1963 NFL Draft

The 1963 National Football League draft was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, on Monday, December 3, 1962.[1][2]

The first overall selection was quarterback Terry Baker of Oregon State, the Heisman Trophy winner, taken by the Los Angeles Rams.[3] The AFL draft was held two days earlier in Dallas.[4]

1963 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)December 3, 1962
Time11 am EST
LocationSheraton Hotel & Towers
in Chicago, IL
280 total selections in 20 rounds
First selectionTerry Baker, Quarterback
Los Angeles Rams
Mr. IrrelevantBobby Brezina, Back
Green Bay Packers
Most selections (27)Green Bay Packers
Fewest selections (13)Pittsburgh Steelers
Hall of Famers5

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [5] = AFL All-Star [6] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Los Angeles Rams Terry Baker[7] Quarterback Oregon State
2 St. Louis Cardinals Jerry Stovall Back LSU
3 Minnesota Vikings Jim Dunaway[8] Defensive Tackle Mississippi
4 Philadelphia Eagles Ed Budde[9] Offensive Tackle Michigan State
5 Baltimore Colts Bob Vogel Offensive Tackle Ohio State
6 Dallas Cowboys Lee Roy Jordan Linebacker Alabama
7 Washington Redskins Pat Richter End Wisconsin
8 San Francisco 49ers Kermit Alexander Back UCLA
9 Cleveland Browns Tom Hutchinson End Kentucky
10 Los Angeles Rams (From Chicago Bears) Rufus Guthrie Guard Georgia Tech
11 Chicago Bears (From Pittsburgh Steelers) Dave Behrman[10] Center Michigan State
12 Detroit Lions Daryl Sanders Offensive Tackle Ohio State
13 St. Louis Cardinals (From New York Giants) Don Brumm Defensive End Purdue
14 Green Bay Packers Dave Robinson End Penn State

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
15 Los Angeles Rams Tom Nomina Tackle Miami (OH)
16 Minnesota Vikings Bobby Bell [11] Tackle Minnesota
17 St. Louis Cardinals Bob Reynolds Tackle Bowling Green
18 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Mansfield Tackle Washington
19 Baltimore Colts John Mackey Tight end Syracuse
20 Chicago Bears Steve Barnett Tackle Oregon
21 San Francisco 49ers Walt Rock Guard Maryland
22 Washington Redskins Lonnie Sanders Cornerback Michigan State
23 Cleveland Browns Jim Kanicki Tackle Michigan State
24 Baltimore Colts Butch Wilson Back Alabama
25 Chicago Bears Bob Jencks End Miami (OH)
26 New York Giants Frank Lasky Tackle Florida
27 Detroit Lions Roy Williams Tackle Pacific
28 Green Bay Packers Tom Brown Safety Maryland

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
29 Los Angeles Rams Dave Costa Guard Utah
30 St. Louis Cardinals Danny Brabham Defensive end Arkansas
31 Minnesota Vikings Ray Poage Wide receiver Texas
32 Philadelphia Eagles Dave Crossan Guard Maryland
33 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Fracchia Back Alabama
34 Dallas Cowboys Jim Price Linebacker Auburn
35 Washington Redskins Ron Snidow Tackle Oregon
36 San Francisco 49ers Don Lisbon Back Bowling Green
37 Los Angeles Rams John Baker Linebacker Mississippi State
38 Chicago Bears Larry Glueck Defensive back Villanova
39 Green Bay Packers Dennis Claridge Back Nebraska
40 Philadelphia Eagles Louis Guy Back Mississippi
41 New York Giants Dick Skelly Back Florida
42 Green Bay Packers Tony Liscio Tackle Tulsa

