1887–88 FA Cup

The 1887–88 Football Association Challenge Cup was the seventeenth staging of the FA Cup, England's oldest football tournament. One hundred and forty-nine teams entered, twenty-five more than the previous season, although four of the one hundred and forty-nine never played a match.

1887–88 FA Cup
Country England
Defending championsAston Villa
ChampionsWest Bromwich Albion
(1st title)
Runners-upPreston North End

First Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Chester 2–3 Davenham Wales 15 October 1887
Burnley 4–0 Match void Darwen Old Wanderers 15 October 1887
Grantham 4–0 Lincoln Lindum 15 October 1887
Preston North End 26–0 Hyde 15 October 1887
South Bank 3–2 Newcastle East End 15 October 1887
Stoke 1–0 Burslem Port Vale 15 October 1887
Matlock 2–3 Rotherham Town 15 October 1887
Reading 0–2 Match void Dulwich 15 October 1887
Sheffield 1–3 Lockwood Brothers 15 October 1887
Hitchin 2–5 Old Wykehamists 8 October 1887
Royal Engineers 3–0 Rochester 15 October 1887
Marlow 4–1 South Reading 8 October 1887
Old Etonians 4–2 Lancing Old Boys 8 October 1887
Swifts 3–1 Maidenhead 15 October 1887
Notts County 9–0 Lincoln Ramblers 15 October 1887
Hendon 2–4 Old Harrovians 15 October 1887
Nottingham Forest 2–1 Notts Swifts 15 October 1887
Blackburn Rovers Walkover Bury
Hotspur Bye
Stafford Road 2–1 Match void Great Bridge Unity 15 October 1887
Old Carthusians 5–0 Hanover United 15 October 1887
Blackburn Olympic Bye
Staveley 1–2 Derby County 15 October 1887
Small Heath Alliance 6–1 Aston Unity 15 October 1887
Sheffield Heeley 9–0 Attercliffe 15 October 1887
Bootle 6–0 Workington 15 October 1887
Blackburn Park Road 2–1 Blackburn Park Road disqualified Distillery Ireland 8 October 1887
Bolton Wanderers 1–0 Match void Everton 15 October 1887
Accrington 11–0 Rossendale 15 October 1887
Chatham 5–1 Luton Town 15 October 1887
Walsall Town 1–2 Mitchell St George's 15 October 1887
South Shore Walkover Denton
Church Walkover Cliftonville
Macclesfield Town 1–3 Shrewsbury Town 15 October 1887
Walsall Swifts 1–2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 15 October 1887
Old Westminsters 4–1 Clapton 15 October 1887
Wrexham Olympic Bye
Hurst 5–3 Match void Astley Bridge 15 October 1887
Crewe Alexandra 5–0 Druids 15 October 1887
Long Eaton Rangers 6–3 Park Grange 15 October 1887
Middlesbrough 4–0 Whitburn 15 October 1887
West Bromwich Albion 7–1 Wednesbury Old Athletic 15 October 1887
Birmingham Excelsior 4–1 Match void Warwick County 15 October 1887
Leek 2–2 Northwich Victoria 15 October 1887
Sunderland 4–2 Match void Morpeth Harriers 15 October 1887
Old Brightonians 1–0 Swindon Town 8 October 1887
Derby Junction 3–2 Derby St Luke's 15 October 1887
Rawtenstall 1–3 Darwen 15 October 1887
Notts Rangers 10–1 Jardines 15 October 1887
Notts Olympic 3–6 Match void Mellors 15 October 1887
Lincoln City 4–1 Horncastle 15 October 1887
Chirk Wales 4–1 Chester St Oswalds 15 October 1887
Oswaldtwistle Rovers 3–4 Match void Witton 15 October 1887
Higher Walton 8–1 Heywood Central 15 October 1887
Burton Swifts 7–0 Southfield 15 October 1887
Chesham 4–2 Match void Watford Rovers 15 October 1887
Gainsborough Trinity 7–0 Boston 15 October 1887
Basford Rovers 3–2 Lincoln Albion 15 October 1887
Crusaders 9–0 Lyndhurst 15 October 1887
Fleetwood Rangers 4–1 West Manchester 15 October 1887
Cleethorpes Town 0–4 Grimsby Town 15 October 1887
Newcastle West End 5–1 Redcar 15 October 1887
London Caledonians 1–6 Old Foresters 15 October 1887
Old St Mark's 7–2 East Sheen 15 October 1887
Owlerton 2–1 Eckington Works 15 October 1887
Millwall Rovers Walkover Casuals
Over Wanderers 3–1 Wellington St George's 15 October 1887
Ecclesfield 4–1 Derby Midland 15 October 1887
Scarborough 3–5 Shankhouse 15 October 1887
Belper Town 2–3 The Wednesday 15 October 1887
Llangollen Wales 7–3 Match void Oswestry Town 8 October 1887
Aston Shakespeare 2–3 Match void Burton Wanderers 15 October 1887
Gateshead Association 0–3 Darlington 15 October 1887
Liverpool Stanley 1–5 Halliwell 15 October 1887
Oldbury Town 0–4 Aston Villa 15 October 1887
Elswick Rangers 3–3 Bishop Auckland Church Institute 15 October 1887

