1975 African Cup of Champions Clubs

The African Cup of Champions Clubs 1975 was the 11th edition of the annual international club football competition held in the CAF region (Africa), the African Cup of Champions Clubs. It determined that year's club champion of association football in Africa.

The tournament was played by 28 teams and used a knock-out format with ties played home and away. Hafia FC from Guinea won the final, and became CAF club champion for the second time.

1975 African Cup of Champions Clubs
Tournament details
DatesApril - 20 December 1975
Teams28 (from 1 confederation)
Final positions
ChampionsGuinea Hafia FC (2nd title)
Runners-upNigeria Enugu Rangers
Tournament statistics
Matches played47
Goals scored121 (2.57 per match)

First round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
ASDR Fatima Central African Republic 3-2 Sudan Al-Merrikh 3-0 0-21
Bame Monrovia Liberia 1-4 Togo Lomé I 0-1 1-3
Bata Bullets Malawi w/o Lesotho Matlama FC 2
Djoliba AC Mali 3-0 Sierra Leone Mighty Blackpool 2-0 1-0
Embassoria Ethiopia 1-3 Burundi AS Inter Star 1-1 0-2
Express FC Uganda 1-0 Somalia Horseed FC 1-0 0-0
Great Olympics Ghana 1-4 Nigeria Enugu Rangers 0-2 1-2
Green Buffaloes Zambia w/o Madagascar AS Corps Enseignement 3
Hafia FC Guinea w/o The Gambia Real Banjul 4
Olympic Niamey Niger 1-6 Ivory Coast ASEC Mimosas 0-2 1-4
Silures Republic of Upper Volta 5-2 Republic of Dahomey Etoile Sportive Porto-Novo 3-2 2-0
AS Vita Club Zaire 5-1 Gabon Petrosport FC 4-0 1-1

1 The match was abandoned with Al-Merrikh leading 2-0 after ASDR Fatima walked off the pitch to protest the officiating. ASDR Fatima were ejected from the competition.
2 Matlama FC, AS Corps Enseignement and Real Banjul withdrew.

Second round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
ASEC Mimosas Ivory Coast 2-2
(6-5 pen)
Senegal ASFA Dakar 1-1 1-1
Bata Bullets Malawi 2-5 Zambia Green Buffaloes 0-2 2-3
CARA Brazzaville Republic of the Congo 9-4 Republic of Upper Volta Silures 4-0 5-4
Djoliba AC Mali 3-4 Togo Lomé I 1-1 2-3
Enugu Rangers Nigeria 1-1 (a) Tanzania Young Africans 0-0 1-1
Express FC Uganda 1-2 Egypt Ghazl Al-Mehalla 1-1 0-1
AS Inter Star Burundi 2-4 Sudan Al-Merrikh 0-0 2-4
AS Vita Club Zaire 2-3 Guinea Hafia FC 2-0 0-3


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
ASEC Mimosas Ivory Coast 2-3 Togo Lomé I 1-0 1-3
CARA Brazzaville Republic of the Congo 2-2
(3-4 pen)
Guinea Hafia FC 2-0 0-2
Green Buffaloes Zambia 3-4 Nigeria Enugu Rangers 2-2 1-2
Ghazl Al-Mehalla Egypt 2-1 Sudan Al-Merrikh 2-1 0-0


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Hafia FC Guinea 4-2 Togo Lomé I 3-1 1-1
Ghazl Al-Mehalla Egypt 3-4 Nigeria Enugu Rangers 3-1 0-3


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Hafia FC Guinea 3-1 Nigeria Enugu Rangers 1-0 2-1


African Cup of Champions Clubs
1975 Winners
Hafia FC
Second Title

External links

ASFA Dakar

AS Forces Armées (Dakar) is a Senegalese football club based in Dakar. They play in the second division in Senegalese football.

In 1971 the team has won the Senegal Premier League.

Bame Monrovia

Bame Monrovia is a football club based in Monrovia, Liberia.

The team was founded in 1934.

Djoliba AC

Djoliba Athletic Club is a Malian football club and one of the two biggest teams in Mali alongside the Stade Malien. The team is based in the capital city of Bamako. It has its headquarters and three training stadia at Complex Sportif Hérémakono, in the Heremakono Quartier. The President of Djoliba AC, re-elected in 2009 to a four-year term, is Karounga Keita a Vice President of the Malian Football Federation, former trainer at the club, who was a player at the founding of the club in 1960. Djoliba or Joliba is the name of the Niger River in the Bamana language. Not only a football club, Djoliba AC is an Omnisports club which fields teams in many sports, and is operated as a membership organisation with an elected board.


Embassoria is an Ethiopian football club based in Mereb Milash. They are a member of the Ethiopian Football Federation national league. In 1975 the team have participated in the African Cup of Champions Clubs.

Etoile Sportive Porto-Novo

Etoile Sportive Porto-Novo is a football club in Benin, playing in the town of Porto-Novo. They play in the Beninese Second division.

In 1974 the team has won the Benin Premier League.

Express FC

Express Football Club, abbreviated as Express, is a Ugandan football club from Kampala, the largest city and capital of Uganda. The club play their home games at the Muteesa II Wankulukuku Stadium.

Ghazl El Mahalla SC

Ghazl El Mahalla Sporting Club is an Egyptian football club based in El-Mahalla El-Kubra. They are members of the Egyptian Premier League. They won the Egyptian Premier League once in 1973. Ghazl Mahalla history has witnessed many achievements , most significantly during the age of the Golden Generation which led the team to reach the final of the African championship African Champions League in 1974, only beaten in the final by CARA Brazzaville from the People's Republic of the Congo. The team also reached the final of the Egypt Cup six times, won the third place in the championship of the Arab Clubs Champions Cup in Tunisia in 1996.

MO Constantine

Mouloudia Olympic of Constantine (Arabic: مولودية قسنطينة‎), known as MO Constantine or simply MOC for short, is an Algerian football club based in Constantine, founded in 1939 by the reformer Abd al Hamid Ben Badis. The club colors are White and blue. Their home stadium, Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui, has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. The club is currently playing in the Ligue Nationale du Football Amateur.

Rangers International F.C.

Rangers International Football Club, commonly known as Enugu Rangers, is a Nigerian professional association football team. They are based in Enugu and play their home games at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.They are the only Nigerian team never to have been relegated from the Nigeria Premier League.

Real de Banjul FC

Real de Banjul FC is a Gambian football club based in Banjul. They play in the top division in Gambian football, the GFA League First Division.

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