
Referee: James Linington
4 November 2016 Eastleigh (5)1–1Swindon Town (3)Eastleigh
19:55 Mandron Goal 64' Report Doughty Goal 69' (pen.) Stadium: Ten Acres
Attendance: 3,312
Referee: Oliver Langford
15 November 2016 ReplaySwindon Town (3)1–3Eastleigh (5)Swindon
19:45 Delfouneso Goal 79' Report Reason Goal 16'
Drury Goal 35'
Mandron Goal 74' (pen.)
Stadium: County Ground
Attendance: 4,321
Referee: Chris Sarginson
5 November 2016 Merstham (7)0–5Oxford United (3)Merstham
12:30 Report MacDonald Goal 12'
Ruffels Goal 45'
Hemmings Goal 62'90'
Roberts Goal 63'
Stadium: Moatside Stadium
Attendance: 1,920
Referee: John Brooks
5 November 2016 Dagenham & Redbridge (5)0–0F.C. Halifax Town (6)London
15:00 Report Stadium: Victoria Road
Attendance: 1,387
Referee: Neil Hair
15 November 2016 ReplayF.C. Halifax Town (6)2–1Dagenham & Redbridge (5)Halifax
19:45 Denton Goal 35'
Kosylo Goal 90'
Report Whitely Goal 73' Stadium: The Shay
Attendance: 1,465
Referee: Thomas Bramall
5 November 2016 Yeovil Town (4)2–2Solihull Moors (5)Yeovil
15:00 Hedges Goal 8'
Khan Goal 52'
Report Byrne Goal 57'63' Stadium: Huish Park
Attendance: 2,118
Referee: David Rock
15 November 2016 ReplaySolihull Moors (5)1–1 (a.e.t.)
(4–2 p)
Yeovil Town (4)Solihull
19:45 Asante Goal 99' (pen.) Report Zoko Goal 93' Stadium: Damson Park
Attendance: 1,460
Referee: Carl Boyeson
Byrne Penalty scored
Jones Penalty scored
Gough Penalty scored
Sterling-James Penalty scored
Penalty missed Dickson
Penalty scored Dawson
Penalty missed Eaves
Penalty scored Zoko
5 November 2016 Stockport County (6)2–4Woking (5)Stockport
15:00 Ball Goal 9'45' Report Jones Goal 18'
Ugwu Goal 32'59'
Saraiva Goal 90+2'
Stadium: Edgeley Park
Attendance: 4,025
Referee: Thomas Bramall
5 November 2016 Dartford (6)3–6Sutton United (5)Dartford
15:00 Bradbrook Goal 5'17' (pen.)
Ofori-Acheampong Goal 51'
Report Biamou Goal 1'23'
Deacon Goal 15'71'
Stearn Goal 58'90+4'
Stadium: Princes Park
Attendance: 1,689
Referee: Sam Allison
5 November 2016 Walsall (3)0–1Macclesfield Town (5)Walsall
15:00 Report McCombe Goal 23' Stadium: Bescot Stadium
Attendance: 2,334
Referee: Brett Huxtable
5 November 2016 Port Vale (3)1–0Stevenage (4)Stoke-on-Trent
15:00 Streete Goal 38' Report Stadium: Vale Park
Attendance: 3,093
Referee: Mark Haywood
5 November 2016 Northampton Town (3)6–0Harrow Borough (7)Northampton
15:00 Anderson Goal 6'
Richards Goal 11'54'
O'Toole Goal 70'
Taylor Goal 82'
Hooper Goal 90+2'
Report Stadium: Sixfields Stadium
Attendance: 3,406
Referee: Ross Joyce
5 November 2016 Cambridge United (4)1–1Dover Athletic (5)Cambridge
15:00 Mingoia Goal 38' Report Miller Goal 82' Stadium: Abbey Stadium
Attendance: 2,620
Referee: Nick Kinseley
17 November 2016 ReplayDover Athletic (5)2–4 (a.e.t.)Cambridge United (4)Dover
19:45 Miller Goal 70'
Thomas Goal 102'
Report Roberts Goal 90+2'
Legge Goal 110'
Elito Goal 118'
Williamson Goal 120+1'
Stadium: Crabble Athletic Ground
Attendance: 1,158
Referee: Charles Breakspear
5 November 2016 Westfields (9)1–1Curzon Ashton (6)Hereford
15:00 Jones Goal 9' (pen.) Report Morgan Goal 81' Stadium: allpay.park
Attendance: 1,178
Referee: Tom Nield
14 November 2016 ReplayCurzon Ashton (6)3–1Westfields (9)Ashton-under-Lyne
19:45 Morgan Goal 23'34'
Cummins Goal 70'
Report Harrhy Goal 90+3' Stadium: Tameside Stadium
Attendance: 1,075
Referee: Anthony Backhouse
5 November 2016 Milton Keynes Dons (3)3–2Spennymoor Town (7)Milton Keynes
15:00 Reeves Goal 8'
Thomas-Asante Goal 12'
Agard Goal 14'
Report Tait Goal 19'
Johnson Goal 84'
Stadium: Stadium mk
Attendance: 4,099
Referee: Constantine Hatzidakis
5 November 2016 Gillingham (3)2–2Brackley Town (6)Gillingham
15:00 Nouble Goal 28'45' Report Gudger Goal 13'
Armson Goal 27'
Stadium: Priestfield Stadium
Attendance: 2,410
Referee: Brendan Malone
16 November 2016 ReplayBrackley Town (6)4–3 (a.e.t.)Gillingham (3)Brackley
19:45 Armson Goal 17'26'105'
Nelson Goal 96' (o.g.)