First Round Proper replays

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Burnley Walkover Darwen Old Wanderers
Dulwich Walkover Reading
Royal Engineers Walkover Rochester
Great Bridge Unity 1–1 Stafford Road 22 October 1887
Great Bridge Unity Walkover Stafford Road
Everton 2–2 Bolton Wanderers 29 October 1887
Everton 1–1 Bolton Wanderers 12 November 1887
Everton 2–1 Everton disqualified Bolton Wanderers 19 November 1887
Astley Bridge Walkover Hurst
Warwick County 0–5 Birmingham Excelsior 22 October 1887
Northwich Victoria 4–2 Leek 22 October 1887
Morpeth Harriers 2–3 Sunderland 22 October 1887
Notts Olympic 1–2 Mellors 22 October 1887
Oswardthistle Rovers 1–4 Witton 22 October 1887
Watford Rovers 3–1 Chesham 22 October 1887
Llangollen Town Wales 0–2 Oswestry Town 22 October 1887
Aston Shakespeare Walkover Burton Wanderers 22 October 1887
Bishop Auckland Church Institute 0–2 Elswick Rangers 22 October 1887

Second Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Darlington 4–3 Elswick Rangers 5 November 1887
Darwen 2–0 Church 5 November 1887
Dulwich 2–1 Hotspur 5 November 1887
Preston North End 9–1 Bolton Wanderers 5 November 1887
Shankhouse Bye
Marlow 2–3 Old Foresters 5 November 1887
Old Etonians 3–2 Old St Mark's 5 November 1887
Swifts Bye
Old Harrovians 0–4 Old Brightonians 5 November 1887
Notts County Walkover Basford Rovers
Nottingham Forest 2–0 Mellors 5 November 1887
Blackburn Olympic 1–5 Blackburn Rovers 5 November 1887
Astley Bridge 0–4 Halliwell 5 November 1887
Mitchell St George's 0–1 West Bromwich Albion 5 November 1887
Small Heath Alliance 0–4 Aston Villa 5 November 1887
Bootle 1–1 South Shore 5 November 1887
Accrington 3–2 Burnley 5 November 1887
Lockwood Brothers Bye
Chatham 3–1 Royal Engineers 5 November 1887
Grimsby Town Bye
Northwich Victoria 0–1 Crewe Alexandra 5 November 1887
Oswestry Bye
Old Westminsters 8–1 Millwall Rovers 5 November 1887
Wrexham Olympic 1–2 Davenham Wales 5 November 1887
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–0 Aston Shakespeare 5 November 1887
Long Eaton Rangers 1–2 The Wednesday 5 November 1887
Middlesbrough 4–1 South Bank 5 November 1887
Birmingham Excelsior Bye
Sunderland 3–1 Newcastle West End 5 November 1887
Derby County 6–0 Ecclesfield 5 November 1887
Derby Junction 3–2 Rotherham Town 5 November 1887
Notts Rangers 4–0 Grantham 5 November 1887
Lincoln City 2–1 Gainsborough Trinity 5 November 1887
Chirk Wales 10–2 Shrewsbury Town 5 November 1887
Burton Swifts 2–5 Great Bridge Unity 5 November 1887
Crusaders 3–2 Old Wykehamists 29 October 1887
Fleetwood Rangers 1–3 Higher Walton 5 November 1887
Watford Rovers 1–3 Old Carthusians 5 November 1887
Owlerton 1–0 Sheffield Heeley 5 November 1887
Distillery Ireland 2–4 Witton 5 November 1887
Over Wanderers 0–2 Stoke 5 November 1887

