1977–78 FA Cup

The 1977–78 FA Cup was the 97th season of the world's oldest knockout football competition, The Football Association Challenge Cup, or FA Cup. The final saw Ipswich Town beat Arsenal 1–0, with a single goal from Roger Osborne.

1977–78 FA Cup
Country England
Defending championsManchester United
ChampionsIpswich Town
(1st title)

First round proper

The first round of games were played on 26 November 1977. Replays were played mainly on 28–30 November, with three on 5 and 7 December.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Enfield 3–0 Wimbledon 26 November 1977
2 Chester 4–1 Darlington 26 November 1977
3 Chesterfield 1–0 Halifax Town 26 November 1977
4 Barnet 1–2 Peterborough United 26 November 1977
5 Bath City 0–0 Plymouth Argyle 26 November 1977
Replay Plymouth Argyle 2–0 Bath City 29 November 1977
6 Preston North End 3–2 Lincoln City 26 November 1977
7 Watford 2–0 Hendon 26 November 1977
8 Reading 3–1 Aldershot 26 November 1977
9 Walsall 1–0 Dagenham 26 November 1977
10 Gillingham 1–1 Weymouth 26 November 1977
Replay Weymouth 0–1 Gillingham 30 November 1977
11 Boreham Wood 0–0 Swindon Town 26 November 1977
Replay Swindon Town 2–0 Boreham Wood 29 November 1977
12 Sheffield Wednesday 1–0 Bury 26 November 1977
13 Scarborough 4–2 Rochdale 26 November 1977
14 Doncaster Rovers 0–1 Shrewsbury Town 26 November 1977
15 Wrexham 2–0 Burton Albion 26 November 1977
16 Tranmere Rovers 1–1 Hartlepool United 26 November 1977
Replay Hartlepool United 3–1 Tranmere Rovers 29 November 1977
17 Stockport County 3–0 Scunthorpe United 26 November 1977
18 Barnsley 1–0 Huddersfield Town 26 November 1977
19 Brentford 2–0 Folkestone & Shepway 26 November 1977
20 Lowestoft Town 0–2 Cambridge United 26 November 1977
21 Portsmouth 3–1 Bideford 26 November 1977
22 Bradford City 0–1 Crewe Alexandra 26 November 1977
23 Carlisle United 2–0 Stafford Rangers 26 November 1977
24 Spennymoor United 3–1 Goole Town 26 November 1977
25 Blyth Spartans 1–0 Burscough 26 November 1977
26 Minehead 2–0 Wycombe Wanderers 26 November 1977
27 Newport County 1–1 Exeter City 26 November 1977
Replay Exeter City 4–2 Newport County 30 November 1977
28 Wealdstone 0–0 Hereford United 26 November 1977
Replay Hereford United 2–3 Wealdstone 30 November 1977
29 Southport 2–2 Runcorn 26 November 1977
Replay Runcorn 1–0 Southport 28 November 1977
30 Torquay United 1–2 Southend United 26 November 1977
31 Workington 0–2 Grimsby Town 26 November 1977
32 Rotherham United 3–0 Mossley 26 November 1977
33 Tilbury 0–1 Kettering Town 26 November 1977
Replay Tilbury 2–2 Kettering Town 5 December 1977
Replay Kettering Town 2–3 Tilbury 7 December 1977
34 Tooting & Mitcham United 1–2 Northampton Town 26 November 1977
35 Wigan Athletic 1–0 York City 26 November 1977
36 Colchester United 1–1 Bournemouth 26 November 1977
Replay Bournemouth 0–0 Colchester United 29 November 1977
Replay Bournemouth 1–4 Colchester United 5 December 1977
37 Nuneaton Borough 2–0 Oxford United 26 November 1977
38 Leatherhead 0–0 Swansea City 26 November 1977
Replay Swansea City 2–1 Leatherhead 29 November 1977
39 Arnold 0–0 Port Vale 26 November 1977
Replay Port Vale 5–2 Arnold 28 November 1977
40 AP Leamington 6–1 Enderby Town 26 November 1977

