1997–98 FA Cup

The 1997–98 FA Cup (known as The FA Cup sponsored by Littlewoods for sponsorship reasons) was the 117th staging of the FA Cup. The competition was won by Arsenal with a 2–0 victory against Newcastle United at Wembley Stadium.

1997–98 FA Cup
Country England
Defending championsChelsea
ChampionsArsenal (7th title)
Runners-upNewcastle United


Round Initial Matches New Entries Clubs
Preliminary Round Saturday 30 August 1997 318 563 → 404
First Round Qualifying Saturday 13 September 1997 129 404 → 260
Second Round Qualifying Saturday 27 September 1997 none 260 → 188
Third Round Qualifying Saturday 11 October 1997 none 188 → 152
Fourth Round Qualifying Saturday 25 October 1997 20 152 → 124
First Round Proper Saturday 15 November 1997 52 124 → 84
Second Round Proper Saturday 6 December 1997 none 84 → 64
Third Round Proper Saturday 3 January 1998 44 64 → 32
Fourth Round Proper Saturday 24 January 1998 none 32 → 16
Fifth Round Proper Saturday 14 February 1998 none 16 → 8
Sixth Round Proper Saturday 7 March 1998 none 8 → 4
Semi-Finals Sunday 5 April 1998 none 4 → 2
Final Saturday 16 May 1998 none 2 → 1

First round proper

The First Round featured those non-league teams who had come through the qualifying rounds and the teams from the third and fourth tiers of the English football league system. The matches were played on 14 November 1997. There were fourteen replays, with four ties requiring a penalty shootout to settle them.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Blackpool 4–3 Blyth Spartans 15 November 1997
2 Chester City 2–1 Winsford United 15 November 1997
3 Chesterfield 1–0 Northwich Victoria 15 November 1997
4 Darlington 1–1 Solihull Borough 15 November 1997
Replay Solihull Borough 3–3 Darlington 26 November 1997
Darlington won 4–2 on penalties
5 Bournemouth 3–0 Heybridge Swifts 15 November 1997
6 Barnet 1–2 Watford 15 November 1997
7 Bristol City 1–0 Millwall 15 November 1997
8 Preston North End 3–2 Doncaster Rovers 15 November 1997
9 Rochdale 0–2 Wrexham 15 November 1997
10 Walsall 2–0 Lincoln United 15 November 1997
11 Woking 0–2 Southend United 15 November 1997
12 Notts County 2–0 Colwyn Bay 16 November 1997
13 Lincoln City 1–1 Gainsborough Trinity 15 November 1997
Replay Lincoln City 3–2 Gainsborough Trinity 25 November 1997
14 Luton Town 0–1 Torquay United 15 November 1997
15 Shrewsbury Town 1–1 Grimsby Town 15 November 1997
Replay Grimsby Town 4–0 Shrewsbury Town 25 November 1997
16 Wycombe Wanderers 2–2 Basingstoke Town 15 November 1997
Replay Basingstoke Town 2–2 Wycombe Wanderers 25 November 1997
Basingstoke Town won 5–4 on penalties
17 Brentford 2–2 Colchester United 15 November 1997
Replay Colchester United 0–0 Brentford 25 November 1997
Colchester United won 4–2 on penalties
18 Bristol Rovers 2–2 Gillingham 14 November 1997
Replay Gillingham 0–2 Bristol Rovers 25 November 1997
19 King's Lynn 1–0 Bromsgrove Rovers 15 November 1997
20 Plymouth Argyle 0–0 Cambridge United 15 November 1997
Replay Cambridge United 3–2 Plymouth Argyle 25 November 1997
21 Hull City 0–2 Hednesford Town 15 November 1997
22 Carlisle United 0–1 Wigan Athletic 15 November 1997
23 Oldham Athletic 1–1 Mansfield Town 15 November 1997
Replay Mansfield Town 0–1 Oldham Athletic 25 November 1997
24 Exeter City 1–1 Northampton Town 15 November 1997
Replay Northampton Town 2–1 Exeter City 25 November 1997
25 Scunthorpe United 2–1 Scarborough 15 November 1997
26 Margate 1–2 Fulham 16 November 1997
27 Cheltenham Town 2–1 Tiverton Town 15 November 1997
28 Southport 0–4 York City 15 November 1997
29 Morecambe 1–1 Emley 15 November 1997
Replay Emley 3–3 Morecambe 25 November 1997
Emley won 3–1 on penalties
30 Carshalton Athletic 0–0 Stevenage Borough 15 November 1997
Replay Stevenage Borough 5–0 Carshalton Athletic 24 November 1997
31 Hereford United 2–1 Brighton & Hove Albion 15 November 1997
32 Rotherham United 3–3 Burnley 15 November 1997
Replay Burnley 0–3 Rotherham United 25 November 1997
33 Hayes 0–1 Boreham Wood 15 November 1997
34 Hendon 2–2 Leyton Orient 15 November 1997
Replay Leyton Orient 0–1 Hendon 25 November 1997
35 Ilkeston Town 2–1 Boston United 15 November 1997
36 Slough Town 1–1 Cardiff City 15 November 1997
Replay Cardiff City 3–2 Slough Town 25 November 1997
37 Swansea City 1–4 Peterborough United 14 November 1997
38 Farnborough Town 0–1 Dagenham & Redbridge 15 November 1997
39 Hartlepool United 2–4 Macclesfield Town 15 November 1997
40 Billericay Town 2–3 Wisbech Town 15 November 1997