Second Round Proper replay

Home Club Score Away Club Date
South Shore 0–3 Bootle 12 November 1887

Third Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Darlington 0–2 Shankhouse 26 November 1887
Darwen 1–1 Witton 26 November 1887
Dulwich 1–3 Swifts 26 November 1887
Preston North End 4–0 Halliwell 3 December 1887
Stoke 3–0 Oswestry 26 November 1887
Old Etonians 7–2 Old Westminsters 26 November 1887
Old Foresters Bye
Nottingham Forest 2–1 Notts County 26 November 1887
Aston Villa Bye
Old Carthusians 5–0 Old Brightonians 24 November 1887
The Wednesday Bye
Accrington 1–3 Blackburn Rovers 26 November 1887
Grimsby Town 2–0 Lincoln City 26 November 1887
Davenham Wales 2–2 Chirk Wales 19 November 1887
Crewe Alexandra Bye
Middlesbrough 2–2 Sunderland 26 November 1887
West Bromwich Albion 2–0 Wolverhampton Wanderers 26 November 1887
Derby County 6–2 Owlerton 26 November 1887
Derby Junction 2–1 Lockwood Brothers 19 November 1887
Notts Rangers Bye
Higher Walton 1–6 Bootle 26 November 1887
Crusaders 4–0 Chatham 26 November 1887
Great Bridge Unity 2–1 Birmingham Excelsior 26 November 1887

Third Round Proper replays

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Witton 0–2 Darwen 3 December 1887
Chirk Wales 6–1 Davenham Wales 26 November 1887
Sunderland 4–2 Sunderland disqualified Middlesbrough 3 December 1887

Fourth Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Darwen 3–1 Notts Rangers 17 December 1887
Preston North End Bye
Stoke Bye
Shankhouse 0–9 Aston Villa 17 December 1887
Old Foresters 4–2 Grimsby Town 17 December 1887
Nottingham Forest 6–0 Old Etonians 17 December 1887
Blackburn Rovers Bye
Old Carthusians Bye
Crewe Alexandra 2–2 Swifts 10 December 1887
Middlesbrough Bye
West Bromwich Albion Bye
Derby County Bye
Derby Junction Bye
Chirk Wales Bye
Crusaders 0–1 The Wednesday 17 December 1887
Great Bridge Unity 1–2 Bootle 17 December 1887

Fifth Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Darwen 0–3 Blackburn Rovers 7 January 1888
Nottingham Forest 2–4 The Wednesday 7 January 1888
Aston Villa 1–3 Preston North End 7 January 1888
Old Carthusians 2–0 Bootle 7 January 1888
Crewe Alexandra 1–0 Derby County 7 January 1888
Middlesbrough 4–0 Old Foresters 7 January 1888
West Bromwich Albion 4–1 Stoke 7 January 1888
Chirk Wales 0–1 Derby Junction 31 December 1887

Sixth Round Proper

Home Club Score Away Club Date
The Wednesday 1–3 Preston North End 30 January 1888
Middlesbrough 0–2 Crewe Alexandra 28 January 1888
West Bromwich Albion 4–2 Old Carthusians 28 January 1888
Derby Junction 2–1 Blackburn Rovers 28 January 1888


Home Club Score Away Club Date
Preston North End 4–0 Crewe Alexandra 18 February 1888
West Bromwich Albion 3–0 Derby Junction 18 February 1888


Home Club Score Away Club Date
West Bromwich Albion 2–1 Preston North End 24 March 1888


1887–88 Stoke F.C. season

The 1887–88 season was the fifth season Stoke took part in the FA Cup.

1888 World Championship (football)

The 1888 World Championship was an exhibition football match that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, on 19 May 1888 between the winners of the Scottish Cup, Renton, and the English FA Cup, West Bromwich Albion. The match was won by Renton who beat Albion 4–1.

This was not the first "World Championship" game between English and Scottish sides; however, the next edition was the first such club competition contested between national league winners (as the leagues had not been yet created before that time).

Bob Howarth

Bob Howarth (20 June 1865 – 20 August 1938) was a leading footballer in the 1880s and 1890s. He was an England international and was a member of the Preston North End side that became famous as "The Invincibles".

Ecclesfield F.C.

Ecclesfield F.C. was an English association football club based in Ecclesfield, South Yorkshire.

George Lawton (footballer, born 1862)

George Lawton (4 August 1862 – 1930) was an English footballer who played in the Football League for Stoke.

Harrow Chequers F.C.