Second Round Proper

The second round of games were played on 17 December 1977. Replays took place on 19th–21st.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Preston North End 0–2 Wrexham 17 December 1977
2 Watford 2–0 Colchester United 17 December 1977
3 Walsall 1–1 Port Vale 17 December 1977
Replay Port Vale 1–3 Walsall 19 December 1977
4 Gillingham 1–1 Peterborough United 17 December 1977
Replay Peterborough United 2–0 Gillingham 20 December 1977
5 Grimsby Town 2–0 Barnsley 17 December 1977
6 Crewe Alexandra 0–0 Scarborough 17 December 1977
Replay Scarborough 2–0 Crewe Alexandra 21 December 1977
7 Swindon Town 2–1 Brentford 17 December 1977
8 Shrewsbury Town 1–1 Stockport County 17 December 1977
Replay Stockport County 1–2 Shrewsbury Town 19 December 1977
9 Northampton Town 0–2 Enfield 17 December 1977
10 Portsmouth 2–2 Swansea City 17 December 1977
Replay Swansea City 2–1 Portsmouth 20 December 1977
11 Plymouth Argyle 1–0 Cambridge United 17 December 1977
12 Carlisle United 3–1 Chester 17 December 1977
13 Blyth Spartans 1–0 Chesterfield 17 December 1977
14 Minehead 0–3 Exeter City 17 December 1977
15 Wealdstone 2–1 Reading 17 December 1977
16 Rotherham United 6–0 Spennymoor United 17 December 1977
17 Wigan Athletic 1–0 Sheffield Wednesday 17 December 1977
18 Nuneaton Borough 1–2 Tilbury 17 December 1977
19 AP Leamington 0–0 Southend United 17 December 1977
Replay Southend United 4–0 AP Leamington 19 December 1977
20 Hartlepool United 4–2 Runcorn 17 December 1977

Third round proper

The third round of games in the FA Cup were played on 6–7 January 1978. Replays were mainly played over 9–11 January but some occurred on 16th instead.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Bristol City 4–4 Wrexham 7 January 1978
Replay Wrexham 3–0 Bristol City 9 January 1978
2 Burnley 1–0 Fulham 7 January 1978
3 Walsall 4–1 Swansea City 7 January 1978
4 Nottingham Forest 4–1 Swindon Town 7 January 1978
5 Blackburn Rovers 2–1 Shrewsbury Town 7 January 1978
6 Grimsby Town 0–0 Southampton 7 January 1978
Replay Southampton 0–0 Grimsby Town 10 January 1978
Replay Grimsby Town 1–4 Southampton 16 January 1978
7 Middlesbrough 3–0 Coventry City 7 January 1978
8 West Bromwich Albion 4–1 Blackpool 7 January 1978
9 Sunderland 0–1 Bristol Rovers 7 January 1978
10 Derby County 3–2 Southend United 7 January 1978
11 Luton Town 1–1 Oldham Athletic 7 January 1978
Replay Oldham Athletic 1–2 Luton Town 10 January 1978
12 Everton 4–1 Aston Villa 7 January 1978
13 Sheffield United 0–5 Arsenal 7 January 1978
14 Tottenham Hotspur 2–2 Bolton Wanderers 7 January 1978
Replay Bolton Wanderers 2–1 Tottenham Hotspur 10 January 1978
15 Queens Park Rangers 4–0 Wealdstone 7 January 1978
16 West Ham United 1–0 Watford 7 January 1978
17 Brighton & Hove Albion 3–0 Scarborough 7 January 1978
18 Hull City 0–1 Leicester City 7 January 1978
19 Carlisle United 1–1 Manchester United 7 January 1978
Replay Manchester United 4–2 Carlisle United 11 January 1978
20 Chelsea 4–2 Liverpool 7 January 1978
21 Exeter City 2–2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 7 January 1978
Replay Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–1 Exeter City 10 January 1978
22 Blyth Spartans 1–0 Enfield 7 January 1978
23 Mansfield Town 1–0 Plymouth Argyle 7 January 1978
24 Cardiff City 0–2 Ipswich Town 7 January 1978
25 Charlton Athletic 0–2 Notts County 6 January 1978
26 Leeds United 1–2 Manchester City 7 January 1978
27 Stoke City 4–0 Tilbury 7 January 1978
28 Rotherham United 1–1 Millwall 7 January 1978
Replay Millwall 2–0 Rotherham United 10 January 1978
29 Peterborough United 1–1 Newcastle United 7 January 1978
Replay Newcastle United 2–0 Peterborough United 11 January 1978
30 Birmingham City 4–0 Wigan Athletic 7 January 1978
31 Orient 1–1 Norwich City 6 January 1978
Replay Norwich City 0–1 Orient 16 January 1978
32 Hartlepool United 2–1 Crystal Palace 7 January 1978