Second Round Proper

The second round of the competition featured the winners of the first round ties. The matches were scheduled to be played on Saturday, 6 December 1997, with nine replays and three penalty shootouts required, each of which featured a team who won on penalties in the previous round.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Chester City 0–2 Wrexham 5 December 1997
2 Bournemouth 3–1 Bristol City 7 December 1997
3 Preston North End 2–2 Notts County 6 December 1997
Replay Notts County 1–2 Preston North End 16 December 1997
4 Wisbech Town 0–2 Bristol Rovers 6 December 1997
5 Grimsby Town 2–2 Chesterfield 6 December 1997
Replay Chesterfield 0–2 Grimsby Town 16 December 1997
6 Macclesfield Town 0–7 Walsall 6 December 1997
7 Lincoln City 2–2 Emley 6 December 1997
Replay Emley 3–3 Lincoln City 17 December 1997
Emley won 4–3 on penalties
8 Hednesford Town 0–1 Darlington 6 December 1997
9 Fulham 1–0 Southend United 6 December 1997
10 Northampton Town 1–1 Basingstoke Town 6 December 1997
Replay Basingstoke Town 0–0 Northampton Town 16 December 1997
Northampton Town won 4–3 on penalties
11 Oldham Athletic 2–1 Blackpool 6 December 1997
12 Scunthorpe United 1–1 Ilkeston Town 6 December 1997
Replay Ilkeston Town 1–2 Scunthorpe United 17 December 1997
13 Cardiff City 3–1 Hendon 6 December 1997
14 Cheltenham Town 1–1 Boreham Wood 6 December 1997
Replay Boreham Wood 0–2 Cheltenham Town 16 December 1997
15 Torquay United 1–1 Watford 6 December 1997
Replay Watford 2–1 Torquay United 16 December 1997
16 Rotherham United 6–0 King's Lynn 6 December 1997
17 Wigan Athletic 2–1 York City 6 December 1997
18 Peterborough United 3–2 Dagenham & Redbridge 6 December 1997
19 Colchester United 1–1 Hereford United 6 December 1997
Replay Hereford United 1–1 Colchester United 16 December 1997
Hereford United won 5–4 on penalties
20 Cambridge United 1–1 Stevenage Borough 6 December 1997
Replay Stevenage Borough 2–1 Cambridge United 15 December 1997

