126 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force

The 126 Squadron "Cougar" (126 SQN) is a helicopter squadron of the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Its motto is "Ready and Able", with the Cougar adopted as the squadron's motif.

RSAF 126 Squadron
126Sqn shoulder patch
Active1996 – Present
RoleTransport, Search and rescue
Garrison/HQSembawang Air Base
Motto(s)"Ready and Able"
EquipmentTwelve AS532UL Cougar

Unit history

Formed initially on 16 September 1992 at Sembawang Air Base, the 126 SQN consisted of newly purchased Cougar helicopters, which were an upgraded version of the Super Puma helicopters then used by its sister squadron – 125 SQN. The squadron is based at Oakey Airbase, supporting the SAF's training need in Australia.[1]

Aircraft operated

  1. 12× AS532UL Cougars (1996–present)

Photo gallery

RSAF Aerospatiale AS-332M1 Super Puma Vabre

126 Sqn's AS532UL Cougar at Avalon Airport, 2009.


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