12th Infantry Division (Pakistan)

12th Infantry Division is a Pakistani Army Largest infantry division currently based in Murree, Punjab close to Azad Kashmir. The Chinar Division's headquarters are located in the Murree Hills Cantonment. The brigades of 12th Division are deployed all across Azad Jammu Kashmir and the Line of Control. With 6 Infantry Brigades, 1 Divisional Artillery brigade and a number of supporting units of Air Defence, Supply and Remount Veterinary Corps under its command, 12th Infantry division is the largest division of Pakistan Army.

12th Infantry Division
Active1948- Present
Country Pakistan
Branch Pakistan Army
TypeMountain infantry
RoleInfantry, though supporting, artillery and armour elements are attached
Size30,000+ men (though this may vary as units are rotated)
Part ofX Corps (Pakistan)
HeadquartersMurree, Punjab (Pakistan)
Nickname(s)Chinar Division
ColorsGreen & Gold
EngagementsIndo-Pakistani War of 1965
Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Siachen conflict
Indo-Pakistani War of 1999
War on terror
General Officer CommandingMajor-General Amer Ahsan Nawaz,
Notable CommandersMajor General Azhar Abbas

Major General Muhammad Kaleem Asif

Major General Faheem ul Aziz

Major General Najam ul Hassan Shah

Major General Sohail Ahmed Khan


The division was formed in 1948, from troops allocated to Pakistan from the old British Indian Army. It was the first division sized formation to be created by the Pakistan Army (the three prior ones, 7th (Golden Arrow), 8th and 10th infantry divisions predated Pakistan).

1948 Kashmir War

The division went into combat against the Indian army in Kashmir. A notable action was the recapturing of Skardu from the Indian forces, accomplished with help from tribesmen from the tribal areas.

1965 Indo-Pakistani War

In between the wars the division was active on the ceasefire line, where fighting broke out on several occasions. In 1965 the division undertook Operation Grand Slam, whereby under the command of 7th Infantry Division, it attacked and captured Chamb, and then moved on and captured territory beyond the river Tawi, ending up in a position 6 km ahead of Jammu. Although its performance was greatly lauded at the time, its commander Maj-Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik was privately criticized by General Ayub Khan, for abandoning several posts in Kashmir which were then taken by the Indian forces, and for losing the strategically vital Hajir Pir Pass (this would not be retaken until after the ceasefire).

1971 Bangladeshi War

Six years later, the division went into action again, this time in Poonch-Ranjouri sector. Despite being outnumbered by Indian forces, the formation managed to advance nearly 50 km, all the way to Ranjouri. Unfortunately dogged Indian resistance meant that it was unable to capture Poonch itself. During the war, it was commanded by Maj-Gen Mohammad Akbar Khan.

Recent history

Since 1971, the formation had been deployed on the Line of Control, dividing the Indian and Pakistani-administered Kashmir, where sporadic fights break out with Indian forces, and occasionally full-fledged actions develop. In 1991, the division defeated an Indian incursion into the Neelum Valley.

List of GOCs (Commanders)

Lt.Gen. Attiqur Rahman
Lt.Gen. Akhtar Hussain Malik GOC during the 1965 Indo-Pak War
Maj General Sherin Khan 1966-1970>Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rahman 1971-74
Major General Mohammad Akbar
Lt.Gen. Zulfiqar Akhtar Naaz, HI(M), S(BT) Jan 1984 - May 1988
Major General Zia ul Haq
Lt.Gen. Ghulam Muhammad Malik 1990-1992
Lt.Gen. Tariq Parvez 1992-1995
Lt.Gen. Shahid Aziz, HI(M) 1996-1999
Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, NI(M), HI(M) 1999-2001
Lt.Gen. Waseem Ahmad Ashraf, HI(M) 2001-2003
Lt.Gen. Khalid Nawaz Khan, HI(M) 2003-2006
Lt.Gen. Zaheer-ul-Islam, HI(M) 2006-2008
Lt.Gen. Maqsood Ahmad, HI(M) September 2008 - April 2010
Major General Sohail Ahmad Khan, HI(M) April 2010 - October 2011
Major General Syed Najam ul Hassan Shah, HI(M) October 2011 - July 2013
Major General Faheem ul Aziz July 2013 - March 2015
Major General Muhammad Kaleem Asif March 2015 – January 2017


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Azad Kashmir Regiment

The Azad Kashmir Regiment, also known as AK Regt, is one of the six Infantry Regiments of the Pakistan Army. As per the order of seniority, it is the Fourth regiment, but first to be raised after the Independence of country from the British Colonial rule of India. Regiment takes sheer pride in the fact that it is to date the only Regiment of Pak Army which was raised on the battlefield. This is why the Regiment is informally known by the adage; "Asli Nasli" meaning "The pure breed". Its Regimental Centre is located at Mansar camp in Attock District on the border of Punjab and KPK province. The Regiment has participated in all major and minor operations and wars fought by the army and displayed high standards of valour. Notable commanders of the regiment include including Lieutenant-General Haroon Aslam, ex commander of Pakistan Special Services Group who led the SSG operation (Operation Rah e Rast) in Swat in 2009 and Lieutenant General Hidayat ur Rehman, who commanded successful operations (operation Al Mizan and operation Zarb e Azab) in FATA from 2014 to 2016.

Azad Kashmir Regular Force

Azad Kashmir Regular Force (AKRF) was the predecessor of Azad Kashmir Regiment of Pakistan Army.

As AKRF it was part of the Paramilitary Forces of the State of Azad Kashmir. It was merged into Pakistan Army after Indo-Pakistani War 1971 as one of the Infantry Regiments and named as Azad Kashmir Regiment or AK Regiment.Most of the troops dispatched as Infiltrators in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir during Operation Gibraltar belonged to AKRF.

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