Report Hessenthaler Goal 36'
Wagstaff Goal 67'
McDonald Goal 113'
Stadium: St. James Park
Attendance: 1,654
Referee: Robert Jones
5 November 2016 Portsmouth (4)1–2Wycombe Wanderers (4)Portsmouth
15:00 Evans Goal 47' Report Cowan-Hall Goal 27'
Akinfenwa Goal 84'
Stadium: Fratton Park
Attendance: 8,130
Referee: Gavin Ward
5 November 2016 Bury (3)2–2AFC Wimbledon (3)Bury
15:00 Hope Goal 27'29' Report Taylor Goal 61'
Elliott Goal 67'
Stadium: Gigg Lane
Attendance: 2,346
Referee: Jeremy Simpson
15 November 2016 ReplayAFC Wimbledon (3)5–0Bury (3)Kingston upon Thames
19:45 Robinson Goal 27'
Parrett Goal 32'
Poleon Goal 45+2'72'
Taylor Goal 80'
Report Stadium: Kingsmeadow
Attendance: 2,316
Referee: John Brooks
5 November 2016 Mansfield Town (4)1–2Plymouth Argyle (4)Mansfield
15:00 Hemmings Goal 58' Report Slew Goal 14'
Fox Goal 80'
Stadium: Field Mill
Attendance: 2,318
Referee: Dean Whitestone
5 November 2016 Braintree Town (5)7–0Eastbourne Borough (6)Braintree
15:00 Patterson Goal 6'
Elokobi Goal 11'83'
Muldoon Goal 21'
Barnard Goal 68'74' (pen.)
Akinola Goal 88'
Report Stadium: Cressing Road
Attendance: 645
Referee: Stephen Ross
5 November 2016 Bolton Wanderers (3)1–0Grimsby Town (4)Bolton
15:00 Trotter Goal 20' Report Stadium: Macron Stadium
Attendance: 6,649
Referee: Trevor Kettle
5 November 2016 Bradford City (3)1–2Accrington Stanley (4)Bradford
15:00 Conneely Goal 72' (o.g.) Report Boco Goal 30'
Clark Goal 80'
Stadium: Valley Parade
Attendance: 4,985
Referee: Graham Salisbury
5 November 2016 Oldham Athletic (3)2–1Doncaster Rovers (4)Oldham
15:00 Flynn Goal 45+1'
Mckay Goal 53'
Report Mandeville Goal 90+4' (pen.) Stadium: Boundary Park
Attendance: 2,984
Referee: David Webb
5 November 2016 Shrewsbury Town (3)3–0Barnet (4)Shrewsbury
15:00 Sadler Goal 27'
Leitch-Smith Goal 32'
Grimmer Goal 57'
Report Stadium: New Meadow
Attendance: 3,120
Referee: Ben Toner
5 November 2016 Crawley Town (4)1–1Bristol Rovers (3)Crawley
15:00 Clifford Goal 35' Report Brown Goal 15' Stadium: Broadfield Stadium
Attendance: 2,281
Referee: Darren Deadman
15 November 2016 ReplayBristol Rovers (3)4–2 (a.e.t.)Crawley Town (4)Bristol
19:45 Taylor Goal 34'102' (pen.)
Gaffney Goal 52'96'
Report Roberts Goal 45+1'
Harrold Goal 65'
Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Attendance: 3,676
Referee: Ben Toner
5 November 2016 Whitehawk (6)1–1Stourbridge (7)Brighton
15:00 Southam Goal 12' Report Scarr Goal 52' Stadium: The Enclosed Ground
Attendance: 767
Referee: Robert Whitton
14 November 2016 ReplayStourbridge (7)3–0Whitehawk (6)Amblecote
19:45 Lait Goal 51'
Benbow Goal 60'76'
Report Stadium: War Memorial Athletic Ground
Attendance: 1,993
Referee: Tom Nield
5 November 2016 Colchester United (4)1–2Chesterfield (3)Colchester
15:00 Fosu Goal 46' Report O'Shea Goal 23'
Evans Goal 50'
Stadium: Colchester Community Stadium
Attendance: 1,840
Referee: Lee Probert
5 November 2016 Lincoln City (5)2–1Altrincham (6)Lincoln
15:00 Raggett Goal 21'
Power Goal 59'
Report Cyrus Goal 75' Stadium: Sincil Bank
Attendance: 3,529
Referee: Steven Rushton
5 November 2016 Exeter City (4)1–3Luton Town (4)Exeter
15:00 Reid Goal 39' Report Hylton Goal 11' (pen.)86' (pen.)