Fourth Round Proper

The fourth round of games were intended to be played on 28 January 1978, but by this time only nine matches had been played, of which three went to replays. The other matches and replays were completed either midweek on 31 January – 1 February, or on 6 February. Replays were played at various times after the initial games.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Walsall 1–0 Leicester City 28 January 1978
2 Nottingham Forest 2–1 Manchester City 31 January 1978
3 Bolton Wanderers 1–0 Mansfield Town 6 February 1978
4 Middlesbrough 3–2 Everton 28 January 1978
5 Derby County 2–1 Birmingham City 1 February 1978
6 Ipswich Town 4–1 Hartlepool United 28 January 1978
7 Newcastle United 2–2 Wrexham 28 January 1978
Replay Wrexham 4–1 Newcastle United 6 February 1978
8 Bristol Rovers 2–0 Southampton 28 January 1978
9 West Ham United 1–1 Queens Park Rangers 28 January 1978
Replay Queens Park Rangers 6–1 West Ham United 31 January 1978
10 Brighton & Hove Albion 1–2 Notts County 31 January 1978
11 Manchester United 1–1 West Bromwich Albion 28 January 1978
Replay West Bromwich Albion 3–2 Manchester United 1 February 1978
12 Millwall 4–0 Luton Town 31 January 1978
13 Chelsea 6–2 Burnley 31 January 1978
14 Arsenal 2–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 28 January 1978
15 Stoke City 2–3 Blyth Spartans 6 February 1978
16 Orient 3–1 Blackburn Rovers 28 January 1978

Fifth Round Proper

The fifth set of games mainly took place on 18 February 1978, with two of the games played on 22nd and 27th. Four games went to replays which were played on 27–28 February. A second replay was then played on 2 March.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Middlesbrough 2–0 Bolton Wanderers 27 February 1978
2 Derby County 2–3 West Bromwich Albion 22 February 1978
3 Wrexham 1–1 Blyth Spartans 18 February 1978
Replay Blyth Spartans 1–2 Wrexham 27 February 1978
4 Queens Park Rangers 1–1 Nottingham Forest 18 February 1978
Replay Nottingham Forest 1–1 Queens Park Rangers 27 February 1978
Replay Nottingham Forest 3–1 Queens Park Rangers 2 March 1978
5 Bristol Rovers 2–2 Ipswich Town 18 February 1978
Replay Ipswich Town 3–0 Bristol Rovers 28 February 1978
6 Millwall 2–1 Notts County 18 February 1978
7 Arsenal 4–1 Walsall 18 February 1978
8 Orient 0–0 Chelsea 18 February 1978
Replay Chelsea 1–2 Orient 27 February 1978

Sixth Round Proper

The sixth round of FA Cup games were played on 11 March 1978. There was one replay on 14th.

Tie no Home team Score Away team Date
1 Middlesbrough 0–0 Orient 11 March 1978
Replay Orient 2–1 Middlesbrough 14 March 1978
2 West Bromwich Albion 2–0 Nottingham Forest 11 March 1978
3 Wrexham 2–3 Arsenal 11 March 1978
4 Millwall 1–6 Ipswich Town 11 March 1978


Ipswich Town3–1West Bromwich Albion
Talbot Goal 8'
Mills Goal 20'
Wark Goal 90'
Report Brown Goal 80'
Macdonald Goal 16' Goal 20'
Rix Goal 65'


Arsenal0–1Ipswich Town
Osborne Goal 77'

