2009–10 Coppa Italia

The 2009–10 Coppa Italia was the 63rd season of the tournament. The competition started on 2 August 2009 and ended on 5 May 2010.

2009–10 Coppa Italia
Country Italy
Dates2 August 2009 –
5 May 2010
ChampionsInternazionale (6th title)
Matches played79
Goals scored209 (2.65 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Alain Baclet
Adrian Mutu (4 goals)

Participating teams

Lega Calcio

Serie A (20 Teams)

Serie B (22 Teams)

Lega Pro

Prima Divisione (25 Teams)

Seconda Divisione (6 Teams)

Lega Nazionale Dilettanti

Serie D (5 Teams)

Seedings and format

Teams entered the cup at various stages, as follows:

  • First phase: one-leg fixtures
    • First round: 36 Teams from Lega Pro and lower, comprising 25 teams from Lega Pro Prima Divisione (1 team relegated from Serie B 2008-09, 7 promoted teams, and the 17 best Prima Divisione teams not promoted 2008-09), 6 teams from Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (4 promoted from Serie D 2008-09, 2 high finishers in Seconda 2008-09) and 5 teams from Serie D (generally high finishers but not promoted 2008-09);
    • Second round: The 18 winners face 22 Serie B teams.
    • Third round: The 20 survivors meet Serie A sides seeded 9-20
    • Fourth round: The 16 survivors face off.
  • Second phase: one-leg fixtures (except semifinal)
    • Round of 16: 8 Fourth round winners are inserted into a bracket with seeds 1-8
      • Seeds 1-8: Fiorentina, Genoa, Milan, Inter, Juventus, Udinese, Roma, Lazio (cup holders)
    • Quarterfinals: 8 last 16 winners.
    • Semifinals: Two-leg fixtures with pairings based upon bracket
  • Final: one-leg fixture at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.


Elimination rounds

2009–10 League
Serie A
Serie B
Lega Pro Prima Divisione
Lega Pro Seconda Divisione
Serie D

Section 1

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Chievo 3  
Mantova 0  
Mantova 3  
Pro Patria 4    
Pro Patria 1  
Gela 0      
Chievo 2
Frosinone 0
Bologna 0 (6)  
Frosinone (pso) 0 (7)  
Frosinone (pso) 1 (4)      
Cavese 2 (3)    
Varese 1 (3)      
Varese (pso) 2 (5)  
Pro Patria4 – 0Gela
Sarno Goal 17'
Pacilli Goal 52'
Ripa Goal 63'81' (pen.)
Cavese2 – 2 (a.e.t.)Varese
Favasuli Goal 43'
Schetter Goal 44'
Report Goal 56'87' Momentè
Favasuli Penalty scored
Farina Penalty scored
Tarantino Penalty scored
Cipriani Penalty missed
3 – 5 Penalty scored Grossi
Penalty scored Buzzegoli
Penalty scored Radi
Penalty scored Ebagua
Penalty scored Momentè
Mantova3 – 1Pro Patria
Marchesetti Goal 4'
Caridi Goal 53'
Tarana Goal 64'
Report Goal 47' Ripa
Frosinone1 – 1 (a.e.t.)Varese
Basha Goal 90+2' Report Goal 63' Buzzegoli
Bocchetti Penalty missed
Basso Penalty scored
Tavares Penalty scored
Biso Penalty missed
Guidi Penalty scored
Ascoli Penalty scored
4 – 3 Penalty scored Grossi
Penalty missed Gambadori
Penalty scored Ebagua
Penalty missed Radi
Penalty scored Corti
Penalty missed Tripoli
Chievo3 – 0Mantova
Bogdani Goal 48'
Pellissier Goal 82'
Bentivoglio Goal 90+1'
Bologna0 – 0 (a.e.t.)Frosinone
Adaílton Penalty scored
Britos Penalty missed
Raggi Penalty scored
Valiani Penalty scored
Mingazzini Penalty scored
Osvaldo Penalty scored
Vigiani Penalty scored
Zenoni Penalty missed
6 – 7 Penalty missed Scarlato
Penalty scored Guidi
Penalty scored Basso
Penalty scored Aurelio
Penalty scored Santoruvo
Penalty scored Mazzeo
Penalty scored Biso
Penalty scored Basha
Chievo2 – 0Frosinone
Hanine Goal 39'
Bentivoglio Goal 90+4'