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
43 Los Angeles Rams John Griffin Back Memphis State
44 Minnesota Vikings Paul Flatley End Northwestern
45 St. Louis Cardinals Don Estes Tackle Louisiana State
46 San Francisco 49ers Harrison Rosdahl Guard Penn State
47 Baltimore Colts Jerry Logan Back West Texas State
48 Dallas Cowboys Whaley Hall Tackle Mississippi
49 Chicago Bears Stan Sanders End Whittier
50 San Francisco 49ers Hugh Campbell End Washington State
51 Cleveland Browns Bill Munsey Back Minnesota
52 Chicago Bears Charley Mitchell Running back Washington
53 Baltimore Colts Harlow Fullwood Guard Virginia
54 Green Bay Packers Lionel Aldridge Guard Utah State
55 Detroit Lions Chuck Walton Guard Iowa State
56 Green Bay Packers Carlton Simons Center Stanford

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
57 Los Angeles Rams Joe Auer Running back Georgia Tech
58 St. Louis Cardinals Bill "Thunder" Thornton Back Nebraska
59 Minnesota Vikings Gary Kaltenbach Tackle Pittsburgh
60 Los Angeles Rams Roland Benson Tackle Miami (FL)
61 Baltimore Colts Bill Ventura Tackle Richmond
62 New York Giants Dave Hill Tackle Auburn
63 Green Bay Packers Jack Cverko Guard Northwestern
64 San Francisco 49ers Vern Burke End Oregon State
65 San Francisco 49ers Jim "Preacher" Pilot Back New Mexico State
66 San Francisco 49ers Gary Moeller Guard Ohio State
67 Los Angeles Rams Don Chuy Tackle Clemson
68 Cleveland Browns Frank Baker Back Toledo
69 New York Giants Lou Slaby Back Pittsburgh
70 Green Bay Packers Dan Grimm Tackle Colorado

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71 Los Angeles Rams George Saimes Safety Michigan State
72 Cleveland Browns Ernie Borghetti Tackle Pittsburgh
73 St. Louis Cardinals Bob Paremore Back Florida A&M
74 Cleveland Browns Tom Bloom Back Purdue
75 Baltimore Colts Jerry Cook Back Texas
76 Green Bay Packers John Simmons End Tulsa
77 San Francisco 49ers Pat Emerick Guard Western Michigan
78 Washington Redskins Charley Nickoson Tackle Ohio
79 Los Angeles Rams Terry Monaghan Tackle Penn State
80 Chicago Bears John Johnson Tackle Indiana
81 Chicago Bears Dave Mathieson Quarterback Washington State
82 New York Giants Bob Petrich Tackle West Texas State
83 Detroit Lions Don King Halfback Syracuse
84 Green Bay Packers Jan Barrett End Fresno State

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
85 Los Angeles Rams Bill Zorn Tackle Michigan State
86 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Moss Tackle South Carolina
87 New York Giants Dave Hoppmann Back Iowa State
88 Philadelphia Eagles Lee Roy Caffey Linebacker Texas A&M
89 Baltimore Colts Willie Richardson End Jackson State
90 Dallas Cowboys Marv Clothier Guard Kansas
91 Washington Redskins Dave Francis Back Ohio State
92 San Francisco 49ers Ernest DeCourley Tackle Moorhead State
93 Green Bay Packers Gary Kroner Back Wisconsin
94 Chicago Bears Paul Underhill Back Missouri
95 Green Bay Packers Olin Hill Tackle Furman
96 Detroit Lions John Gamble Guard Pacific
97 New York Giants Burt Petkus Guard Northwestern
98 Green Bay Packers Turnley Todd Linebacker Virginia

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
99 Los Angeles Rams Anton Peters Tackle Florida
100 Minnesota Vikings Jim O'Mahoney Linebacker Miami (FL)
101 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Cook Guard Oklahoma
102 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Woodeshick Running back West Virginia
103 Baltimore Colts Dave Hayes Back Penn State
104 Green Bay Packers Keith Kinderman Back Florida State
105 San Francisco 49ers Roger Locke End Arizona State
106 Philadelphia Eagles Gene Sykes Back Louisiana State
107 Cleveland Browns Walt Sweeney End Syracuse
108 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Atkinson Tackle Stanford
109 Chicago Bears Dennis Harmon Defensive back Southern Illinois
110 New York Giants Dave Herman Guard Michigan State
111 Detroit Lions Dennis Gaubatz Linebacker Louisiana State
112 Green Bay Packers Louis Rettino Back Villanova