Rea Goal 71'
Stadium: St James Park
Attendance: 2,972
Referee: John Busby
5 November 2016 Charlton Athletic (3)3–1Scunthorpe United (3)London
15:00 Lookman Goal 34'83'
Jackson Goal 40'
Report Hopper Goal 52' Stadium: The Valley
Attendance: 4,123
Referee: Chris Sarginson
5 November 2016 Cheltenham Town (4)1–1Crewe Alexandra (4)Cheltenham
15:00 Waters Goal 58' Report Jones Goal 73' Stadium: Whaddon Road
Attendance: 2,880
Referee: Michael Salisbury
15 November 2016 ReplayCrewe Alexandra (4)1–4Cheltenham Town (4)Crewe
19:45 Lowe Goal 64' Report Pell Goal 19'
Barthram Goal 36'
Waters Goal 52'
Holman Goal 61'
Stadium: Gresty Road
Attendance: 1,711
Referee: Seb Stockbridge
5 November 2016 Peterborough United (3)2–1Chesham United (7)Peterborough
15:00 Coulthirst Goal 40'70' Report Blake Goal 80' Stadium: ABAX Stadium
Attendance: 4,328
Referee: Darren Handley
6 November 2016 Taunton Town (8)2–2Barrow (5)Taunton
14:00 Wright Goal 14'
Villis Goal 37'
Report Harrison Goal 35' (pen.)
Bennett Goal 43'
Stadium: Wordsworth Drive
Attendance: 2,297
Referee: Craig Hicks
15 November 2016 ReplayBarrow (5)2–1Taunton Town (8)Barrow-in-Furness
19:45 Williams Goal 48'
Yates Goal 75'
Report Palmer Goal 73' Stadium: Holker Street
Attendance: 1,717
Referee: Martin Coy
6 November 2016 Sheffield United (3)6–0Leyton Orient (4)Sheffield
14:00 Basham Goal 23'
Scougall Goal 39'
Freeman Goal 45'
Chapman Goal 54'69'90+2'
Report Stadium: Bramall Lane
Attendance: 6,099
Referee: Nigel Miller
6 November 2016 Alfreton Town (6)1–1Newport County (4)Alfreton
14:00 Kennedy Goal 74' Report Sheehan Goal 65' Stadium: North Street stadium
Attendance: 1,109
Referee: Graham Horwood
15 November 2016 ReplayNewport County (4)4–1 (a.e.t.)Alfreton Town (6)Newport
19:45 Healey Goal 68'
Green Goal 97'
Sheehan Goal 110'
Barnum-Bobb Goal 117'
Report Priestley Goal 74' Stadium: Rodney Parade
Attendance: 1,189
Referee: Brett Huxtable
6 November 2016 Maidstone United (5)1–1Rochdale (3)Maidstone
14:00 Taylor Goal 21' (pen.) Report Camps Goal 90+4' Stadium: Gallagher Stadium
Attendance: 2,227
Referee: Charles Breakspear
15 November 2016 ReplayRochdale (3)2–0Maidstone United (5)Rochdale
19:45 Davies Goal 14'22' (pen.) Report Stadium: Spotland Stadium
Attendance: 1,350
Referee: Nigel Miller
6 November 2016 St Albans City (6)3–5Carlisle United (4)St Albans
14:00 Morias Goal 4'65'
Theophanous Goal 86'
Report Grainger Goal 20' (pen.)
Kennedy Goal 57'
Ibehre Goal 71'81'
Lambe Goal 83'
Stadium: Clarence Park
Attendance: 3,473
Referee: Simon Hooper
6 November 2016 Boreham Wood (5)2–2Notts County (4)Borehamwood
14:00 Ferrier Goal 31'
Balanta Goal 50'
Report Campbell Goal 60'83' Stadium: Meadow Park
Attendance: 1,201
Referee: Mark Heywood
15 November 2016 ReplayNotts County (4)2–0Boreham Wood (5)Nottingham
19:45 Forte Goal 24'
Collins Goal 90+5'
Report Stadium: Meadow Lane
Attendance: 1,762
Referee: Richard Clark
6 November 2016 Hartlepool United (4)3–0Stamford (8)Hartlepool
14:00 Deverdics Goal 65'
Gordon Goal 82' (o.g.)