Section 2

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Palermo 4  
SPAL 2  
AlbinoLeffe 1  
SPAL 2    
SPAL (aet) 3  
Como 1      
Palermo 4
Reggina 1
Brescia 1  
Ravenna 3    
Ravenna 0  
Giulianova 2      
Brescia 0  
Reggina 1  
Reggina 3      
Arezzo 2    
Arezzo 0      
Castellarano 0  
SPAL2 – 1Como
Arma Goal 22' (pen.)
Meloni Goal 40'
Report Goal 70' (pen.) Riva
Ravenna3 – 2Giulianova
Scappini Goal 57'
Cavagna Goal 70'
Piovaccari Goal 90+3' (pen.)
Report Goal 44' (pen.) Campagnacci
Goal 54' Carbonaro
Arezzo2 – 0Castellarano
Erpen Goal 8'
Chianese Goal 76' (pen.)
SPAL3 – 1 (a.e.t.)AlbinoLeffe
Bracaletti Goal 40'
Quintavalla Goal 107'
Arma Goal 116'
Report Goal 24' Previtali
Brescia1 – 0Ravenna
Salamon Goal 72' Report
Reggina3 – 0Arezzo
Volpi Goal 19' (pen.)
Brienza Goal 56'
Missiroli Goal 90'
Palermo4 – 2SPAL
Miccoli Goal 32' (pen.)37'
Simplício Goal 52'
Cavani Goal 71'
Report Goal 21'80' Arma
Brescia0 – 1Reggina
Report Goal 26' Brienza
Palermo4 – 1Reggina
Miccoli Goal 33' (pen.)
Cavani Goal 57'
Budan Goal 69'74'
Report Goal 48' Volpi

Section 3

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Sampdoria 6  
Lecce 2  
Lecce 4  
Rimini 1    
Vico Equense 0  
Vico Equense (aet) 2      
Sampdoria 1
Livorno 2
Livorno 2  
Torino 0  
Torino 1      
Pergocrema 0    
Figline 0      
Figline 1  
Rimini1 – 2
Vico Equense
Frara Goal 23' (pen.) Report Goal 60' Trapani
Goal 108' Burgos
Pergocrema0 – 1Figline
Report Goal 34' Fanucchi
Lecce4 – 0Vico Equense
Baclet Goal 3'13'43'61' Report
Torino1 – 0Figline
Bianchi Goal 68' Report
Sampdoria6 – 2Lecce
Pazzini Goal 8'33'
Cassano Goal 32'59'
Palombo Goal 76' (pen.)
Padalino Goal 90'
Report Goal 73' Defendi
Goal 81' (o.g.) Lucchini
Livorno2 – 0Torino
Raimondi Goal 72'
Dionisi Goal 80'
Sampdoria1 – 2Livorno
Mannini Goal 46' Report Goal 76' (o.g.) Lucchini
Goal 86' Danilevičius

Section 4

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Napoli 3  
Salernitana 0  
Salernitana 1  
Benevento 3    
Benevento 0  
Prato 1      
Napoli 1
Cittadella 0
Cittadella 2  
Padova 0  
Cittadella (aet) 2  
Ascoli 1  
Ascoli 3      
Crotone 1      
Benevento3 – 1Prato
Clemente Goal 24'
Evacuo Goal 48'
Carcione Goal 90+2'
Report Goal 72' Vieri
Salernitana1 – 0Benevento
Caputo Goal 56' (pen.) Report
Cittadella2 – 0Padova
Cherubin Goal 59'
Ardemagni Goal 79'
Ascoli3 – 1Crotone
Romeo Goal 36'50'
Pesce Goal 90'
Report Goal 45+3' (o.g.) Frezzolini
Napoli3 – 0Salernitana
Maggio Goal 29'
Lavezzi Goal 43'
Hoffer Goal 84'
Cittadella2 – 1 (a.e.t.)Ascoli
Pettinari Goal 84'
Ardemagni Goal 117'
Report Pesce Goal 48'
Napoli1 –0Cittadella
Bogliacino Goal 27' Report

