1703 Naval Air Squadron

1703 Naval Air Squadron of the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy was formed in August 1945 at RNAS Lee-on-Solent for duties in the Pacific.[1] It was equipped with the Supermarine Sea Otter.

World War II ended in the same month that the squadron was formed, and it never deployed or saw action.[1]

1703 Naval Air Squadron
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom
Naval Ensign
ActiveAugust 1945 - 1946
Country United Kingdom
BranchFleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy
RoleSpecial service
Battle honoursNone
Lt(A) K A Chare RNVR

Aircraft flown

1703 Naval Air Squadron flew only one aircraft type:


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List of Fleet Air Arm aircraft squadrons

This is a list of Fleet Air Arm squadrons.

RNAS Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus)

Royal Naval Air Station Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus) was one of the primary shore airfields of the Fleet Air Arm. First established as a seaplane base in 1917 during the First World War, it later became the main training establishment and administrative centre of the Fleet Air Arm. Situated near Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire, approximately four miles west of Portsmouth on the coast of the Solent at grid reference SU560019, the establishment has now been closed down. The airfield hosts the Solent Enterprise Zone.

Supermarine Sea Otter

The Supermarine Sea Otter was a British amphibian aircraft designed and built by Supermarine; it was a longer-range development of the Walrus and was the last biplane flying boat to be designed by Supermarine; it was also the last biplane to enter service with the Royal Navy and the RAF.

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