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
113 Los Angeles Rams Mel Profit End UCLA
114 St. Louis Cardinals Willis Crenshaw Back Kansas State
115 Minnesota Vikings Bob Hoover Back Florida
116 Philadelphia Eagles Dennis Ward Tackle Oklahoma
117 Baltimore Colts Don Trull Quarterback Baylor
118 Chicago Bears Monte Day Tackle Fresno State
119 Washington Redskins Billy Joe Running back Villanova
120 San Francisco 49ers John Maczuzak Tackle Pittsburgh
121 Cleveland Browns Dave Raimey Defensive back Michigan
122 Baltimore Colts Dave Watson Linebacker Georgia Tech
123 Pittsburgh Steelers Gene Carrington Tackle Boston College
124 Detroit Lions Ken Dill Linebacker Mississippi
125 New York Giants Bob Taylor Tackle Maryland-Eastern Shore
126 Green Bay Packers Bill Freeman Tackle Southern Mississippi

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
127 Los Angeles Rams Curt Farrier Tackle Montana State
128 Minnesota Vikings Terry Kosens Back Hofstra
129 St. Louis Cardinals Jackie Smith Tight end Northwestern State (LA)
130 Philadelphia Eagles Peter Liske Quarterback Penn State
131 Baltimore Colts Bill Sierkerski Guard Missouri
132 Dallas Cowboys Rod Scheyer Tackle Washington
133 San Francisco 49ers Dick Lopour Back Huron
134 Washington Redskins Rod Foster Guard Ohio State
135 Cleveland Browns Jim Bobbitt Guard Michigan State
136 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Nelsen Quarterback USC
137 Chicago Bears Ed Hoerster Linebacker Notre Dame
138 New York Giants Mike Taliaferro Quarterback Illinois
139 Detroit Lions Nick Ryder Back Miami (FL)
140 Green Bay Packers Earl McQuiston Guard Iowa

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Los Angeles Rams Dave Theisen Back Nebraska
142 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Burson Defensive back Auburn
143 Minnesota Vikings John Campbell Linebacker Minnesota
144 Philadelphia Eagles Ralph Heck Linebacker Colorado
145 Baltimore Colts Winston Hill Tackle Texas Southern
146 Dallas Cowboys Ray Schoenke Center Southern Methodist
147 Washington Redskins Allen Schau End Western Michigan
148 San Francisco 49ers Steve Shafer Back Utah State
149 Cleveland Browns Art Graham End Boston College
150 Chicago Bears James Tullis Defensive back Florida A&M
151 Pittsburgh Steelers Hewritt Dixon Back Florida A&M
152 Detroit Lions Karl Kassulke Defensive back Drake
153 New York Giants Don McKinnon Center Dartmouth
154 Green Bay Packers Marv Fleming Tight end Utah

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
155 Los Angeles Rams Billy Moody Back Arkansas
156 Minnesota Vikings John Sklopan Back Southern Mississippi
157 St. Louis Cardinals Chuck Walker Guard Duke
158 Philadelphia Eagles Roger Gill Back Texas Tech
159 Baltimore Colts Jimmy Maples Center Baylor
160 Dallas Cowboys Bill Perkins Running back Iowa
161 San Francisco 49ers Bob Benton Tackle Mississippi State
162 Washington Redskins Bob Caldwell Center Georgia Tech
163 Cleveland Browns Lindy Infante Defensive back Florida
164 Pittsburgh Steelers Roy Curry Back Jackson State
165 Chicago Bears Dick Drummond Back George Washington
166 New York Giants Ed Adamchik Guard Pittsburgh
167 Detroit Lions Tom Janik Defensive back Texas A&I
168 Green Bay Packers Daryle Lamonica 4 Quarterback Notre Dame
  • 4 Signed with the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League.