TV Coverage

The right to show FA Cup games were, as with Football League matches, shared between the BBC and ITV network. All games were shown in a highlights format, except the Final, which was shown live both on BBC1 & ITV. The BBC football highlights programme Match Of The Day would show up to three games and the various ITV regional network stations would cover up to one game and show highlights from other games covered elsewhere on the ITV network. No games from Rounds 1 or 2 were shown. Highlights of replays would be shown on either the BBC or ITV. BBC were only able to cover two planned Round Three FA Cup round ties due to a technical error for West Ham United v Watford . Third Round BBC Carlisle United v Manchester United, Leeds United v Manchester City, Manchester United v Carlisle United (Midweek replay) ITV Chelsea v Liverpool (LWT), Sheffield United v Arsenal (Yorkshire), Everton v Aston Villa (Granada & ATV), Middlesbrough v Coventry City (Tyne-Tees), Peterborough United v Newcastle United (Anglia) Fourth Round BBC Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United v Wrexham, Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers ITV Middlesbrough v Everton (Tyne-Tees & Granada), West Ham United v Queens Park Rangers (LWT), Walsall v Leicester City (ATV), Bristol Rovers v Southampton (HTV & Southern), Nottingham Forest v Manchester City (Midweek All Regions) Fifth Round BBC Wrexham v Blyth Spartans, Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest, Arsenal v Walsall ITV Bristol Rovers v Ipswich Town (HTV & Anglia), Orient v Chelsea (LWT) All regions showed these two games Sixth Round BBC West Bromwich Albion v Nottingham Forest, Millwall v Ipswich Town ITV Wrexham v Arsenal (HTV, Granada & LWT), Middlesbrough v Orient (Tyne-Tees & Yorkshire) All regions showed these two games Semi-Finals BBC Ipswich Town v West Bromwich Albion ITV Arsenal v Orient (All regions) Final Arsenal v Ipswich Town Shown Live on BBC & ITV


1977–78 Birmingham City F.C. season

The 1977–78 Football League season was Birmingham City Football Club's 75th in the Football League and their 44th in the First Division. They finished in 11th position in the 22-team division. They entered the 1977–78 FA Cup at the third round proper and lost to Derby County in the fourth, and lost to Notts County in their opening second-round match in the League Cup. They entered the Anglo-Scottish Cup but failed to progress past the group stage.

Twenty-two players made at least one appearance in nationally organised first-team competition, and there were ten different goalscorers. Forward pairing Keith Bertschin and Trevor Francis played in all 48 first-team matches of the season – midfielder Terry Hibbitt missed only one – and Francis was the club's top scorer with 29 goals, of which 25 were scored in the league. Both Francis and Hibbitt had been ever-present in the previous season.

After defeats in the first four league matches of the season, Willie Bell was sacked in September and succeeded by former England national manager Sir Alf Ramsey, a member of the club's board of directors. Ramsey lasted only six months, leaving the club ostensibly for health reasons, but his biography suggests he was "locked in an increasingly bitter three-way dispute with his star player, Trevor Francis, and the board". After initially accepting a transfer request from Francis, the board changed their minds, reluctant to "incur the wrath of already disgruntled fans", so Ramsey handed in his notice. The Times reported that "Sir Alf said he told the board [in February] that he intended to quit and sever his links with the club. ... He said at a board meeting on February 20 he recommended both Francis and the defender, Joe Gallagher, should be transfer listed. The board agreed but three days later changed their minds about Francis. Sir Alf said he then decided to opt out because of the board's policy." Blackburn Rovers manager Jim Smith took over, having decided, according to the Rovers' website, that "Birmingham City offered better career prospects".

1977–78 FA Cup qualifying rounds

The FA Cup 1977–78 is the 97th season of the world's oldest football knockout competition; The Football Association Challenge Cup, or FA Cup for short. The large number of clubs entering the tournament from lower down the English football league system meant that the competition started with a number of preliminary and qualifying rounds. The 30 victorious teams from the Fourth Round Qualifying progressed to the First Round Proper.