Section 5

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Siena 2  
Grosseto 0  
Grosseto 3  
Taranto 1    
Cosenza 2  
Cosenza 3      
Siena 0
Novara 2
Parma 1  
Novara 2  
Modena 2 (4)      
Novara 1    
Novara (pso) 2 (6)      
Pescina V.d.G. 0  
Taranto1 – 3Cosenza
Innocenti Goal 21' Report Goal 34' Porchia
Goal 68' Caccavallo
Goal 83' Danti
Novara1 – 0Pescina V.d.G.
Bertani Goal 67' Report
Grosseto3 – 2Cosenza
Pichlmann Goal 22'
Federici Goal 37'
Alfageme Goal 84'
Report Goal 48' Mortelliti
Goal 67' Ceccarelli
Modena2 – 2 (a.e.t.)Novara
Pinardi Goal 65' (pen.)
Giampà Goal 97'
Report Goal 60' Ledesma
Goal 104' Rubino
Perna Penalty missed
Diagouraga Penalty scored
Troiano Penalty missed
Pinardi Penalty scored
2 – 4 Penalty missed Rubino
Penalty scored Lanteri
Penalty scored Vicentini
Penalty scored Ledesma
Penalty scored Bertani
Siena2 – 0Grosseto
Calaiò Goal 59'
Larrondo Goal 79'
Parma1 – 2Novara
Lucarelli Goal 56' Report Goal 45+1' Vicentini
Goal 63' Bertani
Siena0 – 2Novara
Report Goal 35'84' González

Section 6

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Atalanta 1  
Cesena 0  
Cesena (pso) 2 (5)  
Ternana 3    
Ternana 2 (4)  
Renate 2      
Atalanta 0
Lumezzane 1
Ancona 1  
Perugia 1    
Perugia 0  
Nocerina 0      
Ancona 2  
Lumezzane 3  
Lumezzane 6      
Lumezzane 3    
Gallipoli 0      
Fano 0  
Ternana3 – 2Renate
Bacchion Goal 13' (o.g.)
Tozzi Borsoi Goal 14'41'
Report Goal 22' Farina
Goal 70' Moretti
Perugia1 – 0Nocerina
Cutolo Goal 11' Report
Lumezzane3 – 0Fano
Pesenti Goal 10'41'
Emerson Goal 84'
Cesena2 – 2 (a.e.t.)Ternana
Giaccherini Goal 90+2'
Đurić Goal 90+5'
Report Goal 17' Tozzi Borsoi
Goal 44' Noviello
Cusaro Penalty missed
Castiglia Penalty scored
De Feudis Penalty missed
Giaccherini Penalty scored
Schelotto Penalty scored
3 – 2 Penalty missed Noviello
Penalty missed Perna
Penalty scored Di Deo
Penalty scored Danucci
Penalty missed Bertoli
Ancona1 – 0Perugia
Mastronunzio Goal 3' Report
Lumezzane6 – 0Gallipoli
Calliari Goal 1'
Pintori Goal 3'36'
Salvi Goal 39'
Lauria Goal 41'
Dadson Goal 61'
Cesena0 – 1Atalanta
Report Goal 84' Acquafresca
Ancona2 – 3Lumezzane
Gerardi Goal 29'
Mastronunzio Goal 41'
Report Goal 17'40' Lauria
Goal 63' Marconi
Atalanta0 – 1Lumezzane
Report Goal 20' Marconi