Paynter Goal 85'
Report Stadium: Victoria Park
Attendance: 2,461
Referee: Anthony Backhouse
6 November 2016 Morecambe (4)1–1Coventry City (3)Morecambe
14:00 Winnard Goal 59' Report Sterry Goal 72' Stadium: Globe Arena
Attendance: 1,732
Referee: Andy Haines
15 November 2016 ReplayCoventry City (3)2–1Morecambe (4)Coventry
19:45 Sordell Goal 39'57' Report Winnard Goal 10' Stadium: Ricoh Arena
Attendance: 2,175
Referee: Mark Haywood
6 November 2016 Blackpool (4)2–0Kidderminster Harriers (6)Blackpool
14:00 Matt Goal 27'
Potts Goal 37'
Report Stadium: Bloomfield Road
Attendance: 1,963
Referee: Martin Coy
7 November 2016 Southport (5)0–0Fleetwood Town (3)Southport
19:45 Report Stadium: Haig Avenue
Attendance: 2,265
Referee: Darren England
15 November 2016 ReplayFleetwood Town (3)4–1 (a.e.t.)Southport (5)Fleetwood
19:45 Amadi-Holloway Goal 34'
Bolger Goal 94'
Hunter Goal 96'
Bell Goal 101'
Report Grimes Goal 87' Stadium: Highbury Stadium
Attendance: 1,609
Referee: David Webb
2 December 2016 Macclesfield Town (5)0–0Oxford United (3)Macclesfield
19:55 Report Stadium: Moss Rose
Attendance: 2,566
Referee: Seb Stockbridge
13 December 2016 ReplayOxford United (3)3–0Macclesfield Town (5)Oxford
19:45 Taylor Goal 10'
Rothwell Goal 47'
Hemmings Goal 78'
Report Stadium: Kassam Stadium
Attendance: 3,642
Referee: Carl Boyeson
3 December 2016 Chesterfield (3)0–5Wycombe Wanderers (4)Chesterfield
15:00 Report Hayes Goal 21'
Kashket Goal 24'70'77'
Stewart Goal 74'
Stadium: Proact Stadium
Attendance: 3,685
Referee: Michael Salisbury
3 December 2016 Blackpool (4)1–0Brackley Town (6)Blackpool
15:00 Matt Goal 6' Report Stadium: Bloomfield Road
Attendance: 1,764
Referee: Ross Joyce
3 December 2016 Luton Town (4)6–2Solihull Moors (5)Luton
15:00 Hylton Goal 51'
Mullins Goal 54'
O'Donnell Goal 59'89'
Marriott Goal 63'90+2'
Report Osborne Goal 5'35' Stadium: Kenilworth Road
Attendance: 3,512
Referee: Chris Sarginson
3 December 2016 Sutton United (5)2–1Cheltenham Town (4)London
15:00 Tubbs Goal 46'
Deacon Goal 90+6'
Report Wright Goal 35' Stadium: Gander Green Lane
Attendance: 2,224
Referee: Robert Jones
3 December 2016 Shrewsbury Town (3)0–0Fleetwood Town (3)Shrewsbury
15:00 Report Stadium: New Meadow
Attendance: 2,886
Referee: Trevor Kettle
13 December 2016 ReplayFleetwood Town (3)3–2Shrewsbury Town (3)Fleetwood
19:45 Cole Goal 63'77'
Hunter Goal 90+5'
Report O'Brien Goal 43'
Dodds Goal 60'
Stadium: Highbury Stadium
Attendance: 1,157
Referee: Mark Heywood
3 December 2016 Charlton Athletic (3)0–0Milton Keynes Dons (3)London
15:00 Report Stadium: The Valley
Attendance: 4,982
Referee: Darren England
13 December 2016 ReplayMilton Keynes Dons (3)3–1 (a.e.t.)Charlton Athletic (3)Milton Keynes
19:45 Powell Goal 6'
Reeves Goal 94'
Bowditch Goal 97'
Report Chicksen Goal 24' Stadium: Stadium mk
Attendance: 3,655
Referee: Robert Jones
3 December 2016 Plymouth Argyle (4)0–0Newport County (4)Plymouth
15:00 Report Stadium: Home Park
Attendance: 5,071
Referee: John Brooks
21 December 2016 ReplayNewport County (4)0–1 (a.e.t.)Plymouth Argyle (4)Newport
19:45 Report Carey Goal 113' (pen.) Stadium: Rodney Parade
Attendance: 5,121
Referee: Dean Whitestone
3 December 2016 Carlisle United (4)0–2Rochdale (3)Carlisle
15:00 Report Davies Goal 48'
Mendez-Laing Goal 90+3'
Stadium: Brunton Park
Attendance: 4,426
Referee: Mark Haywood
4 December 2016 Curzon Ashton (6)3–4AFC Wimbledon (3)Ashton-under-Lyne
12:00 Morgan Goal 1'21'62' Report Elliott Goal 80'90+4'
Poleon Goal 81'
Barnett Goal 82'
Stadium: Tameside Stadium
Attendance: 1,731
Referee: James Adcock
4 December 2016 Millwall (3)5–2Braintree Town (5)London
14:00 Smith Goal 17'21'48'
Ferguson Goal 25'
O'Brien Goal 90+4'
Report Cheek Goal 16'
Midson Goal 34'
Stadium: The Den
Attendance: 3,345
Referee: Darren Deadman
4 December 2016 Bolton Wanderers (3)3–2Sheffield United (3)Bolton
14:00 Madine Goal 44'
Ameobi Goal 46'
Vela Goal 84'
Report Coutts Goal 64'
O'Connell Goal 86'
Stadium: Macron Stadium
Attendance: 7,027
Referee: Lee Probert
4 December 2016 Notts County (4)2–2Peterborough United (3)Nottingham
14:00 Campbell Goal 42'
Laing Goal 90+4'
Report Da Silva Lopes Goal 3'
Edwards Goal 15'
Stadium: Meadow Lane
Attendance: 3,940
Referee: Ben Toner
20 December 2016 ReplayPeterborough United (3)2–0Notts County (4)Peterborough
19:45 Edwards Goal 2'
Taylor Goal 8'
Report Stadium: ABAX Stadium
Attendance: 7,796
Referee: Darren England
4 December 2016 Cambridge United (4)4–0Coventry City (3)Cambridge
14:00 Berry Goal 7'29' (pen.)38'86' Report Stadium: Abbey Stadium
Attendance: 4,283
Referee: Keith Stroud
4 December 2016 Bristol Rovers (3)1–2Barrow (5)Bristol
14:00 Gaffney Goal 10' Report Harrison Goal 16'61' Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Attendance: 4,570
Referee: Dean Whitestone
4 December 2016 Woking (5)0–3Accrington Stanley (4)Woking
14:00 Report Kee Goal 34'42'
O'Sullivan Goal 61'
Stadium: Kingfield Stadium
Attendance: 3,718
Referee: Nick Kinseley
4 December 2016 Eastleigh (5)3–3F.C. Halifax Town (6)Eastleigh
14:00 Mandron Goal 18'90'
Wilson Goal 74'
Report Sinnott Goal 62'
Garner Goal 67'
Peniket Goal 72'
Stadium: Ten Acres
Attendance: 2,098
Referee: Brendan Malone
13 December 2016 ReplayF.C. Halifax Town (6)0–2Eastleigh (5)Halifax
19:45 Report Wilson Goal 43'
Mandron Goal 45+2' (pen.)