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
169 Los Angeles Rams Al Hildebrand Tackle Stanford
170 St. Louis Cardinals Alex Zyskowski Back Wichita State
171 Minnesota Vikings Dave O'Brien Tackle Boston College
172 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Iacone Back West Chester
173 Baltimore Colts Paul Watters Tackle Miami (OH)
174 Dallas Cowboys Paul Wicker Tackle Fresno State
175 Washington Redskins John Greiner End Purdue
176 San Francisco 49ers Dick Schultz Tackle Ohio
177 Cleveland Browns Dave Katterhenrich Back Ohio State
178 Chicago Bears John Szumczyk Back Trinity (CT)
179 Pittsburgh Steelers Harold Gray Linebacker Cal State-Los Angeles
180 Detroit Lions Ernie Clark Linebacker Michigan State
181 New York Giants Jim Moss Back West Virginia
182 Green Bay Packers Bill Kellum Tackle Tulane

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
183 Los Angeles Rams Alan Arbuse Tackle Rhode Island
184 Minnesota Vikings Ralph Ferrisi Back Southern Connecticut State
185 St. Louis Cardinals Paul Lea Back Oklahoma
186 Philadelphia Eagles Nate Ramsey Back Indiana
187 Baltimore Colts Neil Petties End San Diego State
188 Dallas Cowboys Lou Cioci Linebacker Boston College
189 San Francisco 49ers Bill Tobin Back Missouri
190 Washington Redskins Tom Winingder Back Georgia Tech
191 Cleveland Browns Staley Faulkner Tackle Texas
192 Pittsburgh Steelers Robert Dickerson End Bethune-Cookman
193 Chicago Bears Gordon Banks Back Fisk
194 New York Giants Joe Williams Back Iowa
195 Detroit Lions Bill O'Brien Tackle Xavier
196 Green Bay Packers Ed Holler Linebacker South Carolina

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
197 Los Angeles Rams Larry Campbell End Toledo
198 St. Louis Cardinals Ed Scrutchins End Toledo
199 Minnesota Vikings John Murio End Whitworth
200 Philadelphia Eagles George Heard End New Mexico
201 Baltimore Colts Leon Mavity Defensive back Colorado
202 Dallas Cowboys Jerry Overton Defensive back Utah
203 Washington Redskins Harry Butsko Linebacker Maryland
204 San Francisco 49ers Oliver Ross Back West Texas State
205 Cleveland Browns Lynn Reade Tackle USC
206 Chicago Bears Bob Dentel Center Miami (FL)
207 Pittsburgh Steelers Matt Szykowny Back Iowa
208 Detroit Lions Jim Simon End Miami (FL)
209 New York Giants Lane Howell Center Grambling
210 Green Bay Packers Gene Breen Tackle Virginia Tech

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
211 Los Angeles Rams Walter Burden Linebacker McNeese State
212 Minnesota Vikings Rex Mirich Tackle Northern Arizona
213 St. Louis Cardinals John Slafkosky Tackle Notre Dame
214 Philadelphia Eagles Ronnie Goodwin Back Baylor
215 Baltimore Colts Dick Quast Guard Memphis State
216 Dallas Cowboys Dennis Golden Tackle Holy Cross
217 San Francisco 49ers Jim Bogdalek Tackle Toledo
218 Washington Redskins Dave Adams Guard Arkansas
219 Cleveland Browns Dick Kelly Guard Georgia
220 Pittsburgh Steelers Andy Russell Linebacker Missouri
221 Chicago Bears Lowell Caylor Defensive back Miami (OH)
222 New York Giants Charlie Killett Back Memphis State
223 Detroit Lions Charlie Johnson Tackle Villanova
224 Green Bay Packers Coolidge Hunt Back Texas Tech