Section 7

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Catania 1  
Cremonese 0  
Vicenza 1  
Cremonese 2    
Cremonese 2  
Chioggia S. 0      
Catania 2
Empoli 0
Bari 1 (5)  
Empoli (pso) 1 (6)  
Empoli 2      
Reggiana 4    
Reggiana 0      
Sansepolcro 0  
Cremonese2 – 0Chioggia Sottomarina
Guidetti Goal 28'
Musetti Goal 58'
Reggiana4 – 0Sansepolcro
Morelli Goal 6'
Maschio Goal 29'45+1'
Ferrari Goal 90+3'
Vicenza1 – 2Cremonese
Botta Goal 84' Report Goal 75' Nizzetto
Goal 90+3' Fietta
Empoli2 – 0Reggiana
Lodi Goal 43' (pen.)
Angella Goal 79'
Catania1 – 0Cremonese
Mascara Goal 44' Report
Bari1 – 1 (a.e.t.)Empoli
Greco Goal 82' (pen.) Report Goal 79' (pen.) Lodi
Stellini Penalty scored
Greco Penalty scored
Bonucci Penalty scored
Masiello Penalty missed
De Vezze Penalty scored
4 – 5 Penalty scored Lodi
Penalty scored Vannucchi
Penalty scored Éder
Penalty scored Coralli
Penalty scored Piccolo
Moretti Goal 8'
Morimoto Goal 74' (pen.)

Section 8

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Cagliari 0  
Triestina 1  
Triestina 1  
Foggia 3    
Foggia 0  
Viterbese 1      
Triestina 1
Sassuolo 0
Sassuolo 2  
Marcianise 0    
Alessandria 0  
Alessandria 2      
Sassuolo 2  
Hellas Verona 0  
Piacenza 1      
Hellas Verona 1    
Hellas Verona 3      
Spezia 0  
Foggia3 – 1Viterbese
Lustrissimi Goal 16' (o.g.)
Germinale Goal 40'72'
Report Goal 79' (pen.) Ferretti
Real Marcianise0 – 2Alessandria
Report Goal 38' (pen.) Artico
Goal 57' Mateos
Spezia0 – 1 (a.e.t.)Hellas Verona
Report Goal 111' Selva
Triestina1 – 0 (a.e.t.)Foggia
Godeas Goal 101' (pen.) Report
Sassuolo2 – 0Alessandria
Masucci Goal 1'
Fusani Goal 6'
Piacenza1 – 3Hellas Verona
Davide Moscardelli Goal 72' Report Goal 15'34' Berrettoni
Goal 76' Selva
Triestina1 – 0Cagliari
Šedivec Goal 82' Report
Sassuolo2 – 0Hellas Verona
Salvetti Goal 2'
Riccio Goal 28'
Triestina1 – 0Sassuolo
Stanković Goal 52' Report

Final stage


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Fiorentina 3  
Chievo 2  
  Fiorentina 3  
  Lazio 2  
Lazio 2
Palermo 0  
  Fiorentina 0 0 0  
  Internazionale 1 1 2  
Internazionale 1  
Livorno 0  
  Internazionale 2
  Juventus 1  
Juventus 3
Napoli 0  
  Internazionale 1
  Roma 0
AC Milan 2  
Novara 1  
  AC Milan 0
  Udinese 1  
Udinese 2
Lumezzane 0  
  Udinese 0 1 1
  Roma 2 0 2  
Genoa 1  
Catania 2  
  Catania 0
  Roma 1  
Roma 3
Triestina 1  