Third round proper

The third round of the season's FA Cup was scheduled for Saturday, 3 January 1998, although six matches were postponed until later dates. This round marked the point at which the teams in the two highest divisions in the English league system, the Premier League and the Football League First Division (now known as the Football League Championship). There were eight replays, with two of these games requiring a penalty shootout to settle it.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Darlington 0–4 Wolverhampton Wanderers 14 January 1998
2 Bournemouth 0–1 Huddersfield Town 13 January 1998
3 Liverpool 1–3 Coventry City 3 January 1998
4 Preston North End 1–2 Stockport County 3 January 1998
5 Watford 1–1 Sheffield Wednesday 3 January 1998
Replay Sheffield Wednesday 0–0 Watford 14 January 1998
Sheffield Wednesday won 5–3 on penalties
6 Leicester City 4–0 Northampton Town 3 January 1998
7 Blackburn Rovers 4–2 Wigan Athletic 3 January 1998
8 Grimsby Town 3–0 Norwich City 3 January 1998
9 Crewe Alexandra 1–2 Birmingham City 3 January 1998
10 West Bromwich Albion 3–1 Stoke City 13 January 1998
11 Derby County 2–0 Southampton 3 January 1998
12 Everton 0–1 Newcastle United 4 January 1998
13 Swindon Town 1–2 Stevenage Borough 3 January 1998
14 Sheffield United 1–1 Bury 3 January 1998
Replay Bury 1–2 Sheffield United 13 January 1998
15 Tottenham Hotspur 3–1 Fulham 5 January 1998
16 Manchester City 2–0 Bradford City 3 January 1998
17 Queens Park Rangers 2–2 Middlesbrough 3 January 1998
Replay Middlesbrough 2–0 Queens Park Rangers 13 January 1998
18 Barnsley 1–0 Bolton Wanderers 3 January 1998
19 Bristol Rovers 1–1 Ipswich Town 3 January 1998
Replay Ipswich Town 1–0 Bristol Rovers 13 January 1998
20 Portsmouth 2–2 Aston Villa 3 January 1998
Replay Aston Villa 1–0 Portsmouth 14 January 1998
21 West Ham United 2–1 Emley 3 January 1998
22 Crystal Palace 2–0 Scunthorpe United 3 January 1998
23 Chelsea 3–5 Manchester United 4 January 1998
24 Wimbledon 0–0 Wrexham 4 January 1998
Replay Wrexham 2–3 Wimbledon 13 January 1998
25 Cardiff City 1–0 Oldham Athletic 3 January 1998
26 Charlton Athletic 4–1 Nottingham Forest 3 January 1998
27 Arsenal 0–0 Port Vale 3 January 1998
Replay Port Vale 1–1 Arsenal 14 January 1998
Arsenal won 4–3 on penalties
28 Cheltenham Town 1–1 Reading 13 January 1998
Replay Reading 2–1 Cheltenham Town 20 January 1998
29 Leeds United 4–0 Oxford United 3 January 1998
30 Hereford United 0–3 Tranmere Rovers 13 January 1998
31 Rotherham United 1–5 Sunderland 3 January 1998
32 Peterborough United 0–2 Walsall 13 January 1998

Fourth Round Proper

The Fourth Round ties were played with the thirty-two winners of the previous round. The matches were originally scheduled for Saturday, 24 January 1998. There were five replays, with one penalty shootout.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Aston Villa 4–0 West Bromwich Albion 24 January 1998
2 Sheffield Wednesday 0–3 Blackburn Rovers 26 January 1998
3 Middlesbrough 1–2 Arsenal 24 January 1998
4 Ipswich Town 1–1 Sheffield United 24 January 1998
Replay Sheffield United 1–0 Ipswich Town 3 February 1998
5 Tranmere Rovers 1–0 Sunderland 24 January 1998
6 Tottenham Hotspur 1–1 Barnsley 24 January 1998
Replay Barnsley 3–1 Tottenham Hotspur 4 February 1998
7 Manchester City 1–2 West Ham United 25 January 1998
8 Coventry City 2–0 Derby County 24 January 1998
9 Manchester United 5–1 Walsall 24 January 1998
10 Crystal Palace 3–0 Leicester City 24 January 1998
11 Huddersfield Town 0–1 Wimbledon 24 January 1998
12 Cardiff City 1–1 Reading 24 January 1998
Replay Reading 1–1 Cardiff City 3 February 1998
Reading won 4–3 on penalties
13 Charlton Athletic 1–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 24 January 1998
Replay Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–0 Charlton Athletic 3 February 1998
14 Leeds United 2–0 Grimsby Town 24 January 1998
15 Birmingham City 2–1 Stockport County 24 January 1998
16 Stevenage Borough 1–1 Newcastle United 25 January 1998
Replay Newcastle United 2–1 Stevenage Borough 4 February 1998

Fifth Round Proper

The Fifth Round matches were scheduled for Saturday, 14 February 1998. There were four replays, with one penalty shootout.