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
225 Los Angeles Rams Jerrel Wilson Punter Southern Mississippi
226 St. Louis Cardinals Dave Meggyesy Linebacker Syracuse
227 Minnesota Vikings Tom Munsey Back Concord
228 Philadelphia Eagles Gordon Rush Back Tulane
229 Baltimore Colts Kern Carson Back San Diego State
230 Dallas Cowboys Ernie Parks Guard McMurry
231 Washington Redskins Ron Whaley Defensive back Tennessee-Chattanooga
232 San Francisco 49ers Ken Reed Guard Tulsa
233 Cleveland Browns Dick Anderson End Penn State
234 Chicago Bears John Sisk Back Miami (FL)
235 Pittsburgh Steelers Tim Stein Center Miami (OH)
236 Detroit Lions Gene Frantz Back Brigham Young
237 New York Giants Bob McAdams Tackle North Carolina Central
238 Green Bay Packers Thurman Walker End Illinois

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
239 Los Angeles Rams Buddy Soefker Back Louisiana State
240 Minnesota Vikings Tom McIntyre Tackle St. John's (MN)
241 St. Louis Cardinals Larry Stallings Tackle Georgia Tech
242 Philadelphia Eagles Rudy Mathews Tackle Texas Christian
243 Baltimore Colts Luther Woodruff Tackle North Carolina A&T
244 Dallas Cowboys Bill Frank Tackle Colorado
245 San Francisco 49ers John Sellers Tackle Bakersfield J.C.
246 Washington Redskins Drew Roberts End Cal State-Humboldt
247 Cleveland Browns Bobby Garvin Tackle Mississippi State
248 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Bradshaw Back Tennessee-Chattanooga
249 Chicago Bears Jeff Slabaugh End Indiana
250 New York Giants Bill Pashe Back George Washington
251 Detroit Lions Al Greer End Jackson State
252 Green Bay Packers Luis Hernandez Guard Texas-El Paso

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
253 Los Angeles Rams Dornel Nelson Back Arizona State
254 St. Louis Cardinals Darnell Haney Tackle Utah State
255 Minnesota Vikings Frank Horvath Back Youngstown State
256 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Wasdovich Guard Indiana
257 Baltimore Colts Steve Berzansky Back West Virginia
258 Dallas Cowboys Jim Stiger Back Washington
259 Washington Redskins Jim Turner Quarterback Utah State
260 San Francisco 49ers Bob Price Guard North Texas State
261 Cleveland Browns Gary Sherman Linebacker Bowling Green
262 Chicago Bears Bob Yaksick Defensive back Rutgers
263 Pittsburgh Steelers Roger Berg Tackle St. Thomas (MN)
264 Detroit Lions Lucian Reeberg Tackle Hampton
265 New York Giants Buck Buchanan [12] Defensive tackle Grambling
266 Green Bay Packers Herman Hamp Back Fresno State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
267 Los Angeles Rams Bill Redell Defensive back Occidental
268 Minnesota Vikings Mailon Kent Back Auburn
269 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Clay End Arkansas
270 Philadelphia Eagles Ben Rizzo Back Miami (FL)
271 Baltimore Colts D.L. Hurd End Cal State-San Francisco
272 Dallas Cowboys Tommy Lucas End Texas
273 San Francisco 49ers Don Davis Back McMurry
274 Washington Redskins Joe Baughan Tackle Auburn
275 Cleveland Browns Steve Shaw Back Vanderbilt
276 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Traficant Back Pittsburgh
277 Chicago Bears John Gregory End Baldwin–Wallace
278 New York Giants Homer Jones Back Texas Southern
279 Detroit Lions Gordon Scarborough Back East Texas State
280 [13] Green Bay Packers Bobby Brezina Back Houston
= Pro Bowler [5] = AFL All-Star [6] = Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