Round of 16

Fiorentina3 – 2Chievo
Mutu Goal 35'77'
Babacar Goal 75'
Report Goal 7' Granoche
Goal 38' Bentivoglio
Lazio2 – 0Palermo
Kolarov Goal 57'
Floccari Goal 74'
Juventus3 – 0Napoli
Diego Goal 24'
Del Piero Goal 77'83' (pen.)
Internazionale1 – 0Livorno
Sneijder Goal 60' Report
AC Milan2 – 1Novara
Inzaghi Goal 11'
Flamini Goal 81'
Report Goal 46' González
Udinese2 – 0Lumezzane
Lodi Goal 45' (pen.)
Corradi Goal 60'
Roma3 – 1Triestina
Brighi Goal 45'
Vučinić Goal 60'
Baptista Goal 80'
Report Goal 5' (pen.) Della Rocca
Genoa1 – 2Catania
Rossi Goal 56' Report Goal 5'8' Plasmati


Fiorentina3 – 2Lazio
Mutu Goal 9'44'
Krøldrup Goal 59'
Report Goal 50' Zárate
Goal 68' Rocchi
Roma1 – 0Catania
De Rossi Goal 74' Report
AC Milan0 – 1Udinese
Report Goal 56' Inler
Internazionale2 – 1Juventus
Lúcio Goal 72'
Balotelli Goal 89'
Report Goal 10' Diego


Internazionale1 – 0Fiorentina
Milito Goal 34' Report
Roma2 – 0Udinese
Vučinić Goal 13'
Mexès Goal 41'
Fiorentina0 – 1Internazionale
Report Eto'o Goal 57'

Internazionale won 2–0 on aggregate.

Udinese1 – 0Roma
Sánchez Goal 81' Report

Roma won 2–1 on aggregate.


Internazionale1 – 0Roma
Milito Goal 39' Report

This victory was the first of Inter's path to a grande treble which saw them sweep the domestic double in the form of the Coppa Italia, Serie A, and finally be crowned Champions of Europe, for the first time since the days of La Grande Inter, by winning the Champions League.

Top goalscorers

Rank Player Club Goals
1 France Alain Baclet Lecce 4
Romania Adrian Mutu Fiorentina
3 Italy Fabrizio Miccoli Palermo 3
Italy Simone Bentivoglio Chievo
Morocco Rachid Arma SPAL
Argentina Pablo Andrés González Novara
Italy Arturo Lupoli Ascoli
Italy Francesco Lodi Empoli,
Italy Fabio Lauria Lumezzane
Italy Romano Tozzi Borsoi Ternana
Italy Francesco Ripa Pro Patria

External links

2009–10 Coppa Italia Dilettanti

The 2009–10 Coppa Italia Dilettanti takes place between March and May 2010. The winner is promoted directly to Serie D. In the event that the team has already gained promotion to Serie D through the league, the losing finalist is promoted. If they have also gained promotion, the best semi-finalist will be promoted, and if even the best semi-finalist has already gained promotion, the other semifinalist will be promoted, and so forth.

2009–10 U.C. Sampdoria season

2009–10 Serie A is 62nd Serie A season in Unione Calcio Sampdoria's history. Sampdoria also participates in 2009–10 Coppa Italia, starting from 3rd round. Sampdoria finished 2008–09 Serie A in 13th place, so they failed to qualify for any of the European competitions for 2009–10 season. On 16 May 2010, Sampdoria finished their great season with a 1–0 win against S.S.C. Napoli, securing 4th place in 2009–10 Serie A and the final 2010–11 UEFA Champions League qualification spot.

2010 Coppa Italia Final

The 2010 Coppa Italia Final was the final match of the 2009–10 Coppa Italia, the 63rd season of the top cup competition in Italian football. The match was played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 5 May 2010 between Internazionale and Roma and was a repeat of the 2008 Coppa Italia Final. The match was won by Internazionale, who claimed their sixth Coppa Italia title with a lone Diego Milito goal giving them a 1–0 win. It was the first time Inter won the trophy since the abolition of the two-legged final.

2010 Supercoppa Italiana

The 2010 Supercoppa Italiana was the 23rd Supercoppa Italiana, an annual football match contested by the winners of the previous season's Serie A and Coppa Italia competitions. The match was played at the San Siro on 21 August 2010, and contested by league and cup double winners Internazionale and cup runners-up Roma. The Supercoppa Italiana is usually contested by the winners of the Serie A and the Coppa Italia, but since Internazionale won both the competitions, Roma were their opponents. Internazionale won the title 3–1.