Harrow Chequers Football Club was a football club from London, England in the 1860s to early 1890s. It played as the Harrow Chequers from 1865 to 1876, when it was then renamed the Old Harrovians, and continued play until at least 1891. Derived from former pupils of Harrow School, the club was involved in the formation of the FA Cup in 1871. It was slated to play in three of the first six FA Cup competitions in the 1870s, but they forfeited each time, and never contested an FA Cup match as the Chequers. One of their players, however, Morton Betts, is remembered for scoring the first (and only) goal in the first ever FA Cup Final in 1872, which is essentially all that is remembered today of the club. However, as the Old Harrovians, the team had some more success, including reaching the semifinals of the 1877–78 FA Cup.

Henry Renny-Tailyour

Henry Waugh Renny-Tailyour (9 October 1849 – 15 June 1920) was an amateur all-round sportsman who appeared for Scotland in some of the earliest international football and rugby union matches, remaining to this day the only player to have represented the country in both codes. He also played first class cricket for Kent County Cricket Club and was an accomplished athlete.

Herbie Arthur

William John Herbert Arthur (14 February 1863 – 27 November 1930) was an English footballer who played for Blackburn Rovers, as well as the English national side.

Isaac Monks

Isaac Monks was an English footballer who played for Derby County.There appear to be no record of when Isaac Monks signed for Derby County. Monks was a Derby County player in season 1887–88 as more than one source reports that Isaac Monks played centre-forward in an FA Cup first round tie against Staveley played on 15 October 1887. Derby County were the away team and defeated the home team 2–1 with Isaac Monks scoring both goals.1887-88 FA CupIsaac Monks made his League debut on 8 September 1888, playing at centre-half, at Pike's Lane, the then home of Bolton Wanderers. Derby County defeated the home team 6–3. Isaac Monks appeared in three of the 22 League matches played by Derby County in season 1888–89. As a centre–half (three appearances) he played in a Derby County defence that restricted the opposition to one–League–goal–in–a–match once.

Jimmy Forrest (footballer)

James Henry Forrest (24 June 1864 – 30 December 1925) was an English footballer whose career spanned the transition from amateurism to professionalism in English football in the 1880s and 1890s. He played most of his club career for Blackburn Rovers, whose early embracing of professionalism enabled them to become one of the major teams in English football, and with whom he appeared on the winning side in five FA Cup finals (a joint record). He was the first professional player to appear for England for whom he made eleven appearances, as a half-back.

John Barton (footballer, born 1866)

John Barton, known as Jack Barton, (born 5 October 1866) was an English footballer. He played at international level once for England while on the books of Blackburn Rovers.A native of Blackburn, Jack Barton started out, like many at Rovers, in the ranks of local junior organisation Kings's Own. Following a spell at local club Witton alongside Nat Walton he joined Rovers and made his debut in a 5—1 beating of local rivals Blackburn Olympic in round two of the 1887-88 FA Cup. NOTE: Another source stated that Barton signed and played for Blackburn West End F.C. from 1886 until he signed for Rovers.Jack Barton, playing as a wing—half, made his League debut on 29 September 1888 at Dudley Road , the then home of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Blackburn Rovers drew 2—2 with the home team. Jack Barton appeared in five of the 22 League matches played by Blackburn Rovers in season 1888—89. Playing as a wing—half (five appearances), Jack Barton was part of Blackburn Rovers midfield that achieved a big (one—League—goal—or—more) win once. Jack Barton appeared in one 1888-89 FA Cup tie and scored in a 5—0 win for the Rovers.

John Barton was very involved in the 1889-90 Football League campaign (Blackburn Rovers finished third in the League) playing in 15 matches, scoring once) and appeared three times in 1889-90 FA Cup, scoring once and playing in the Final which Rovers won 6—1 over The Wednesday thereby gaining his first of two Winner's medals. Also in season 1889—90 Barton won his only international cap for England in a game against Ireland on 15 March 1890. Barton scored one of the goals in England's 9–1 victory.In season 1890–91 Barton appeared in 18 League matches (Rovers finished sixth), scoring once and played in all six FA Cup ties, including the Final where Rovers defeated Notts County 3–1 and Barton won his second Winner's Medal.In the first game of the 1891-92 Football League season Barton was injured and did not return until the game against Stoke in November 1891, by which time Geordie Anderson had been recruited to replace him. He suffered another injury which ended his football career after playing 40 league games for Rovers. From 1888 until he retired in 1891 Jack Barton played 50 times for Rovers, 40 Football League and ten FA Cup. He scored four goals (two each in League and FA Cup). Jack Barton died on 22 April 1910 aged 43.