  • Bobby Bell, linebacker from Minnesota taken 2nd round, 16th overall by the Minnesota Vikings.[11]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1983.[14]
  • Buck Buchanan, defensive tackle from Grambling taken 19th round, 265th overall by the New York Giants.[12]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1990.[15]
  • John Mackey, tight end from Syracuse taken 2nd round, 19th overall by the Baltimore Colts.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1992.[15]
  • Jackie Smith, tight end from Northwestern State taken 10th round, 129th overall by the St. Louis Cardinals.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1994.[15]
  • Dave Robinson, linebacker from Penn State taken 1st round, 14th overall by the Green Bay Packers.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2013.
  • Willie Brown, cornerback from Grambling State, signed undrafted by Houston Oilers.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1984.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[5] = Hall of Famer[16]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Houston Oilers Willie Browndouble-dagger CB Grambling State SWAC
Baltimore Colts Gary Cuozzo  QB Virginia ACC
Cleveland Browns Larry Benz  S Northwestern Big Ten
Dallas Cowboys Wendell Hayes  RB Humboldt State FWC
Los Angeles Rams Bill Swain  LB Oregon Ind.
Minnesota Vikings Lee Calland  CB Louisville Ind.
Minnesota Vikings Don Hultz  DT Southern Mississippi Ind.
Minnesota Vikings Ron Vander Kelen  QB Wisconsin Big Ten
Philadelphia Eagles Mike Clark  K Texas A&M SWC

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External links

1962 Big Ten Conference football season

The 1962 Big Ten Conference football season was the 67th season of college football played by the member schools of the Big Ten Conference and was a part of the 1962 NCAA University Division football season.

The 1962 Wisconsin Badgers football team, under head coach Milt Bruhn, compiled an 8–2 record, won the Big Ten championship, led the conference in scoring offense (32.2 points per game), and was ranked No. 2 in the final AP Poll. After losing only one game in the regular season, the Badgers lost to USC in the 1963 Rose Bowl. Quarterback Ron Vander Kelen led the Big Ten with 1,582 passing yards and 1,839 total yards and won the Chicago Tribune Silver Football as the conference's most valuable player. End Pat Richter led the conference with 694 receiving yards and was a consensus first-team All-American.

The 1962 Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, under head coach Murray Warmath, compiled a 6–2–1 record, led the conference in scoring defense (6.8 points allowed per game), finished in second place in the Big Ten, and was ranked No. 10 in the final AP Poll. Tackle Bobby Bell was a consensus first-team All-American, won the Outland Trophy as college football's best interior lineman, and finished third in the voting for the 1962 Heisman Trophy.

The 1962 Northwestern Wildcats football team, under head coach Ara Parseghian, compiled a 7–2 record and finished in third place in the conference. The Wildcats were ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll before losing consecutive games late in the season. They remained ranked No. 16 in the final Coaches' Poll. Quarterback Tom Myers totaled 1,537 passing yards, and center Jack Cvercko was a consensus first-team All-American.

The conference's other statistical leaders included Michigan State fullback George Saimes with 642 rushing yards and Wisconsin's Lou Holland with 72 points scored.

1962 Iowa Hawkeyes football team

The 1962 Iowa Hawkeyes football team represented the University of Iowa in the 1962 Big Ten Conference football season.

1962 Ivy League football season

The 1962 Ivy League football season was the seventh season of college football play for the Ivy League and was part of the 1962 college football season. The season began on September 22, 1962, and ended on November 24, 1962. Ivy League teams were 8–6–2 against non-conference opponents and Dartmouth won the conference championship.

1962 Syracuse Orangemen football team

The 1962 Syracuse Orangemen football team represented Syracuse University in the 1962 NCAA University Division football season. The offense scored 159 points while the defense allowed 110 points.

1962 Wisconsin Badgers football team

The 1962 Wisconsin Badgers football team represented the University of Wisconsin in the 1962 college football season. Wisconsin was the Big Ten Conference champion and was ranked second in both final major polls, released in early December. This remains the highest season-ending ranking in program history (since the polls' inception in 1936 (AP) and 1950 (coaches)).