The biggest surprise of the round was arguably Barnsley's 3-2 win (in the replay that followed a 1-1 draw) over Manchester United. Barnsley were in their first season as a top division side (and ended it with relegation), while United were defending league champions and were also in contention for the league title and the European Cup at this time, although they ended the season trophyless.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Aston Villa 0–1 Coventry City 14 February 1998
2 Sheffield United 1–0 Reading 13 February 1998
3 Newcastle United 1–0 Tranmere Rovers 14 February 1998
4 West Ham United 2–2 Blackburn Rovers 14 February 1998
Replay Blackburn Rovers 1–1 West Ham United 25 February 1998
West Ham United won 5–4 on penalties
5 Manchester United 1–1 Barnsley 15 February 1998
Replay Barnsley 3–2 Manchester United 25 February 1998
6 Wimbledon 1–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 14 February 1998
Replay Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–1 Wimbledon 25 February 1998
7 Arsenal 0–0 Crystal Palace 15 February 1998
Replay Crystal Palace 1–2 Arsenal 25 February 1998
8 Leeds United 3–2 Birmingham City 14 February 1998

Sixth Round Proper

The Sixth Round ties were scheduled for the weekend of the 7th and 8 March 1998. Two replays were played on the 17th, both of which went to penalties.

Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sheffield United, Division One sides, both progressed to the semi-finals at the expense of Premier League sides. Wolverhampton Wanderers were particularly impressive in doing this, as the side they eliminated from the cup (Leeds United) went on to finish fifth in the Premier League.

Coventry City1 – 1Sheffield United
Dublin Goal 32' (pen) Marcelo Goal 45'
Leeds United0 – 1Wolverhampton Wanderers
Goodman Goal 82'
Arsenal1 – 1West Ham United
Bergkamp Goal 26' (pen) Pearce Goal 12'
Newcastle United3 – 1Barnsley
Ketsbaia Goal 16'
Speed Goal 27'
Batty Goal 90'
Liddell Goal 57'


Sheffield United1 – 1Coventry City
Holdsworth Goal 89' Telfer Goal 10'

Sheffield United won 3–1 on penalties.

West Ham United1 – 1Arsenal
Hartson Goal 81' Anelka Goal 45'
Bergkamp Red card

Arsenal won 4–3 on penalties.


The two semi-final matches were played on Sunday 5 April 1998. Both ties were played at neutral venues, and resulted in a clear victories for Arsenal and Newcastle United, who went on to meet in the final at Wembley. The losing sides were both non-Premiership teams, who endured further disappointment over the next few weeks by being pipped to promotion from Division One.

Wolverhampton Wanderers0 – 1Arsenal
Wreh Goal 12'
Newcastle United1 – 0Sheffield United
Shearer Goal 60'


The 1998 FA Cup Final was contested by Arsenal and Newcastle United at Wembley on 16 May 1998. Arsenal won 2–0, with goals by Marc Overmars and Nicolas Anelka to complete their second league title/FA Cup double. They joined Manchester United as only the second English team to achieve this, although Arsenal did so with an entirely different set of players (their first double was in 1971, whereas United's doubles were in 1994 and 1996).

Arsenal2 – 0Newcastle United
Overmars Goal 23'
Anelka Goal 69'
Newcastle United

Media coverage

In the United Kingdom, ITV were the free to air broadcasters taking over from the BBC while Sky Sports were the subscription broadcasters for the tenth consecutive season.

The matches shown live on ITV Sport were: Everton 0–1 Newcastle United (R3); Manchester City 1–2 West Ham United (R4); Arsenal 0–0 Crystal Palace (R5); Arsenal 1–1 West Ham United (QF); Wolverhampton Wanderers 0–1 Arsenal (SF); and Arsenal 2–0 Newcastle United (Final)

External links

1997–98 Birmingham City F.C. season

The 1997–98 season was Birmingham City Football Club's 95th in the Football League. They finished in seventh position in the 24-team Division One, the second tier of the English football league system, missing out on the playoff places on goals scored. Needing to win their last game, at home to Charlton Athletic, and hope that Sheffield United failed to win theirs, Birmingham "were repeatedly foiled in this emotionally-charged game by a brilliant display from Charlton's goalkeeper" Saša Ilić; the game finished goalless. They entered the 1997–98 FA Cup at the third round, losing to Leeds United in the fifth, and entered the League Cup in the first round and lost to Arsenal in the third.

In August 1997, co-owner David Gold took up the post of chairman after Jack Wiseman's retirement.

1997–98 FA Cup qualifying rounds

The 1997–98 FA Cup Qualifying Rounds opened the 117th season of competition in England for 'The Football Association Challenge Cup' (FA Cup), the world's oldest association football single knockout competition. A total of 563 clubs were accepted for the competition, down 11 from the previous season’s 574.

