1942 in comics

Notable events of 1942 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

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Specific date unknown

  • The final issue of the Flemish comics magazine Wonderland is published, a supplement to the newspaper De Dag. [13]
  • The first episode of Carl Grubert's The Berrys is published. It will run until 1974.
  • Vic Herman creates Winnie the Wac. [14]



  • May 14: René Bull, Irish comics illustrator and comics artist, passes away at the age of 79. [15]


  • July 11: Antonio Salemme, Italian comics artist (Il Principe Azzurro), dies at the age of 48 or 49.[16]




Specific date unknown

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1941 in comics

Notable events of 1941 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

1943 in comics

Notable events of 1943 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold

"Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold" is a comic book story starring Donald Duck that was originally printed in Four Color #9 (the first Four Color issue titled "Donald Duck") in October 1942. The script was by Bob Karp and illustrated by Carl Barks and Jack Hannah. The story is significant for launching the first American Donald Duck adventure comic series. The first Donald Duck adventure comics had so far only appeared in Italy, in the first issue of the Italian Disney comics magazine Paperino by Federico Pedrocchi.

Gotham State Penitentiary

Gotham State Penitentiary is the name of a fictional prison appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

List of years in comics

This page indexes the individual year in comics pages. Each year is annotated with significant events as reference points.

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Marlinspike Hall

Marlinspike Hall (French: Le château de Moulinsart [mu.lɛ̃.saʁ]) is Captain Haddock's country house and family estate in The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.The original French name of the hall, Moulinsart, is derived from Sart-Moulin, a village near Braine-l'Alleud in Walloon Brabant, Belgium. In an allusion to the Haddock family's maritime history, the hall's English name refers to the marlinspike, a tool used in seamanship to splice ropes. The Belgian corporation managing Hergé's work (principally Tintin) is also called Moulinsart S.A.

Pluto Saves the Ship

"Pluto Saves the Ship" is a comic book story scripted by writers Carl Barks, Jack Hannah and Nick George from a plot devised possibly by a publisher, and drawn by an unidentified illustrator. It was originally printed in Large Feature Comics #7 in 1942, and is one of the first American Disney comics ever made that was not reprinted from newspaper comic strips. It is also the first work in a comic book that Barks ever did. It is also Pluto's first solo comic book adventure.

It is also the only story that Barks did that took place in the Mickey Mouse Universe other than Mickey Mouse in "The Riddle of the Red Hat."

Suicide Slum

Suicide Slum (official name Southside) is a notorious fictional slum in publications from DC Comics. The area was first introduced in the "Newsboy Legion" feature as a slum in New York City. It was later placed in Superman's city, Metropolis, when the Newsboy Legion was reintroduced. The Southside is also known as The Simon Project in the Post-Crisis continuity.

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