1994 U.S. Open Cup

The 1994 U.S. Open Cup was the 81st edition of the soccer tournament to crown the national champion of the United States. This was the last tournament before the reintroduction of professional teams with A-League teams taking part in 1995 and MLS teams in 1996.

The Greek-American A.C. of San Francisco returned to claim a second national Open Cup championship (their first being in 1985), by defeating Milwaukee's Bavarian Leinenkugel 3-0 at UGH Field in Oakford, Pennsylvania.

On the way to the final, the San Francisco side ousted the San Jose Oaks 3-2 and Flamenco United 5-2 before narrowly overcoming L.A.'s Exiles 1-0. The Greeks then rolled to a 3-0 victory over the Philadelphia Flames in the semifinal. Lothar Osiander proved to be a lucky talisman for the team again as he faced former U.S. national team coach Bob Gansler's Milwaukee team in the final. Greek-American won the match behind two goals from Mike Deleray and one from Derek van Rheenen. The victory marked the third consecutive title for a Northern California team in the Open Cup.

1994 U.S. Open Cup
CountryUnited States
ChampionsGreek-American A.C.
(2nd title)
Runners-upBavarian Leinenkugel


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
CA Greek-American A.C. 1
CA Exiles SC 0
CA Greek-American A.C. 3
PA Philadelphia Flames 0
PA Philadelphia Flames 3
NY Hermes SC 0
CA Greek-American A.C. 3
WI Bavarian Leinenkugel 0
WI Bavarian Leinenkugel 2
IL A.A.C. Eagles 1
WI Bavarian Leinenkugel w/o
FL McCormick Kickers
FL McCormick Kickers 2
TX Dallas Rockets 0


Greek-American A.C.3-0Bavarian Leinenkugel
56' Derek Van Rheenen
61' Mike Deleray (Tim Martin)
81' Mike Deleray (Tim Martin)

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  • Lewis, Michael (October–November 1994), "An Open And Shut Case", Soccer Magazine
Dan Stebbins

Dan Stebbins is a retired U.S. soccer forward who played three seasons in Major League Soccer and was the 1996 USISL league leading scorer and MVP.

Godwin Odiye

Godwin Odiye (born 1956) is a former Nigeria international football defender.

Mark Semioli

Mark Semioli (born March 20, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York) is a retired American soccer defender who played six seasons in Major Soccer League, four in American Professional Soccer League and three in USISL. He won the 1994 U.S. Open Cup with the San Francisco Greek-Americans.

Milwaukee Bavarian SC

Milwaukee Bavarian SC is an American soccer team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Bavarian Majors of the Bavarian Soccer Club compete in the United Premier Soccer League. The team plays its home games in the athletic stadium at the Heartland Value Fund Stadium. The team's colors are blue and white. Bavarian Soccer Club has won four USASA National Amateur Cup titles as well as two National Open Cup championships and is a frequent qualifier for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Tim Martin (soccer)

Tim Martin (born April 12, 1967 in San Jose, California) is a former American soccer defender. Over his twelve-year professional career, he played with numerous teams in six leagues, winning the 1994 U.S. Open Cup with the San Francisco Greek-Americans and the 1991 American Professional Soccer League title with the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks. He also earned two caps with the U.S. national team. Since retiring from playing in 2000, he has become a college and youth soccer coach.

Tom Alioto

Tom Alioto (born May 20, 1958 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is a retired American soccer defender who played in the North American Soccer League, Major Indoor Soccer League and American Indoor Soccer Association.


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