The 1470s decade ran from January 1, 1470, to December 31, 1479.

Millennium: 2nd millennium
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Pietro - Conciliator differentiarum philosophorum et precipue medicorum - 2989416
Conciliator differentiarum philosophorum et precipue medicorum


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1470 in France

Events from the year 1470 in France

1470s BC

The 1470s BC was a decade lasting from January 1, 1479 BC to December 31, 1470 BC.

1470s in England

Events from the 1470s in England.

1470s in art

The decade of the 1470s in art involved some significant events.

1472 in Ireland

Events from the year 1472 in Ireland.

1474 in Ireland

Events from the year 1474 in Ireland.

1475 in France

Events from the year 1475 in France

1475 in Ireland

Events from the year 1475 in Ireland.

1476 in France

Events from the year 1476 in France

1476 in Ireland

Events from the year 1476 in Ireland.

1477 in France

Events from the year 1477 in France

1477 in Ireland

Events from the year 1477 in Ireland.

1478 in France

Events from the year 1478 in France

1478 in Ireland

Events from the year 1478 in Ireland.

1479 in France

Events from the year 1479 in France


Bunmei (文明, "civilization") was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, "year name") after Ōnin and before Chōkyō. This period spanned from April 1469 through July 1487. The reigning emperor was Go-Tsuchimikado-tennō (後土御門天皇).

Evliya Kasim Pasha Mosque

Evliya Kasim Pasha Mosque (Turkish: Evliya Kasım Paşa Cami) is a 15th-century Ottoman mosque in Edirne, northwestern Turkey. It is named after Kasim Pasha (fl. 1442–43).

The mosque was built by Kasim Pasha in 1478–1479, the Beylerbey of the Rumelia Eyalet in the Ottoman Empire and a commander of the Ottoman forces during the reign of the sultans Mehmed the Conqueror (r. 1444‒1446, 1451‒1481) and Bayezid II (r. 1481–1512); he was also titled "Evliya", saint. The grave of Kasim Pasha is in the mosque's yard.

Treaty of Prenzlau

Treaty of Prenzlau or Peace of Prenzlau (German: Vertrag von Prenzlau, Frieden vo Prenzlau, Vergleich von Prenzlau) may refer to several treaties during a series of wars between the Margraviate of Brandenburg and the Duchy of Pomerania fought for control of Pomerania-Stettin, and possession of the Uckermark in the 15th century. The First Peace of Prenzlau ended a war fought between 1445 and 1448, while the Second Peace of Prenzlau ended a war fought between 1466 and 1468. In older documents, Prenzlau may be spelled Prenzlow, which was the common spelling during the time period the treaties were drawn and was only changed during the 19th century. Prenzlau is situated in the center of Uckermark.

Ōnin War

The Ōnin War (応仁の乱, Ōnin no Ran) was a civil war that lasted from 1467 to 1477, during the Muromachi period in Japan. Ōnin refers to the Japanese era during which the war was fought. A dispute between Hosokawa Katsumoto and Yamana Sōzen escalated into a nationwide war involving the Ashikaga shogunate and a number of daimyō in many regions of Japan.

The war initiated the Sengoku period, "the Warring States period". This period was a long, drawn-out struggle for domination by individual daimyō, resulting in a mass power-struggle between the various houses to dominate the whole of Japan.

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