16th meridian east

The meridian 16° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 16th meridian east forms a great circle with the 164th meridian west.

Line across the Earth
16th meridian east
16 meridijan (Zagreb)
Monument marking the meridian in Zagreb, Croatia

From Pole to Pole

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 16th meridian east passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 16°0′E / 90.000°N 16.000°E Arctic Ocean
80°1′N 16°0′E / 80.017°N 16.000°E  Norway Island of Spitsbergen, Svalbard
76°45′N 16°0′E / 76.750°N 16.000°E Atlantic Ocean Greenland Sea
Norwegian Sea
69°18′N 16°0′E / 69.300°N 16.000°E  Norway Islands of Andøy and Hinnøya, and the mainland
66°52′N 16°0′E / 66.867°N 16.000°E  Sweden
46°12′N 16°0′E / 46.200°N 16.000°E Baltic Sea
54°15′N 16°0′E / 54.250°N 16.000°E  Poland
50°36′N 16°0′E / 50.600°N 16.000°E  Czech Republic
48°47′N 16°0′E / 48.783°N 16.000°E  Austria
46°50′N 16°0′E / 46.833°N 16.000°E  Slovenia For about 11 km
46°43′N 16°0′E / 46.717°N 16.000°E  Austria For about 6 km
46°40′N 16°0′E / 46.667°N 16.000°E  Slovenia
46°18′N 16°0′E / 46.300°N 16.000°E  Croatia Passing through Zagreb, east of the city centre
45°13′N 16°0′E / 45.217°N 16.000°E  Bosnia and Herzegovina
44°38′N 16°0′E / 44.633°N 16.000°E  Croatia
43°29′N 16°0′E / 43.483°N 16.000°E Mediterranean Sea Adriatic Sea
42°59′N 16°0′E / 42.983°N 16.000°E  Croatia Island of Biševo
42°57′N 16°0′E / 42.950°N 16.000°E Mediterranean Sea Adriatic Sea
41°57′N 16°0′E / 41.950°N 16.000°E  Italy
41°40′N 16°0′E / 41.667°N 16.000°E Mediterranean Sea Gulf of Manfredonia
41°26′N 16°0′E / 41.433°N 16.000°E  Italy
39°25′N 16°0′E / 39.417°N 16.000°E Mediterranean Sea Tyrrhenian Sea
38°44′N 16°0′E / 38.733°N 16.000°E  Italy
37°55′N 16°0′E / 37.917°N 16.000°E Mediterranean Sea
31°17′N 16°0′E / 31.283°N 16.000°E  Libya
23°27′N 16°0′E / 23.450°N 16.000°E  Chad The meridian enters Chad at the country's northernmost point, on the Tropic of Cancer
7°30′N 16°0′E / 7.500°N 16.000°E  Central African Republic
3°0′N 16°0′E / 3.000°N 16.000°E  Cameroon
1°45′N 16°0′E / 1.750°N 16.000°E  Republic of the Congo
3°44′S 16°0′E / 3.733°S 16.000°E  Democratic Republic of the Congo
5°52′S 16°0′E / 5.867°S 16.000°E  Angola
17°23′S 16°0′E / 17.383°S 16.000°E  Namibia
28°15′S 16°0′E / 28.250°S 16.000°E Atlantic Ocean
60°0′S 16°0′E / 60.000°S 16.000°E Southern Ocean
69°41′S 16°0′E / 69.683°S 16.000°E Antarctica Queen Maud Land, claimed by  Norway

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