1978 FA Charity Shield

The 1978 FA Charity Shield was the 56th FA Charity Shield, an annual football match played between the winners of the previous season's Football League and FA Cup competitions. The match took place on 12 August 1978 at Wembley Stadium and played between 1977–78 Football League champions Nottingham Forest and FA Cup winners Ipswich Town. It ended in a 5–0 victory for Nottingham Forest.

1978 FA Cup Final

The 1978 FA Cup Final took place on 6 May 1978 at Wembley Stadium. It was contested between Arsenal and Ipswich Town. While Ipswich were considered underdogs, having been beaten 6–1 by Aston Villa in the league the previous Saturday and facing Arsenal's England striker Malcolm Macdonald, Ipswich won the match 1–0.

Ipswich dominated the game, hitting the woodwork three times (including twice from John Wark) before Clive Woods and David Geddis combined to produce a chance for Roger Osborne, who scored with a left-foot shot. Osborne promptly fainted at the emotion of the moment and was brought round by smelling salts before being substituted.It remains Ipswich Town's only FA Cup triumph to date and they have not appeared in the final since, although they did appear in the semi-final three years later. Their only major trophy since then was the UEFA Cup in 1981.

Alan Brazil

Alan Bernard Brazil (born 15 June 1959) is a Scottish broadcaster and former football player, most notably for Ipswich Town, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and internationally for Scotland. He played as a forward before being forced to retire due to a recurring back injury. He moved into media presentation, initially on television, before moving over to radio where he has for many years now been a presenter on Talksport.

Billy McGinley

William David "Billy" McGinley (born 12 November 1954 in Dumfries) is a former professional footballer, who played for Leeds United, Huddersfield Town, Bradford City and Crewe Alexandra.

Blyth Spartans A.F.C.

Blyth Spartans Association Football Club is a football club based in Blyth, Northumberland. They are currently members of the National League North, the sixth tier of English football, and play at Croft Park.

They were founded in September 1899 by Fred Stoker, who was the club's first secretary before forming a practice as a distinguished physician in London's Harley Street. He thought it appropriate to name the team after the Greek Spartan army in the hope that the players would give their all as they went into 'battle' on the field of play. The club is most notable for its 1977–78 FA Cup campaign, in which they went all the way to the 5th round only to be beaten by Wrexham in a replay at St James' Park.

Colin Viljoen

Colin Viljoen (born 20 June 1948) is a former England international footballer of South African background who played in midfield for English teams Ipswich Town, Manchester City and Chelsea. He won two caps for England under manager Don Revie.

Dave Clarke (English footballer)

David Leslie Clarke (born 24 July 1949) is an English former footballer who made 15 appearances in the Football League playing for Doncaster Rovers and Darlington. A goalkeeper, Clark began his career with Newcastle United without representing them in the league, and went on to play non-league football for clubs including South Shields, Gateshead United and Blyth Spartans.

Clarke spent more than ten years with Spartans, kept goal in their run to the fifth round of the 1977–78 FA Cup, and was capped 16 times for England at semi-professional level. He also briefly managed the club.

Derek Clarke

Derek Clarke (born 19 February 1950) is an English former professional footballer who played in the Football League as a forward for Walsall, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Oxford United, where he spent the majority of his career, Orient and Carlisle United. He is the third of five footballing brothers, the others being Frank, Allan, Kelvin and Wayne, who all played League football.Clarke was born in Willenhall, and began his professional career at nearby Walsall. He joined Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1968, but made just five appearances in two full seasons for the First Division club before moving to Oxford United in October 1970. He spent six years at Oxford, making 178 Second Division appearances, then left the Manor Ground when the club was relegated in 1976. He then joined Orient, where he spent two seasons, which included an appearance in the semi-final of the 1977–78 FA Cup and a loan spell at Carlisle United, before injury forced his retirement.

Eric Gates

Eric Lazenby Gates is an English former football player born on 28 June 1955 in Ferryhill, County Durham. He was a striker. Gates' brother Bill was also a professional footballer who played for Middlesbrough F.C. from 1961-1973.

Leamington F.C.

Leamington Football Club is a football club based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England. They are currently members of the National League North, the sixth tier of English football, and play at the New Windmill Ground near Bishop's Tachbrook.