Lawrence Plackett

Lawrence Plackett, known as Lol Plackett, (born 1869) was an English footballer who played for Derby County and Nottingham Forest. His brother Harry was also a footballer. Lol Plackett' first club was Long Eaton Alexandra but there appear to be no records about this club. One source states Plackett signed in 1885 and another states he joined Derby County sometime in 1886.Lol Plackett played for Derby County for two seasons prior to the Football League commencing. In season 1887–88 Derby County reached the fifth round of the FA Cup, their best FA Cup campaign since their formation in 1884. It is not recorded whether Lol Plackett played in the 1887–88 FA Cup ties.Lol Plackett made his Football League and Club debut on 8 September 1888, playing as a forward, at Pike's Lane, the then home of Bolton Wanderers. Derby County defeated the home team 6–3 and Lol Plackett scored the fourth and sixth goals. Lol Plackett appeared in all of the 22 League matches played by Derby County in season 1888–89 and scored seven League goals. Lol Plackett was the only Derby County player in season 1888–89 to play in all 22 League matches. As a forward (seven appearances) he played in a forward–line that scored three–League–goals–or–more on two separate occasions. As a winger (15 appearances) he played in a midfield that achieved big (three–League–goals–or–more) wins on two separate occasions. Of the seven League goals scored, two came in one match, on the opening day.Lol Plackett was not retained for the 1889-1890 season and moved to Nottingham Forest.

Potteries derby

The Potteries derby is the football local derby in Stoke-on-Trent between Port Vale and Stoke City. The fans of each club both consider the other to be their main rivals; this has led to a heated atmosphere at these matches. The two teams have met a total of 185 times, consisting of: 44 English Football League, 6 FA Cup, 62 friendlies, and 73 other (mostly local) cup games.Stoke-on-Trent is the least populous city to have two Football League clubs (the next smallest is Nottingham). Leeds, Leicester, Coventry, Hull, Bradford, and Cardiff are all larger cities that contain just one league club.

Shankhouse F.C.

Shankhouse Football Club is a football club based in Cramlington, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England. They are currently members of the Northern Alliance Premier Division and play at Action Park.

Ted Devey

Edwin James Devey (19 March 1871 – 2 September 1945) was an English professional footballer who played as a left half.

Tees–Wear derby

The Tees–Wear derby is a football local derby contested between Middlesbrough F.C. and Sunderland A.F.C. who are separated by 2 rivers and 30 miles, in the North East of England. Historically this game would be considered the main regional rivalry for Middlesbrough, however it is viewed very much as secondary by those on Wearside, whose main derby match is the Tyne-Wear derby against Newcastle United. Broadly, Sunderland fans based in the City of Sunderland and further north towards Tyneside focus most of their attention on Newcastle. Middlesbrough are an afterthought in these areas primarily due to the increased distance from Teesside, and the lack of regular interaction with Teessiders. The rivalry of the Tees-Wear derby, however, is much more intense and evenly balanced in southern County Durham, where fans of both clubs live and work close together and interact regularly.

The rivalry intensified somewhat during the 1990s when the two teams spent a lot of their time at the top of Division 1, which resulted in clashes between sets of rival fans. Football related violence between the two sets of fans has reduced since Middlesbrough left Ayresome Park and Sunderland left Roker Park. This is in part due to the easier policing of matches at the new stadiums. However, heightened police presence is still required when the teams meet, as the fixture can lead to violent incidents between fans. Sunderland regularly reduce Middlesbrough's away allocations due to safety concerns and previous bad behaviour.A Tees-Wear derby can also include matches between Sunderland and Hartlepool United.

In the 2008–09 Premier league season, the results were:

Sunderland 2–0 Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough 1–1 SunderlandIn 2011–12 the teams played in the FA Cup:

Sunderland 1–1 Middlesbrough 28 January 2012

Replay – Middlesbrough 1–2 Sunderland (AET) 8 February 2012.In 2012–13 the teams played in the Football League Cup

Sunderland 0–1 Middlesbrough 30 October 2012In the 2016–17 Premier league season, the results were:

Sunderland 1–2 Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough 1–0 SunderlandIn the 2017–18 EFL Championship season, the results were:

Middlesbrough 1–0 Sunderland

Sunderland 3–3 MiddlesbroughIn 2017–18 the teams played in the FA Cup

Middlesbrough 2–0 Sunderland 6 January 2018

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