Wisconsin met the #1 USC Trojans in the historic Rose Bowl, the first bowl game in college football history to pair the top two ranked teams in the nation. This Wisconsin team is also tightly linked to the resurgence of the program in the 1990s through All-American end Pat Richter, who returned as athletic director in 1989 and hired head coach Barry Alvarez.

Bob Jencks

Robert William Jencks (July 15, 1941 – September 6, 2010) was an American football kicker and end in the National Football League (NFL) for the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins. He played college football at Miami University and was drafted in the second round of the 1963 NFL Draft. Jencks was also selected in the fifth round of the 1963 AFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. His rookie season was 1963, when the Bears defeated the New York Giants for the team's first NFL title since 1946.Jencks was born in Columbus, Ohio and died in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he had lived for many years.

Bob Vogel

Robert Louis Vogel (born September 23, 1941) is a former professional American football offensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts from 1963 to 1972. During that span he appeared in Super Bowl III and Super Bowl V for the Colts and was selected for the Pro Bowl five times. He played college football at Ohio State University. Vogel's football resume was very impressive. Played his Sr. year of high school in Massillon Washington High School, he earned first team All-Ohio honors in 1958. After starring at Ohio State University, he was the fifth player chosen in the 1963 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Colts. Vogel protected Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas' blindside in Super Bowls III and V.

Dennis Claridge

Dennis Bert Claridge (August 18, 1941 – May 1, 2018) was an American football player, a quarterback in the National Football League for the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons. He played college football at the University of Nebraska under head coaches Bill Jennings and Bob Devaney, and later attended its dental school.Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Claridge played high school football in Minnesota at Robbinsdale, a suburb northwest of Minneapolis. As a senior in college in 1963, he led Nebraska to an undefeated season in the Big Eight Conference, a 9–1 regular season, and a victory over Auburn in the Orange Bowl.

Selected in third round of the 1963 NFL draft as a junior eligible, Claridge stayed in college and joined the Packers in 1964. He was a member of the NFL championship team in 1965, playing behind Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr and Zeke Bratkowski under head coach Vince Lombardi. Claridge was selected in the 1966 expansion draft by the Falcons. Green Bay was interested in reacquiring him for the 1967 season, but he left the NFL after three seasons to complete dental school.Claridge later worked as an orthodontist in Lincoln, Nebraska. He died in 2018 of bladder cancer at the age of 76.

Don Brumm

Donald Dwain Brumm (born October 4, 1941, in Chicago Heights, Illinois) is a former American football defensive lineman in the National Football League for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles. He went to one Pro Bowl during his ten-year career. Brumm played college football at Purdue University and was drafted in the first round (thirteenth overall) of the 1963 NFL Draft. He was also selected in the third round of the 1963 AFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs.Brumm twice scored NFL touchdowns with recovered fumbles. On October 10, 1965, he ran 10 yards with a fumble for a score in a 37–16 Cardinals victory over the Washington Redskins. He ran 17 yards for a touchdown on September 22, 1968, in a St. Louis loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

A three-sport athlete at Hammond High School in Hammond, Indiana, Brumm then became a standout lineman for Purdue. A first-team All-American selection by both Associated Press and United Press International, he played in the Hula Bowl and East West Shrine Game as well as in a 1963 College All-Star Game victory over the Green Bay Packers prior to his pro football rookie season.

He was a 2011 inductee of the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.

Ed Hoerster

Edward H. Hoerster (born October 12, 1941) was a Canadian football player who played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts, and Saskatchewan Roughriders. He won the Grey Cup with the Tiger-Cats in 1965. Ed Hoerster retired with his wife Judy, his 4 children, and 8 grandchildren. He played college football at the University of Notre Dame and was selected by the Chicago Bears in the 1963 NFL draft (Round 6, #137). Hoerster now plays golf in his free time.

Hatch Rosdahl

Harrison Lynn Rosdahl (August 24, 1941 – June 15, 2004) was an American football defensive lineman who played three seasons in the American Football League with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the fourteenth round of the 1963 AFL Draft. He was also drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth round of the 1963 NFL Draft. Rosdahl played college football at Penn State University and attended Ridgefield Park High School in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. He was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs team that won the 1966 AFL championship.

