1984 in professional wrestling

1984 in professional wrestling describes the year's events in the world of professional wrestling.

List of years in professional wrestling

Calendar of notable live events

Promotion(s) Event Date Venue Location Attendance
UWA UWA 9th Anniversary Show January 29 El Toreo De Naucalpan Naucalpan, Mexico 25,000
EMLL 28. Aniversario de Arena México April 8 Arena México Mexico City, Mexico
WCCW 1st Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions May 6 Texas Stadium Irving, Texas 50,123
WWF The Brawl to End It All July 23 Madison Square Garden New York, New York 23,416[1]
WWC WWC 11th Aniversario September 14 Hiram Bithorn Stadium San Juan, Puerto Rico 34,383
EMLL EMLL 51st Anniversary Show September 21 Arena México Mexico City, Mexico 18,000[2]
WCCW 1st Cotton Bowl Extravaganza October 27 Cotton Bowl Dallas, Texas 12,000[3][4]
JCP Starrcade (1984) November 22 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, North Carolina 16,000

Accomplishments and tournaments


Accomplishment Winner Date won Notes
NWA United States Championship Tournament Wahoo McDaniel October 7

Notable incidents

Awards and honors

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Category Winner
PWI Wrestler of the Year Ric Flair
PWI Tag Team of the Year The Road Warriors
(Hawk and Animal)
PWI Match of the Year Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich (David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions)
PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year Kerry Von Erich
PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year Roddy Piper
PWI Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Billy Jack Haynes
PWI Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year Sgt. Slaughter
PWI Rookie of the Year Mike Von Erich
PWI Manager of the Year Paul Ellering
PWI Editor's Award David Von Erich

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Category Winner
Wrestler of the Year Ric Flair
Feud of the Year The Freebirds vs. The Von Erichs
Tag Team of the Year The Road Warriors
(Hawk and Animal)
Most Improved The Cobra
Best on Interviews Jimmy Hart



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Black Saturday (professional wrestling)

In professional wrestling, the term Black Saturday refers to Saturday, July 14, 1984, the day when Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation (WWF) took over the time slot on Superstation WTBS that had been home to Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) and its flagship weekly program, World Championship Wrestling, for 12 years. McMahon's purchase led to a longstanding rivalry between himself and WTBS owner Ted Turner, who later bought GCW's successor Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) and formed his own company under the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) name.

EMLL 51st Anniversary Show

The EMLL 51st Anniversary Show was a professional wrestling major show event produced by Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL) that took place on September 21, 1984 in Arena México, Mexico City, Mexico. The event commemorated the 51st anniversary of CMLL, which would become the oldest professional wrestling promotion in the world. The Anniversary show is EMLL's biggest show of the year, their Super Bowl event. The main event of the show and one of only two documented matches, was a Lucha de Apuestas ("Bet Match") contested under best two-out-of-three falls rules between Atlantis and Talisman where the loser would be forced to unmask after the match in front of everyone in the arena.

Parade of Champions

The WCCW Parade of Champions was a series of professional wrestling supercards promoted by Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling first in 1961, in 1972 and then annually from 1984 through 1988. Von Erich used the "Parade of Champions" name in 1984 as a way to honor his recently deceased son, David and the subsequent Parade of Champions were all "Von Erich Memorial" Parades of Champions. At the inaugural Von Erich Memorial event, in front of the largest crowd ever to watch a pro wrestling event in the United States up to that point, Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, only to lose it back to Flair 18 days later in Yokohama, Japan. Over the next few years, Von Erich altered the names as tragedy repeatedly struck his family. The Parade of Champions was the most recognized event that World Class Championship Wrestling, later known as World Class Wrestling Association, promoted. There was a Parade of Champions super card held by Southern Sports (precursor to WCCW) in 1961 and another held by Big Time Wrestling (the previous name of WCCW) in 1972. All Parade of Champions supercards were held at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. A wrestling organization out of Texas called NWA Southwest ran an event in late August, 2010, called Parade of Champions, which it claimed was the "Longest Running Wrestling Event In Texas History Dating Back To 1972," but there was no actual connection between the WCCW show event other than the name.

Starrcade (1984)

Starrcade (1984) was a major professional wrestling closed-circuit television event that was produced by Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) under the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) banner. It took place on November 22, 1984 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. The main event of the show was billed as "the Million Dollar Challenge" as the storyline was that the winner of the match would not only win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship but also win a $1,000,000 purse, part of the illusion that professional wrestling was a legitimate sporting competition. The main event saw champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair defend the championship against long time rival "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, with boxer Joe Frazier acting as the special guest referee for the match. The show also saw the championship matches for the NWA United States Championship, NWA World Television Championship, NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship, NWA Brass Knuckles Championship and NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

In 2014, the WWE Network included the previous Starrcades (1983–1986), which had been transmitted via closed-circuit television, alongside the rest of the Starrcades in the pay-per-view section.

The Brawl to End It All

The Brawl to End It All was a professional wrestling event produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and broadcast live on MTV. It took place at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York on July 23, 1984. The show was a major event in the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection in the mid-1980s WWF. The main event featured The Fabulous Moolah defending the WWF Women's Championship against Wendi Richter. Richter pinned Moolah to win the Women's Championship. It was the only match of the event that was shown on national television. The entire event was recorded and shown on the Madison Square Garden Network however.

WCCW Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

The WCCW Cotton Bowl Extravaganza was an annual professional wrestling supercard promoted by Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling / World Class Wrestling Association. It was held in October every year from 1984 through 1988. All Cotton Bowl Extravaganza events were held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas

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