1912 South Australian state election

State elections were held in South Australia on 10 February 1912. All 40 seats in the South Australian House of Assembly were up for election. The incumbent United Labor Party government led by Premier of South Australia John Verran was defeated by the opposition Liberal Union led by Leader of the Opposition Archibald Peake. Each of the 13 districts elected multiple members, with voters casting multiple votes.

House of Assembly (FPTP) — Turnout 71.9% (Non-CV) — Informal 1.4%
  Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Liberal Union 278,277 51.41 +1.83 24 +4
  United Labor Party 253,163 46.77 -2.32 16 -6
  Independent 9,817 1.81 +0.49 0 0
  Total 541,257     40 -2
  Liberal Union WIN 24 +4
  United Labor Party 16 -6
South Australian state election, 1912

10 February 1912

All 40 seats in the South Australian House of Assembly
21 seats were needed for a majority
  Archibald Peake John Verran.jpeg
Leader Archibald Peake John Verran
Party Liberal Union Labor
Leader since 5 June 1909 5 June 1909
Leader's seat Victoria and Albert Wallaroo
Last election 20 seats 22 seats
Seats won 24 seats 16 seats
Seat change Increase4 Decrease6
Percentage 51.41% 46.77%
Swing Increase1.83 Decrease2.32

Premier before election

John Verran

Elected Premier

Archibald Peake
Liberal Union

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