1563 in Sweden

Events from the year 1563 in Sweden

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Fredrik II conqueres Älvsborg 1563
Fredrik II conqueres Älvsborg 1563



  • 7 June - The King's brother Duke John and his spouse is accused of treason in their absence.
  • 9 August - Northern Seven Years' War
  • August - A fleet conquer the province and Duchy of Finland from the King's brother John on the order of the king.
  • 12 August - Duke John and his spouse is arrested for treason after the Siege of Turku, and imprisoned at Gripsholm Castle.
  • 22 August - Danish occupation of Älvsborg.
  • 9 November - Danish victory at the Battle of Mared
  • 30 December – Swedish commander Nils Persson are given the order to invade and pillage the Danish province of Blekinge.
  • - Erik XIV encourage the peasantry of Norway to rebel against Denmark.



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