1952 NFL playoffs

The 1952 National Football League season resulted in a tie for the National Conference championship between the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams, requiring a one-game playoff to be held between them. This conference championship game was played on December 21, 1952, at Briggs Stadium in Detroit. The winner of that game then played the Cleveland Browns on December 28.

Tournament bracket

  National Conference playoff     NFL Championship
    A Cleveland Browns 7
  N Los Angeles Rams 21     N Detroit Lions 17
  N Detroit Lions 31  
1952 NFL season

The 1952 NFL season was the 33rd regular season of the National Football League. Prior to the season, New York Yanks owner Ted Collins sold his team back to the NFL. A few days later, a new team was then awarded to an ownership group in Dallas, Texas, after it purchased the assets of the Yanks.

However, the new Dallas Texans went 1–11, and was sold back to the league midway through the season. For the team's last five games, the league operated the Texans as a road team, using Hershey, Pennsylvania, as a home base. One of their final two "home" games were held at the Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio, the other one played at the opposing team's (Detroit) stadium. After the season ended, the league folded the Texans, the last time an NFL team failed. This left Dallas without a professional football franchise until the births of the Dallas Cowboys and the AFL version of the Dallas Texans in 1960.

The Detroit Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns in the NFL Championship Game.

This was the last NFL season prior to the introduction of regular season overtime in 1974 that there were no ties in the regular season.

Game information
  • DET – Harder 12 run (Harder kick) DET 7–0
  • DET – Harder 4 run (Harder kick) DET 14–0
  • LA  – Fears 14 yard pass from Van Brocklin (Waterfield kick) DET 14–7
  • DET – Hart 24 yard pass from Walker (Harder kick) DET 21–7
  • DET – field goal Harder 43 DET 24–7
  • LA  – Towler 5 yard run (Waterfield kick) DET 24–14
  • LA  – Smith 56 yard punt return (Waterfield kick) DET 24–21
  • DET – Hoernschemeyer 9 yard run (Harder kick) DET 31–21
Conference tiebreakers
NFL playoff system

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