Les Tibbott

Leslie "Les" Tibbott (born 25 August 1955) is a Welsh former footballer who played primarily as a Left back. Born in Oswestry, England, Tibbott came through the Ipswich Town youth team before making his league debut in 1976. Tibbott contributed to Ipswich's victorious 1977-78 FA Cup campaign, making one appearance during the run against Cardiff City in the third round. However he wasn't part of the squad for the final itself. Winning two Wales under-21 caps while at Portman Road, Tibbot eventually signed for Sheffield United for £100,000 in March 1979.Tibbott became a regular in the United side, playing in either defence or midfield, but the club were in decline and suffered two relegations during the period he was with them. With United now in Division Four, Tibbott started the 1980–81 season as first choice in midfield but becoming increasingly injury prone he was sidelined in September 1980 and failed to make another competitive appearance for the club.Tibbot retired from playing in 1981 but made a brief return in 1985 when he became player-manager of Finnish side TP-Seinäjoki. He returned to Suffolk, playing for Stowmarket Town, before becoming assistant manager at Hadleigh United, also running a taxi firm in the town.

Leyton Orient F.C.

Leyton Orient Football Club is a professional football club based in Leyton, London, England, who compete in League Two, the fourth tier of the English football league system. They are the second oldest football club in London, and are known to their fans by their nickname "the O's". The club's home colours are all red and they have played home matches at Brisbane Road since 1937, having previously played at Millfields and Lea Bridge Road.

Founded in 1881 as the Glyn Cricket Club, the club began playing football as Orient in 1888 and joined the London League in 1896 after success in the Clapham & District League. They adopted the name Clapton Orient two years later and were elected into the Football League in 1907. Relegated out of the Second Division in 1929, the club finally settled on the name Leyton Orient after World War II. They won the Third Division South title in 1955–56 and secured promotion out of the Second Division in 1961–62, though were relegated out of the First Division after just one season, and suffered a further relegation in 1966. Orient went on to win the Third Division under the stewardship of Jimmy Bloomfield in 1969–70 and spent the 1970s in the second tier, winning two London Challenge Cups and reaching the 1977 Anglo-Scottish Cup final and 1977–78 FA Cup semi-finals, before being relegated in 1982 and again in 1985.

Orient won promotion out of the Fourth Division via the play-offs in 1988–89, though were relegated again in 1995. Barry Hearn became chairman in 1995 after the club was put on sale for £5 by then-chairman Tony Wood, a period covered by the television documentary Orient: Club for a Fiver, made by production company Open Media for Channel 4. They went on to win promotion out of League Two with Martin Ling in 2005–06, before Hearn sold the club to Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti, who presided over two relegations in three years under 11 managers. Nigel Travis took over running the club in 2017 and appointed Justin Edinburgh as manager, and under this stable leadership the club went on to reach the 2019 FA Trophy final and win promotion back into the Football League as champions of the National League in 2018–19.

List of Nottingham Forest F.C. records and statistics

This article contains statistics and records related to Nottingham Forest F.C..

Malcolm Macdonald

Malcolm Ian Macdonald (born 7 January 1950) is an English former professional footballer, manager and media figure. Nicknamed 'Supermac', Macdonald was a quick, powerfully built prolific goalscorer. He played for Fulham, Luton Town, Newcastle United, Arsenal and the England national football team. Macdonald is Newcastle United's fifth highest goalscorer of all time. He also won England's Golden Boot with Newcastle in 1975 and with Arsenal in 1977.

Russell Osman

Russell Charles Osman (born 14 February 1959) is an English former footballer who played in the Football League for Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Southampton, Bristol City, Brighton & Hove Albion and Cardiff City. He was a centre back. Osman played senior international football for England, for whom he received eleven caps.

Stotfold F.C.

Stotfold Football Club is a football club based at Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England. They play in the Spartan South Midlands League Division One. The club is affiliated to the Bedfordshire County Football Association.

Thrapston Town F.C.

Thrapston Town F.C. is an English football club based in Thrapston, Northamptonshire, and competes in the Northamptonshire Combination Premier Division.

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