Stadium: The Shay
Attendance: 1,539
Referee: Richard Clark
4 December 2016 Port Vale (3)4–0Hartlepool United (4)Stoke-on-Trent
15:00 Cicilia Goal 12'
Carroll Goal 14' (o.g.)
Jones Goal 31'
Taylor Goal 56' (pen.)
Report Stadium: Vale Park
Attendance: 3,514
Referee: Darren Handley
5 December 2016 Lincoln City (5)3–2Oldham Athletic (3)Lincoln
19:45 Robinson Goal 22'47'
Hawkridge Goal 24'
Report Clarke Goal 70'
Mckay Goal 73'
Stadium: Sincil Bank
Attendance: 7,012
Referee: Gavin Ward
13 December 2016[note 1] Stourbridge (7)1–0Northampton Town (3)Stourbridge
19:45 Duggan Goal 86' Report Stadium: War Memorial Athletic Ground
Attendance: 2,520
Referee: Andy Davies
6 January 2017 West Ham United (1)0–5Manchester City (1)Stratford, London
19:55 GMT Report Touré Goal 33' (pen.)
Nordtveit Goal 41' (o.g.)
Silva Goal 43'
Agüero Goal 50'
Stones Goal 84'
Stadium: London Stadium
Attendance: 56,975
Referee: Michael Oliver
7 January 2017 Manchester United (1)4–0Reading (2)Manchester
12:30 GMT Rooney Goal 7'
Martial Goal 15'
Rashford Goal 75'79'
Report Stadium: Old Trafford
Attendance: 74,396
Referee: Andre Marriner
7 January 2017 Ipswich Town (2)2–2Lincoln City (5)Ipswich
15:00 GMT Lawrence Goal 12'86' Report Robinson Goal 7'65' Stadium: Portman Road
Attendance: 16,027
Referee: Lee Probert
17 January 2017 ReplayLincoln City (5)1–0Ipswich Town (2)Lincoln
20:05 GMT Arnold Goal 90+1' Report Stadium: Sincil Bank
Attendance: 9,054
Referee: Ben Toner
7 January 2017 Barrow (5)0–2Rochdale (3)Barrow-in-Furness
15:00 GMT Report Henderson Goal 17'62' Stadium: Holker Street
Attendance: 4,414
Referee: David Webb
7 January 2017 Hull City (1)2–0Swansea City (1)Kingston upon Hull
15:00 GMT Hernández Goal 78'
Tymon Goal 90+3'
Report Stadium: KCOM Stadium
Attendance: 6,608
Referee: Anthony Taylor
7 January 2017 Sunderland (1)0–0Burnley (1)Sunderland
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Stadium of Light
Attendance: 17,632
Referee: Stuart Attwell
17 January 2017 ReplayBurnley (1)2–0Sunderland (1)Burnley
19:45 GMT Vokes Goal 44'
Gray Goal 83'
Report Stadium: Turf Moor
Attendance: 12,257
Referee: Mike Jones
7 January 2017 Queens Park Rangers (2)1–2Blackburn Rovers (2)Shepherd's Bush, London
15:00 GMT Bidwell Goal 61' (pen.) Report Lynch Goal 8' (o.g.)