The large number of clubs entering the tournament from lower down (Levels 5 through 8) in the English football pyramid meant that the competition started with five rounds of preliminary (1) and qualifying (4) knockouts for these non-League teams. The 28 winning teams from Fourth Round Qualifying progressed to the First Round Proper, where League teams tiered at Levels 3 and 4 entered the competition.

1997–98 York City F.C. season

The 1997–98 season was the 76th season of competitive association football and 69th season in the Football League played by York City Football Club, a professional football club based in York, North Yorkshire, England. They finished in 16th position in the 24-team 1997–98 Football League Second Division. They were eliminated from the 1997–98 FA Cup in the second round by Wigan Athletic, from the 1997–98 League Cup in the second round by Oxford United, and from the 1997–98 Football League Trophy in the Northern section second round by Blackpool.

28 players made at least one appearance in nationally organised first-team competition, and there were 16 different goalscorers. Midfielder Mark Tinkler missed only two of the 53 competitive matches played over the season. Striker Rodney Rowe finished as leading goalscorer with 16 goals, of which 11 came in league competition, three came in the FA Cup, one came in the League Cup and one came in the Football League Trophy.

1998 FA Cup Final

The 1998 FA Cup Final was a football match between Arsenal and Newcastle United on 16 May 1998 at the old Wembley Stadium, London. It was the final match of the 1997–98 FA Cup, the 117th season of the world's oldest football knockout competition, the FA Cup. Six-time winners Arsenal were appearing in their thirteenth final, whereas Newcastle United, having also won the competition six times, appeared in their eleventh final. It was the third time both teams faced each other in a FA Cup final; Newcastle won the previous two encounters in 1932 and 1952.

Each team had progressed through five rounds to reach the final. Arsenal's victories were close affairs and the team required three replays, two of which ended in penalty shootouts. Newcastle's progress was more comfortable by comparison and needed only one replay in the fourth round, against Stevenage Borough. Arsenal entered the match as favourites; a fortnight prior the club won the Premier League and aimed to complete the club's second league and cup double.

Watched by a stadium crowd of 79,183 and a British television audience of more than seven million, Arsenal took a first half lead through Marc Overmars. Newcastle's performance improved in the second half, and striker Alan Shearer almost equalised when his shot hit the inside of David Seaman's post. Moments later the league champions extended their lead when Nicolas Anelka was put through to score. Arsenal's victory was heralded by the English press, and the club capped off its memorable season with an open-top bus parade. It was Arsène Wenger's first FA Cup triumph as a coach; he went on to win six more finals in a 22-year spell at the club to become the competition's most successful manager.

Alan Kelly Jr.

Alan Kelly Jr. (born 11 August 1968) is a former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper for Preston North End, Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers, along with short loan spells at Stockport County and Birmingham City. Born in Preston, Kelly represented the Republic of Ireland internationally, winning 34 caps for his country. Both his father, Alan Kelly, Sr., who also represented Ireland, and older brother, Gary Kelly, played as goalkeepers.

Alex Manninger

Alexander Manninger (born 4 June 1977) is a Austrian former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He played internationally for the Austria national team on 33 occasions, including at UEFA Euro 2008, and has represented football clubs in Italy, Germany, Austria and England.

Annfield Plain F.C.

Annfield Plain Football Club is an amateur association football club based in Annfield Plain, near Stanley, County Durham, England. The club are currently members of the Wearside League and play at Derwent Park. They are the highest ranked club in the Stanley area, and second only to Consett A.F.C. in Derwentside.

Christopher Wreh

Christopher Wreh (born 14 May 1975) is a retired Liberian international footballer who played as a striker. He was a member of the Arsenal side which won the Premier League and FA Cup double during the 1997–98 season.

At international level, he won 36 caps for Liberia, scoring 11 goals, and was in their squad for the 1996 Africa Cup of Nations.

David Holdsworth

David Gary Holdsworth (born 8 November 1968) is an English former professional footballer turned manager.

As a player, he was a defender who played between 1986 and 2005 for Watford, Sheffield United, Birmingham City, Walsall, Bolton Wanderers and Gretna. In 2008, he moved into management and has since been in charge of Ilkeston Town, Mansfield Town, Lincoln City and Goole.

Emmanuel Petit

Emmanuel Laurent Petit (French pronunciation: ​[ɛmanɥɛl pəti]; born 22 September 1970) is a French former footballer who played at club level for Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea as a midfielder. He represented France at international level in two FIFA World Cups and two UEFA European Championships; he scored the third goal in France's 3–0 victory in the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final and was also a member of the French squad that won UEFA Euro 2000.

