1912 Louisiana gubernatorial election

The Louisiana gubernatorial election of 1912 was held on April 16, 1912. Like most Southern states between Reconstruction and the civil rights era, Louisiana's Republican Party was virtually nonexistent in terms of electoral support. This meant that the Democratic Party primary held on January 23 was the real contest over who would be governor. The election resulted in the election of Democrat Luther E. Hall as governor of Louisiana.

Louisiana Democratic gubernatorial primary, 1912

January 23, 1912
  Luther Egbert Hall - Gouverneur von Louisiana No image President-James-B-Aswell-00-04-225x300
Candidate Luther E. Hall John Michel James B. Aswell
Party Democratic Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 53,407 46,201 23,800
Percentage 43.28% 37.44% 19.29%

Governor before election

Jared Y. Sanders, Sr.

Elected Governor

Luther E. Hall


Democratic Party Primary, January 23[1]

Candidate Votes received Percent
Luther E. Hall 53,407 43.28%
John T. Michel 46,201 37.44%
James B. Aswell 23,800 19.29%

Runoff not held due to Michel withdrawing

Republican Party Primary, January 23[2]

Candidate Votes received Percent
Hugh S. Suthon 1,013 62.53%
Charles J. Bell 607 37.47%

General Election, April 16[3]

Party Candidate Votes received Percent
Democratic Luther E. Hall 50,581 89.48%
Republican Hugh S. Suthon 4,961 8.78%
Independent J. R. Jones 984 1.74%


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