1877–78 FA Cup

The 1877–78 Football Association Challenge Cup was the seventh staging of the FA Cup, England's oldest football tournament. Forty-three teams entered, four more than the previous season, although three of the forty-three never played a match.

1877–78 FA Cup
Country England
Defending championsWanderers
ChampionsWanderers (5th title)
Runners-upRoyal Engineers

First round

Home Club Score Away Club Attendance Date
Darwen 3–0 Manchester 7 November 1877
Grantham 0–2 Clapham Rovers 27 October 1877
Reading 2–0 South Norwood 7 November 1877
Barnes Walkover St Mark's
Royal Engineers Walkover Highbury Union
Marlow 2–0 Hendon 3 November 1877
Maidenhead 10–0 Reading Hornets 27 October 1877
Queen's Park Bye
Upton Park 3–0 Rochester 7 November 1877
Wanderers 9–1 Panthers 7 November 1877
1st Surrey Rifles 1–0 Forest School 7 November 1877
Oxford University 5–2 Herts Rangers 3 November 1877
High Wycombe 4–0 Wood Grange 27 October 1877
Pilgrims 0–0 Ramblers 3 November 1877
Swifts 3–2 Leyton 7 November 1877
Cambridge University 3–1 Southill Park 2 November 1877
105th Regiment 0–2 Old Harrovians 7 November 1877
Druids 1–0 Shropshire Wanderers 12 November 1877
Notts County 1–1 Sheffield 3 November 1877
Remnants 4–0 St Stephen's 7 November 1877
Hawks 5–2 Minerva 3 November 1877
Old Foresters Walkover Old Wykehamists

First Round Replays

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Pilgrims 1–0 Ramblers 9 November 1877
Sheffield 3–0 Notts County 1 December 1877

Second round

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Sheffield 1–0 Darwen 29 December 1877
Barnes 3–1 Marlow 15 December 1877
Royal Engineers 6–0 Pilgrims 8 December 1877
Clapham Rovers 4–0 Swifts 22 December 1877
Upton Park 1–0 Reading 8 December 1877
Oxford University 1–0 Old Foresters 15 December 1877
High Wycombe 0–9 Wanderers 15 December 1877
Cambridge University 4–2 Maidenhead 8 December 1877
Druids Walkover Queen's Park
Old Harrovians 6–0 1st Surrey Rifles 22 December 1877
Remnants 2–0 Hawks 22 December 1877

Third round

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Sheffield Bye
Royal Engineers 8–0 Druids 30 January 1878
Upton Park 3–0 Remnants 19 January 1878
Wanderers 1–1 Barnes 12 January 1878
Oxford University 3–2 Clapham Rovers 2 February 1878
Old Harrovians 2–2 Cambridge University 2 February 1878

Third Round Replays

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Wanderers 4–1 Barnes 26 January 1878
Old Harrovians 2–2 Cambridge University 9 February 1878
Old Harrovians 2–0 Cambridge University 16 February 1878

Fourth round

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Royal Engineers 3–3 Oxford University 15 February 1878
Wanderers 3–0 Sheffield 16 February 1878
Old Harrovians 3–1 Upton Park 9 March 1878

Fourth Round Replays

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Royal Engineers 2–2 Oxford University 27 February 1878
Royal Engineers 4–2 Oxford University 12 March 1878

Semi finals

Home Club Score Away Club Date
Royal Engineers 2–1 Old Harrovians 16 March 1878
Wanderers Bye


Home Club Score Away Club Date
Wanderers 3–1 Royal Engineers 23 March 1878


1878 FA Cup Final

The 1878 FA Cup Final was a football match between Wanderers and Royal Engineers on 23 March 1878 at Kennington Oval in London. It was the seventh final of the world's oldest football competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup (known in the modern era as the FA Cup). Wanderers had won the Cup in the previous two seasons and on four previous occasions in total, including the first FA Cup Final, in 1872, in which they defeated the Engineers. The Engineers had also won the Cup, having defeated Old Etonians in the 1875 final.

Wanderers, who were considered firm favourites to win the Cup for the third consecutive season, took the lead after only five minutes through Jarvis Kenrick, but the Engineers quickly equalised. The cup-holders regained their lead before half-time and added a third goal after the interval to secure a 3–1 victory. Under the original rules of the competition, the Cup was retired and presented to the club on a permanent basis to mark their third straight win, but the Wanderers returned the Cup to The Football Association on the condition that it never again be won outright by any club.

1878 in association football

The following are the association football events of the year 1878 throughout the world.

Harrow Chequers F.C.

Harrow Chequers Football Club was a football club from London, England in the 1860s to early 1890s. It played as the Harrow Chequers from 1865 to 1876, when it was then renamed the Old Harrovians, and continued play until at least 1891. Derived from former pupils of Harrow School, the club was involved in the formation of the FA Cup in 1871. It was slated to play in three of the first six FA Cup competitions in the 1870s, but they forfeited each time, and never contested an FA Cup match as the Chequers. One of their players, however, Morton Betts, is remembered for scoring the first (and only) goal in the first ever FA Cup Final in 1872, which is essentially all that is remembered today of the club. However, as the Old Harrovians, the team had some more success, including reaching the semifinals of the 1877–78 FA Cup.

Hubert Heron

George Hubert Hugh Heron (30 January 1852 – 5 June 1914) was an English footballer who made five appearances as a forward for England in the 1870s and won three FA Cup winners' medals.

Sturminster Newton United F.C.

Sturminster Newton United Football Club is a football club based in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England, currently playing in the Dorset Premier League. The club is affiliated to the Dorset County Football Association and is a FA Charter Standard Community Club.

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