Feeney Goal 58'
Stadium: Loftus Road
Attendance: 7,482
Referee: Simon Hooper
7 January 2017 Millwall (3)3–0AFC Bournemouth (1)Bermondsey, London
15:00 GMT Morison Goal 26'
Cummings Goal 49'
Ferguson Goal 90+3'
Report Stadium: The Den
Attendance: 9,471
Referee: Andrew Madley
7 January 2017 Brighton & Hove Albion (2)2–0Milton Keynes Dons (3)Falmer, Brighton and Hove
15:00 GMT Kayal Goal 9'
Hemed Goal 72'
Report Stadium: Falmer Stadium
Attendance: 11,091
Referee: James Linington
7 January 2017 Blackpool (4)0–0Barnsley (2)Blackpool
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Bloomfield Road
Attendance: 4,875
Referee: Chris Sarginson
17 January 2017 ReplayBarnsley (2)1–2 (a.e.t.)Blackpool (4)Barnsley
19:45 GMT MacDonald Goal 49' Report Mellor Goal 30'
Osayi-Samuel Goal 120+1'
Stadium: Oakwell
Attendance: 5,558
Referee: Roger East
7 January 2017 Wigan Athletic (2)2–0Nottingham Forest (2)Wigan
15:00 GMT Grigg Goal 45+2'
Wildschut Goal 57'
Report Stadium: DW Stadium
Attendance: 5,163
Referee: Oliver Langford
7 January 2017 Birmingham City (2)1–1Newcastle United (2)Birmingham
15:00 GMT Jutkiewicz Goal 42' Report Murphy Goal 5' Stadium: St Andrews
Attendance: 13,171
Referee: Neil Swarbrick
18 January 2017 ReplayNewcastle United (2)3–1Birmingham City (2)Newcastle upon Tyne
19:45 GMT Ritchie Goal 9' (pen.)90+2'
Gouffran Goal 34'
Report Cotterill Goal 71' Stadium: St James' Park
Attendance: 34,896
Referee: Lee Probert
7 January 2017 West Bromwich Albion (1)1–2Derby County (2)West Bromwich
15:00 GMT Phillips Goal 35' Report Bent Goal 51'
Ince Goal 54'
Stadium: The Hawthorns
Attendance: 25,288
Referee: Jonathan Moss
7 January 2017 Everton (1)1–2Leicester City (1)Liverpool
15:00 GMT Lukaku Goal 63' Report Musa Goal 66'71' Stadium: Goodison Park
Attendance: 35,493
Referee: Martin Atkinson
7 January 2017 Wycombe Wanderers (4)2–1Stourbridge (7)High Wycombe
15:00 GMT Wood Goal 47'
Akinfenwa Goal 83'
Report Scarr Goal 70' Stadium: Adams Park
Attendance: 6,312
Referee: Darren England
7 January 2017 Watford (1)2–0Burton Albion (2)Watford
15:00 GMT Kabasele Goal 21'
Sinclair Goal 77'
Report Stadium: Vicarage Road
Attendance: 13,270
Referee: Lee Mason
7 January 2017 Stoke City (1)0–2Wolverhampton Wanderers (2)Stoke-on-Trent
15:00 GMT Report Costa Goal 29'
Doherty Goal 80'
Stadium: bet365 Stadium
Attendance: 21,479
Referee: Mike Jones
7 January 2017 Bristol City (2)0–0Fleetwood Town (3)Bristol
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Ashton Gate Stadium
Attendance: 10,301
Referee: Stephen Martin
17 January 2017 ReplayFleetwood Town (3)0–1Bristol City (2)Fleetwood
19:45 GMT Report Paterson Goal 17' Stadium: Highbury Stadium
Attendance: 2,115
Referee: Carl Boyeson
7 January 2017 Huddersfield Town (2)4–0Port Vale (3)Huddersfield
15:00 GMT Payne Goal 28'84'
Palmer Goal 73'
Bunn Goal 80'
Report Stadium: Kirklees Stadium
Attendance: 11,715
Referee: Geoff Eltringham
7 January 2017 Brentford (2)5–1Eastleigh (5)Brentford, London
15:00 GMT Barbet Goal 9' (pen.)
Field Goal 17'38'
Vibe Goal 23'
Sawyers Goal 45+2'
Report Obileye Goal 29' Stadium: Griffin Park
Attendance: 7,537
Referee: Peter Bankes
7 January 2017 Bolton Wanderers (3)0–0Crystal Palace (1)Horwich, Bolton
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Macron Stadium
Attendance: 11,683
Referee: Roger East
17 January 2017 ReplayCrystal Palace (1)2–1Bolton Wanderers (3)Selhurst, London
20:00 GMT Benteke Goal 68'77' Report Henry Goal 48' Stadium: Selhurst Park
Attendance: 7,149
Referee: Stuart Attwell
7 January 2017 Norwich City (2)2–2Southampton (1)Norwich
15:00 GMT Whittaker Goal 52' (pen.)