Rosdahl died at the age of 62 on June 15, 2004, of a fall suffered at his home in Ridgefield Park.

Jack Cvercko

Jack Cvercko was a college football player. A prominent guard for the Northwestern Wildcats, selected an All-American in 1962. He was picked in the 1963 NFL Draft, but a chronic knee injury prevented him from becoming a professional football player. His brother was Andy Cvercko.

Mel Profit

Mel Profit (born July 30, 1941 in New York, New York) was a football player in the CFL for six years. He was selected originally by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1963 NFL Draft. He starred as a tight end for the Toronto Argonauts.

Mel authored a book entitled For Love, Money and Future Considerations which gave a player's view of the CFL. The book chronicled the 1971 season in which the Toronto Argonauts played in the Grey Cup, losing to the Calgary Stampeders.

Nate Ramsey

Nathan Lee Ramsey (July 12, 1941 – March 8, 2019) was a former professional American football safety and cornerback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles for most of his 11-year NFL career from 1963 through 1973. Ramsey was drafted by the Eagles from Indiana University in the fourteenth round (186th overall) of the 1963 NFL Draft.

Ramsey played high school football at Neptune High School, in Neptune Township, New Jersey.Ramsey died on March 8, 2019.

Ray Poage

Raymond Coy Poage Jr. (November 14, 1940 – September 23, 1997) was an American football tight end in the National Football League.

He was drafted out of the University of Texas by the Vikings in the 1963 NFL Draft.

Poage played portions of eight seasons in the NFL, peaking in 1964 and 1965 with over 1,000 yards off 68 receptions for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rufus Guthrie

Dallas Rufus Guthrie (born c. 1942, died 2000) was an American football player who played for the Georgia Institute of Technology (a.k.a. Georgia Tech).

He played collegiately for the Georgia Tech football team. He was inducted into the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame in 1971.

Although drafted and signed as a professional he never played due to injury. He was selected as the 10th pick in the 1963 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.

He was also selected as the 10th pick in the First round American Football League draft of that year by the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers won the competition for Mr. Guthrie and signed him to a professional contract. Mr. Guthrie attended the Chargers training camp and was on the field for the team's first exhibition game. On the opening play of the game, a kick-off, Mr. Guthrie was injured.

After football, he established a successful career in real estate and died in 2000 from brain cancer.

Steve Shafer

Stephen Edward Shafer (born December 8, 1940) was a Canadian football player who played for the BC Lions. He won the Grey Cup with them in 1964. He played college football at Utah State University and was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1963 NFL draft. He was later a football coach in the NFL, over the span of 1983 to 2003 serving on the staffs of the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars. He lives in Lincoln, California.

Terry Baker

Terry Wayne Baker (born May 5, 1941) is a former American football and basketball player. He played college football and college basketball at the Oregon State University. He played as a quarterback for the Oregon State Beavers football team from 1960 to 1962, winning the Heisman Trophy as senior. In the spring of his senior year, he played in the Final Four of the 1963 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament with the Oregon State Beavers men's basketball team. To date, he is the only athlete to win a Heisman Trophy and play in the Final Four. Baker was the first overall pick in the 1963 NFL draft and played with the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL) from 1963 to 1965. He then played for one season in the Canadian Football League (CFL) with the Edmonton Eskimos in 1967. Baker was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1982.

Tom Hutchinson (American football)

Thomas Edward Hutchinson (June 15, 1941 – May 5, 2007) was an American football wide receiver. He was son of Clifford Edward Hutchinson, and Sarah Elizabeth Semonas Hutchinson. He was an All-American receiver at the University of Kentucky and a member of their 1962 football team, known forever as the Thin Thirty.

He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round in the 1963 NFL Draft. He played for the Browns until the 1965 season. He played with the Atlanta Falcons in his final season in 1966.

Hutchinson died of cancer in May 2007.

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