1935 Pulitzer Prize

The following are the Pulitzer Prizes for 1935.

Journalism awards

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Arthur Krock

Arthur Bernard Krock (November 16, 1886 – April 12, 1974) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist. In a career spanning several decades covering the tenure of eleven United States presidents he became known as the "Dean of Washington newsmen".

Audrey Wurdemann

Audrey Wurdemann (January 1, 1911 – May 20, 1960) was an American poet. She was the youngest winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry at the age of 24, for her collection Bright Ambush.

Batavia, Ohio

Batavia ( bə-TAY-vee-ə) is a village in and the county seat of Clermont County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,509 at the 2010 census.

Beulah Land

Beulah Land is a well-known gospel song with text by Edgar Page Stites (1836–1921) and music by John R. Sweney (1837–1899). Stites’s work dates from 1875 or 1876; the tune — which is listed in hymnals under either of two variants of the incipit: I’ve Reached the Land of Corn and Wine (original) or I’ve Reached the Land of Joy Devine — was written in 1876. The song concludes with the chorus:

O Beulah land, sweet Beulah land!

As on thy highest mount I stand,

I look away across the sea

Where mansions are prepared for me

And view the shining glory shore

My heaven, my home forever more.The hymn derives from the King James Version of Isaiah 62:4; "Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate; but thou shalt be called Hephzibah and thy land Beulah; for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married."

The verse is in reference to the return of the Hebrew from their exile in Babylon in which the Hebrew shall no longer be called Forsaken, but Hephzibah (My Delight Is in Her), and Jerusalem shall no longer be called Desolate, but Beulah (Married). This implies that the Hebrews have turned back to the worship of God.

The idea the hymn presents that Heaven can be seen from Beulah land comes from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in which he states "Therefore it is, I say, that the Enchanted ground is placed so nigh to the land Beulah and so near the end of their race [i.e. Heaven]."

Bibliography of the Reconstruction Era

This is a selected bibliography of the main scholarly books and articles of Reconstruction, the period after the American Civil War, 1863–1877 (or 1865 to 1877).

Douglas Southall Freeman

Douglas Southall Freeman (May 16, 1886 – June 13, 1953) was an American historian, biographer, newspaper editor, and author. He is best known for his multi-volume biographies of Robert E. Lee and George Washington, for each of which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

List of Delta Chi brothers

The list of Delta Chi brothers includes initiated and honorary members of the Delta Chi fraternity.

List of Vanderbilt University people

This is a list of notable current and former faculty members, alumni, and non-graduating attendees of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Unless otherwise noted, attendees listed graduated with bachelor's degrees. Names with an asterisk (*) graduated from Peabody College prior to its merger with Vanderbilt.

List of female poets

This is a list of female poets organised by the time period in which they were born. This listing is subordered alphabetically by name.

List of women writers

This is a list of notable women writers.

See also individual lists of women writers by nationality

Old New York (novellas)

Old New York (1924) is a collection of four novellas by Edith Wharton, revolving around upper-class New York City society in the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, and 1870s.

Ross A. Lewis

Ross Aubrey Lewis (November 9, 1902 – August 6, 1977) was an American editorial cartoonist who received the 1935 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. Lewis was born in Metamora, Michigan and graduated from Milwaukee State College in 1923.

The Old Maid (1939 film)

The Old Maid is a 1939 American drama film directed by Edmund Goulding. The screenplay by Casey Robinson is based on the 1935 Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by Zoë Akins, which was adapted from the 1924 Edith Wharton novella The Old Maid: the Fifties (taken from the collection of novellas Old New York).

USS PC-598

USS PC-598 was a 173' metal hulled PC-461-class submarine chaser that saw duty in the United States Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. It was converted to an amphibious landing control vessel during the war and reclassified a Patrol Craft - Control or PCC. It participated in six amphibious invasions as a control vessel.

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