Naismith Goal 90+2'
Report van Dijk Goal 38'
Yoshida Goal 67'
Stadium: Carrow Road
Attendance: 12,479
Referee: Chris Kavanagh
18 January 2017 ReplaySouthampton (1)1–0Norwich City (2)Southampton
19:45 GMT Long Goal 90+2' Report Stadium: St Mary's Stadium
Attendance: 13,517
Referee: Jonathan Moss
7 January 2017 Sutton United (5)0–0AFC Wimbledon (3)Sutton, London
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Gander Green Lane
Attendance: 5,013
Referee: Keith Stroud
17 January 2017 ReplayAFC Wimbledon (3)1–3Sutton United (5)Kingston upon Thames, London
19:45 GMT Elliott Goal 10' Report Deacon Goal 75'
Biamou Goal 90'
Fitchett Goal 90+6'
Stadium: Kingsmeadow
Attendance: 4,768
Referee: Chris Sarginson
7 January 2017 Accrington Stanley (4)2–1Luton Town (4)Accrington
15:00 GMT McConville Goal 45+2'
Beckles Goal 57'
Report Gray Goal 54' Stadium: Crown Ground
Attendance: 1,717
Referee: Darren Deadman
7 January 2017 Rotherham United (2)2–3Oxford United (3)Rotherham
15:00 GMT Ward Goal 51'
Adeyemi Goal 90'
Report Taylor Goal 41'
Edwards Goal 80'
Hemmings Goal 88'
Stadium: New York Stadium
Attendance: 5,618
Referee: Darren Bond
7 January 2017 Preston North End (2)1–2Arsenal (1)Preston
17:30 GMT Robinson Goal 7' Report Ramsey Goal 46'
Giroud Goal 89'
Stadium: Deepdale
Attendance: 22,185
Referee: Robert Madley
8 January 2017 Cardiff City (2)1–2Fulham (2)Cardiff
11:30 GMT Pilkington Goal 8' Report Johansen Goal 14'
Sessegnon Goal 33'
Stadium: Cardiff City Stadium
Attendance: 5,199
Referee: Andy Woolmer
8 January 2017 Liverpool (1)0–0Plymouth Argyle (4)Liverpool
13:30 GMT Report Stadium: Anfield
Attendance: 52,692
Referee: Paul Tierney
18 January 2017 ReplayPlymouth Argyle (4)0–1Liverpool (1)Plymouth
19:45 GMT Report Lucas Goal 18' Stadium: Home Park
Attendance: 17,048
Referee: Graham Scott
8 January 2017 Chelsea (1)4–1Peterborough United (3)Fulham, London
15:00 GMT Pedro Goal 18'75'
Batshuayi Goal 43'
Willian Goal 52'
Report Nichols Goal 70' Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 41,003
Referee: Kevin Friend
8 January 2017 Middlesbrough (1)3–0Sheffield Wednesday (2)Middlesbrough
15:00 GMT Leadbitter Goal 58'
Negredo Goal 67'
de Roon Goal 90+1'
Report Stadium: Riverside Stadium
Attendance: 23,661
Referee: David Coote
8 January 2017 Tottenham Hotspur (1)2–0Aston Villa (2)Tottenham, London
16:00 GMT Davies Goal 71'
Son Goal 80'
Report Stadium: White Hart Lane
Attendance: 31,182
Referee: Mike Dean
9 January 2017 Cambridge United (4)1–2Leeds United (2)Cambridge
19:45 GMT Ikpeazu Goal 25' Report Dallas Goal 56'
Mowatt Goal 63'
Stadium: Abbey Stadium
Attendance: 7,973
Referee: Craig Pawson
27 January 2017 Derby County (2)2–2Leicester City (1)Derby
19:55 GMT Bent Goal 21'
Bryson Goal 40'
Report Bent Goal 8' (o.g.)
Morgan Goal 86'
Stadium: Pride Park Stadium
Attendance: 25,079
Referee: Mark Clattenburg
8 February 2017 ReplayLeicester City (1)3–1 (a.e.t.)Derby County (2)Leicester
19:45 GMT King Goal 46'
Ndidi Goal 94'
Gray Goal 114'
Report Camara Goal 61' Stadium: King Power Stadium
Attendance: 31,648
Referee: Mike Jones
28 January 2017 Liverpool (1)1–2Wolverhampton Wanderers (2)Liverpool
12:30 GMT Origi Goal 86' Report Stearman Goal 1'
Weimann Goal 41'
Stadium: Anfield
Attendance: 52,469
Referee: Craig Pawson
28 January 2017 Tottenham Hotspur (1)4–3Wycombe Wanderers (4)Tottenham, London
15:00 GMT Son Goal 60'90+7'
Janssen Goal 64' (pen.)
Alli Goal 89'
Report Hayes Goal 23'36' (pen.)
Thompson Goal 83'
Stadium: White Hart Lane
Attendance: 31,440
Referee: Roger East
28 January 2017 Oxford United (3)3–0Newcastle United (2)Oxford
15:00 GMT Hemmings Goal 46'
Nelson Goal 79'
Martínez Goal 87'
Report Stadium: Kassam Stadium
Attendance: 11,810
Referee: David Coote
28 January 2017 Lincoln City (5)3–1Brighton & Hove Albion (2)Lincoln
15:00 GMT Power Goal 57' (pen.)
Tomori Goal 62' (o.g.)
Robinson Goal 85'
Report Towell Goal 24' Stadium: Sincil Bank
Attendance: 9,469
Referee: Andrew Madley
28 January 2017 Chelsea (1)4–0Brentford (2)Fulham, London
15:00 GMT Willian Goal 14'
Pedro Goal 21'
Ivanović Goal 69'
Batshuayi Goal 81' (pen.)
Report Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 41,042
Referee: Michael Oliver
28 January 2017 Rochdale (3)0–4Huddersfield Town (2)Rochdale
15:00 GMT Report Quaner Goal 42'
Brown Goal 66' (pen.)