Gainsborough Trinity F.C.

Gainsborough Trinity Football Club is a football club based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. Established in 1873, the club became members of the Football League in 1893 and remained members of the Second Division until 1912, making Gainsborough one of the smallest towns in England to have had a Football League team. They are currently members of the Northern Premier League Premier Division, the seventh tier of English football, and play at the Northolme.

Leon Osman

Leon Osman (born 17 May 1981) is an English former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. He spent most of his career at Everton, making 433 appearances and scoring 57 goals. Earlier in his career he spent time on loan at Football League clubs Carlisle United and Derby County. Osman earned two international caps for the England national team, making his debut at the age of 31.

List of Watford F.C. records and statistics

Watford Football Club is an English association football club from Watford, Hertfordshire. The club was formed in 1898 from the amalgamation of West Herts and Watford St. Mary's. As of the 2018–19 season, it competes in the Premier League, the top-flight of English football.

Nigel Winterburn

Nigel Winterburn (born 11 December 1963) is an English former professional footballer and current pundit for BT Sport, who played primarily as a left back from 1981 to 2003. He is best known for his role alongside the likes of Tony Adams, Steve Bould, Martin Keown and Lee Dixon, forming a celebrated defensive line for Arsenal in the Premier League and European football during the 1990s.

He also played in the Premier League for West Ham United and in the Football League for Wimbledon. He also earned two caps for England between 1989 and 1993.

Park Sung-hwa

Park Sung-hwa (Hangul: 박성화; born 7 May 1955) is a South Korea football manager and a retired football player. He currently manages Gyeongnam FC of K League Challenge.

Paul Ellender

Paul Ellender (born 21 October 1974) is an English former professional footballer who played as a defender from 1993 to 2011.

He played in the Football League for Boston United and Chester City, and having started his career at Scunthorpe United he also went on to play at Non-league level for Gainsborough Trinity, Altrincham, Scarborough, Alfreton Town, Retford United and North Ferriby United.

Simon Grayson

Simon Nicholas Grayson (born 16 December 1969) is an English football manager and former player.

As a player, he was a right back, but he was also utilised in midfield in a career that lasted from 1988 until 2006. Having started his career with Leeds United he played in the Premier League for Leicester City, Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers, before moving into the Football League with Sheffield Wednesday, Stockport County, Notts County, Bradford City and Blackpool. He was appointed as player/manager of Blackpool in 2005, and a year later retired from playing to concentrate on the managerial side of his job.

In 2008, he was appointed manager of Leeds United, but despite leading them to promotion to the Championship he was dismissed in February 2012. He was soon back in management, taking over from Lee Clark at Huddersfield Town. He again gained promotion from League One via the play-offs, beating Sheffield United in the final. But after a run of twelve games without a win he was dismissed at the end of January 2013.

In February 2013, Grayson became the new manager of Preston North End, taking over from Graham Westley who had been relieved of his duties the previous week. In 2017, Grayson had a brief unsuccessful spell managing Sunderland, before becoming the manager of Bradford City in February 2018. He left Bradford City in May 2018, at the end of his contract.

Steve Bould

Stephen Andrew Bould (born 16 November 1962) is an English former professional footballer and assistant head coach of Premier League side Arsenal.

As a player, he was a defender from 1980 until 2000. Bould began his football career with his hometown club Stoke City where he gained a reputation as an impressive young defender. After spending seven seasons with the Potters, and becoming one of English football's most coveted centre backs, he moved to Arsenal in 1988. At Highbury he formed a formidable back line with Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn and his former Stoke teammate Lee Dixon and ended up with nine major honours to his name. He left the Gunners in 1999 and ended his playing career with Sunderland.Since his playing career has ended Bould has worked at the successful Arsenal Academy as Head Youth Team Coach at Arsenal. He was promoted to Assistant Manager at the start of the 2012–13 season replacing the long serving Pat Rice.

Tony Hibbert

Anthony James Hibbert (born 20 February 1981) is an English retired footballer. Originally a midfielder, Hibbert converted to play at right back. He spent his entire career with Everton, having joined the club in 1991. He made his senior début for Everton in 2001, and went on to make over 300 appearances for the club in all competitions. Hibbert's one-club man status, coupled with his down to earth demeanour, earned him the status of cult figure among Everton fans.

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