A.C. Tuttocuoio 1957 San Miniato

Associazione Calcio Tuttocuoio 1957 San Miniato is an Italian association football club located in Ponte a Egola, a frazione of San Miniato, Tuscany, but playing in Santa Croce sull'Arno, Tuscany. It currently plays in Serie D.

Alma Juventus Fano 1906

Alma Juventus Fano 1906, commonly known as Fano, is an Italian association football club located in Fano, Marche. The club currently plays in Serie C, the third tier of Italian football.

Carlo Sciarrone

Carlo Sciarrone (born 17 November 1983) is an Italian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper.

Cristian Chivu

Cristian Eugen Chivu (Romanian pronunciation: [kristiˈan e.uˈd͡ʒen ˈkivu]; born 26 October 1980) is a Romanian former footballer. He usually played as a left back, but he was also used as a central defender.

He began his career at his hometown club FCM Reșița before moving to FC Universitatea Craiova in 1998, leaving Romania to join Dutch club Ajax a season later. His performances as captain at Ajax inspired an €18 million transfer to Roma in 2003. Chivu won the Coppa Italia in his last of four seasons at Roma before a transfer to Internazionale, where he would spend the rest of his career before retiring in 2014. His honours at Inter included a treble of the Italian league, domestic cup, and the UEFA Champions League in 2010.

Chivu earned his first of 75 international caps between 1999 and 2010, and was part of Romania's squads for UEFA European Championships in 2000 and 2008.

After retiring, he became a football pundit for Italian television stations Sky Sport and now Fox Sports. He is also a technical observer for UEFA.

Davide Moro

Davide Moro (born 2 January 1982) is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Audace Cerignola.

F.C. Matera

The history of Football Club Matera has covered 82 years of the football from the club based in Matera, Basilicata. It was a professional Italian football club, founded in 1930. Since 2012 the club is definitely excluded from Italian football.

The last president was Tommaso Perniola.

F.C. Real Città di Vico Equense

F.C. Real Città di Vico Equense is an Italian association football club located in Vico Equense, Campania. Currently it plays in Serie D.

Goran Pandev

Goran Pandev (Macedonian: Горан Пандев [ˈɡɔran ˈpandɛf] (listen); born 27 July 1983) is a Macedonian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Genoa. He is the captain of the Macedonian national team, and is the country's all-time top scorer with 33 goals.

After establishing himself at Lazio, Pandev moved to Inter Milan in early 2010. While playing for the Nerazzurri, Pandev collected a host of honours including winning the 2009–10 Serie A, the 2009–10 Coppa Italia and the 2009–10 UEFA Champions League as part of a treble for the club.In 2019, Pandev received Italian citizenship in Naples.

Inter Milan Hall of Fame

This is a list of Inter players who have been inducted into the club's Hall of Fame.

Inter's Hall of Fame has been launched in 2018 as part of the initiatives for the club's 110th anniversary.

Joazhiño Arroe

Joazhiño Walhir Arroe Salcedo (born 5 June 1992) is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a winger or striker for Alianza Lima.

Arroe made his professional debut in 2009–10 Coppa Italia.

List of A.S. Roma managers

This is a complete list of managers of A.S. Roma.

Manuel Iori

Manuel Iori (born 12 March 1982) is an Italian footballer who plays for Cittadella as a midfielder.

Rui Faria

Rui Filipe da Cunha Faria (born 14 June 1975) is a Portuguese football coach, known for his career long association with football manager José Mourinho. He is currently manager of Qatari Al-Duhail SC.

Stefano Scappini

Stefano Scappini (born 2 February 1988) is an Italian footballer who plays as a forward. He plays for Cittadella.

Volley Pesaro

Volley Pesaro is an Italian women's volleyball club based in Pesaro currently playing in the Serie A1. The club won three Italian leagues and international titles.

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