Hefele Goal 72'84'
Stadium: Spotland
Attendance: 7,431
Referee: Oliver Langford
28 January 2017 Burnley (1)2–0Bristol City (2)Burnley
15:00 GMT Vokes Goal 45'
Defour Goal 68'
Report Stadium: Turf Moor
Attendance: 14,921
Referee: Andre Marriner
28 January 2017 Blackburn Rovers (2)2–0Blackpool (4)Blackburn
15:00 GMT Gallagher Goal 9'
Bennett Goal 22'
Report Stadium: Ewood Park
Attendance: 9,327
Referee: Peter Bankes
28 January 2017 Middlesbrough (1)1–0Accrington Stanley (4)Middlesbrough
15:00 GMT Downing Goal 69' Report Stadium: Riverside Stadium
Attendance: 24,040
Referee: Anthony Taylor
28 January 2017 Crystal Palace (1)0–3Manchester City (1)Selhurst, London
15:00 GMT Report Sterling Goal 43'
Sané Goal 71'
Yaya Touré Goal 90+3'
Stadium: Selhurst Park
Attendance: 13,979
Referee: Mike Jones
28 January 2017 Southampton (1)0–5Arsenal (1)Southampton
17:30 GMT Report Welbeck Goal 15'22'
Walcott Goal 35'69'84'
Stadium: St Mary's Stadium
Attendance: 31,288
Referee: Kevin Friend
29 January 2017 Millwall (3)1–0Watford (1)Bermondsey, London
12:00 GMT Morison Goal 85' Report Stadium: The Den
Attendance: 9,772
Referee: Martin Atkinson
29 January 2017 Fulham (2)4–1Hull City (1)Fulham, London
12:30 GMT Aluko Goal 17'
Martin Goal 54'
Sessegnon Goal 66'
Johansen Goal 78'
Report Evandro Goal 49' Stadium: Craven Cottage
Attendance: 15,143
Referee: Paul Tierney
29 January 2017 Sutton United (5)1–0Leeds United (2)Sutton, London
14:00 GMT Collins Goal 53' (pen.) Report Stadium: Gander Green Lane
Attendance: 4,997
Referee: Stuart Attwell
29 January 2017 Manchester United (1)4–0Wigan Athletic (2)Manchester
16:00 GMT Fellaini Goal 44'
Smalling Goal 57'
Mkhitaryan Goal 74'
Schweinsteiger Goal 81'
Report Stadium: Old Trafford
Attendance: 75,229
Referee: Neil Swarbrick
18 February 2017 Burnley (1)0–1Lincoln City (5)Burnley
12:30 GMT Report Raggett Goal 89' Stadium: Turf Moor
Attendance: 19,185
Referee: Graham Scott
18 February 2017 Middlesbrough (1)3–2Oxford United (3)Middlesbrough
15:00 GMT Leadbitter Goal 26' (pen.)
Gestede Goal 34'
Stuani Goal 86'
Report Maguire Goal 64'
Martínez Goal 65'
Stadium: Riverside Stadium
Attendance: 28,198
Referee: Andre Marriner
18 February 2017 Huddersfield Town (2)0–0Manchester City (1)Huddersfield
15:00 GMT Report Stadium: Kirklees Stadium
Attendance: 24,129
Referee: Anthony Taylor
1 March 2017 ReplayManchester City (1)5–1Huddersfield Town (2)Manchester
19:45 GMT Sané Goal 30'
Agüero Goal 35' (pen.)73'
Zabaleta Goal 38'
Iheanacho Goal 90+1'
Report Bunn Goal 7' Stadium: City of Manchester Stadium
Attendance: 42,425
Referee: Paul Tierney
18 February 2017 Millwall (3)1–0Leicester City (1)Bermondsey, London
15:00 GMT Cummings Goal 90' Report Stadium: The Den
Attendance: 18,012
Referee: Craig Pawson
18 February 2017 Wolverhampton Wanderers (2)0–2Chelsea (1)Wolverhampton
17:30 GMT Report Pedro Goal 65'
Costa Goal 89'
Stadium: Molineux Stadium
Attendance: 30,193
Referee: Jonathan Moss
19 February 2017 Fulham (2)0–3Tottenham Hotspur (1)Fulham, London
14:00 GMT Report Kane Goal 16'51'73' Stadium: Craven Cottage
Attendance: 22,557
Referee: Robert Madley
19 February 2017 Blackburn Rovers (2)1–2Manchester United (1)Blackburn
16:15 GMT Graham Goal 17' Report Rashford Goal 27'
Ibrahimović Goal 75'
Stadium: Ewood Park
Attendance: 23,130
Referee: Martin Atkinson
20 February 2017 Sutton United (5)0–2Arsenal (1)Sutton, London
19:55 GMT Report Pérez Goal 26'
Walcott Goal 55'
Stadium: Gander Green Lane
Attendance: 5,013
Referee: Michael Oliver
11 March 2017 Middlesbrough (1)0–2Manchester City (1)Middlesbrough
12:15 GMT Report Silva Goal 3'
Agüero Goal 67'
Stadium: Riverside Stadium
Attendance: 32,228
Referee: Mike Dean
11 March 2017 Arsenal (1)5–0Lincoln City (5)Holloway, London
17:30 GMT Walcott Goal 45+1'
Giroud Goal 53'
Waterfall Goal 58' (o.g.)
Sánchez Goal 72'
Ramsey Goal 75'
Report Stadium: Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 59,454
Referee: Anthony Taylor
12 March 2017 Tottenham Hotspur (1)6–0Millwall (3)Tottenham, London
14:00 GMT Eriksen Goal 31'
Son Goal 41'54'90+2'
Alli Goal 72'
Janssen Goal 79'
Report Stadium: White Hart Lane
Attendance: 31,137
Referee: Martin Atkinson
13 March 2017 Chelsea (1)1–0Manchester United (1)Fulham, London
19:45 GMT Kanté Goal 51' Report Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 40,801
Referee: Michael Oliver
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