1963 in comics

Notable events of 1963 in comics. See also List of years in comics.





First appearance of Iron Man


First modern appearance of Atlantis



First appearance of the Wasp


First appearance of Doctor Octopus
First appearance of Doctor Strange, Ancient One & Nightmare (Marvel Comics)


First appearance of Eclipso by writer Bob Haney and artist Lee Elias[10]
First appearance of Baron Mordo and Asbestos Man.


First appearance of Sandman
First appearance of Avengers
First appearance of Super-Skrull
First appearance of Jack Frost, Happy Hogan & Pepper Potts
First appearance of The X Men (Consisting of Professor X, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, and Iceman), Magneto, & Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters




First appearance of Hate-Monger, First Nick Fury in present day.
First appearance of Iron Man's red & gold armor

Specific date unknown



  • January 2: Joaquín Buigas, Spanish comics writer (La familia Ulises), dies at age 76.


  • February 18: Vadim Lazarkevich, Russian-Bulgarian illustrator and comics artist (Vesel Putniks Balloon, The Little Barber), passes away at age 67.[20]
  • February 26: Charles Folkard, British illustrator and comics artist (Teddy Tail), dies at age 84.[21]


  • July 2: Alicia Patterson, American publisher and comics writer (Deathless Deer), dies at age 56 of complications following stomach surgery for an ulcer.
  • July 7: François-Joseph Herman, Belgian comics artist (worked for Studio Vandersteen and made several one-shot stories of his own for Tintin), passes away at age 31.[22]
  • July 28: Violet Moore Higgins, American illustrator and comics artist (Drowsy Dick), dies at age 76.[23]


  • August 16: Ralph Fuller, American comics artist (Oaky Doaks), passes away at age 73.[24]
  • August 30: Jan Lunde, Norwegian comics artist (Pappa og Pjokken, Skomakker Bekk of Tvililligene Hans, Professor Skjeel, Dimpen og Dumpen), dies at age 74.[25]
  • August 31: Willem Gerrit van de Hulst, Sr., Dutch novelist and comics writer (In de Soete Suikerbol [26]), dies at age 83.[27]




Specific date unknown

  • Gilbert Lawford Dalton, British comics writer (Wilson the Wonder Athlete), dies at age 48 or 49.
  • Harry Mace, American comics artist (Amy), dies at age 40.[32]
  • Arthur Mansbridge, British illustrator and comics artist (worked for the magazine Golden), dies at age 85.[33]
  • Arnold Warden, British comics artist (Snowdrop's Zoo, Tuffy and His Magic Tail), dies at age 70 or 71.[34]

First issues by title

DC Comics

Metal Men

Release: April/May. Writer: Robert Kanigher. Artist: Ross Andru & Mike Esposito

Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man

Release: March. Writer: Stan Lee. Artist: Steve Ditko

The Avengers

Release: September. Writer: Stan Lee. Artist: Jack Kirby

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos

Release: May. Writer: Stan Lee. Artist: Jack Kirby

The X-Men

Release: September. Writer: Stan Lee. Artist: Jack Kirby

Other publishers

Das Kampf

Release: by Vaughn Bodē (self-published). Writer/Artist: Vaughn Bodē

Initial appearance by character name

DC Comics

Marvel Comics


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Cloak of Levitation

The Cloak of Levitation is a fictional item appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Cloak of Levitation is depicted as a potent mystical cloak worn by the superhero Doctor Strange. The item has been referred to as a "relic" in the live-action movie Doctor Strange (2016).

The primary purpose of the cloak is to give its wearer the ability to levitate and fly. The first appearance of the first (blue) cloak was in Strange Tales #114 (November 1963). The first appearance of the second (red) cloak was in Strange Tales #127 (December 1964).

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Superman Red/Superman Blue

Superman Red/Superman Blue refers to two different comic book storylines published by DC Comics featuring Superman.

The Purple Smurfs

The Purple Smurfs (original French title: Les Schtroumpfs noirs, "The Black Smurfs") is the first album of the original French-language Smurfs comic series created by Belgian artist Peyo. It was first published as an album in 1963, but the stories it contained had already been published in Spirou magazine.

The main story Les Schtroumpfs noirs was first published in number 1107 (July 2, 1959).Apart from the titular one, it contains two other stories: The Flying Smurf (Le Schtroumpf Volant) and The Smurfnapper (Le Voleur de Schtroumpfs).

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