1925 All-Pro Team

The 1925 All-Pro Team consists of American football players chosen by various selectors as the best players at their positions for the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1925 NFL season.[1]

Selectors and key

For the 1925 season, there are four known selectors of All-Pro Teams. They are:

GB = A poll conducted by the Green Bay Press-Gazette identified first and second teams. The selections were based on polling of sports editors at a dozen newspapers in the NFL area.[2][3]

CE = Selected by E.G. Brands, a correspondent for Collyer's Eye, a sports journal published in Chicago.[1]

JC = Joseph Carr, NFL Commissioner (1921–1939)[4]

OSJ = Ohio State Journal, including first and second teams and honorable mentions.[2]

Players selected by multiple selectors as first-team All-Pros are displayed in bold typeface. Players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame are designated with a "†" next to their names.

Selections by position


Player Team Selector(s)
Charlie Berry Pottsville Maroons GB-1, CE-1, OSJ-1
Lynn Bomar New York Giants GB-2, JC
Eddie Lynch Rochester Jeffersons GB-1
Paul G. Goebel Columbus Tigers JC
Rae Crowther Frankford Yellow Jackets CE-1
Gene Mayl Dayton Triangles OSJ-1
Duke Hanny Chicago Bears CE-2
Eddie Anderson Chicago Cardinals CE-2
Frank Culver Canton Bulldogs CE-2
Red Maloney Providence Steamroller GB-2
Tillie Voss Detroit OSJ-2
Joe Little Twig Rock Island OSJ-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Ed Healey Chicago Bears GB-1, CE-1, JC, OSJ-2
Gus Sonnenberg Detroit Panthers GB-1, OSJ-1
Link Lyman Cleveland Bulldogs CE-2, JC
Duke Slater Rock Island Independents GB-2, CE-1
Century Milstead New York Giants CE-1
Walt Ellis Columbus Tigers OSJ-1
Dick Stahlman Akron Pros GB-2
Russ Stein Pottsville Maroons CE-2
Chet Widerquist Rock Island Independents CE-2
Pete Henry Canton Bulldogs OSJ-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Jim McMillen Chicago Bears GB-1, CE-2, OSJ-1
Swede Youngstrom Cleveland Bulldogs CE-1, OSJ-2
Art Carney New York Giants GB-1
John Alexander New York Giants JC
Butch Spagna Frankford Yellow Jackets JC
Al Nesser Akron OSJ-1
George Abramson Green Bay Packers GB-2, OSJ-2
Duke Osborn Pottsville Maroons GB-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Ralph Claypool Chicago Cardinals GB-1, OSJ-1
Herb Stein Pottsville Maroons JC
George Trafton Chicago Bears CE-1
Dolph Eckstein Providence Steamroller GB-2, OSJ-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Paddy Driscoll Chicago Cardinals GB-1 [HB], CE-1, OSJ-1
Joey Sternaman Chicago Bears GB-1, CE-2, JC
Jimmy Robertson Akron Pros GB-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Walter French Pottsville Maroons CE-1, OSJ-1
Dave Noble Cleveland Bulldogs GB-1
Red Grange Chicago Bears JC, OSJ-2 [QB]
Red Barron Coral Gables Collegians JC
Heinie Benkert New York Giants CE-1
Goldie Rapp Columbus Tigers OSJ-1
Jimmy Conzelman Detroit Panthers CE-2
Verne Lewellen Green Bay Packers GB-2
Cy Wentworth Providence Steamroller GB-2
Buddy Tynes Columbus OSJ-2
Hinkey Haines New York Giants OSJ-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Jack McBride New York Giants GB-1, CE-3, JC, OSJ-1
Barney Wentz Pottsville Maroons CE-1
Tex Hamer Frankford Yellow Jackets GB-2, CE-2, OSJ-2
Bob Koehler Chicago Cardinals CE-2


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Buddy Tynes

David Lane "Buddy" Tynes (February 26, 1902 – November 28, 1984) was an American football player. He played college football for Texas and two seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as a fullback and halfback for the Columbus Tigers in 1924 and 1925. He was selected as a second-team halfback on the 1925 All-Pro Team.

Paddy Driscoll

John Leo "Paddy" Driscoll (January 11, 1895 – June 29, 1968) was an American football and baseball player and football coach. A triple-threat man in football, he was regarded as the best drop kicker and one of the best overall players in the early years of the National Football League (NFL). He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1965 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 1974.

Driscoll played college football as a quarterback and halfback for the Northwestern football team in 1915 and 1916. In 1917, he played Major League Baseball as an infielder for the Chicago Cubs. He joined the United States Navy during World War I and played for the undefeated 1918 Great Lakes Navy football team that won the 1919 Rose Bowl.

Driscoll played professional football as a quarterback and halfback for the Hammond All-Stars (1917), Hammond Pros (1919), Racine/Chicago Cardinals (1920–1925), and Chicago Bears (1926–1929). He was the NFL's first All-Pro quarterback and its leading scorer in 1923 and 1926. He also led the 1925 Chicago Cardinals to an NFL championship and was selected in 1969 for the NFL 1920s All-Decade Team.

Driscoll also worked for many years as a football coach. He was the head coach of Chicago Cardinals from 1920 to 1922 and at Marquette from 1937 to 1940. He spent the last 28 years of his life with the Chicago Bears as an assistant coach (1941–1955), head coach (1956–1957), and later as the director of the Bears' research and planning unit.

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