.krd is the Internet geographic top-level domain (gTLD) for Kurdistan Region of Iraq. On 5 December 2013, the Department of Information Technology of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) received a registry agreement signed by ICANN for .krd after passing all the required processes needed to become the registry operator for the domain.[1][2]

.krd (Kurdistan domain)
TLD typeGeneric top-level domain
Intended useKurdish people, institutions and businesses
Registry Websitehttp://dot.krd/

Special Domains

Website of .KRD top level domain dot.krd

Website of the Kurdistan Regional Government: cabinet.gov.krd

Website of the Kurdistan Region Presidency: presidency.krd


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The domain name OOO (Triple O - Alphabet O) is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It was launched and is operated by Infibeam.


.dev is a top-level domain name operated by Google. It was proposed in ICANN's new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program, and has become available to the general public on March 1, 2019, with an early access period that began on February 19. To increase the security of the domains, the entire gTLD has been included in the HSTS preload-list.

Bowerno railway station

Bowerno railway station is located in Baureno, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. Bowerno is the older spelling of Baureno and still used as the name of the railway station.

Chord (geometry)

A chord of a circle is a straight line segment whose endpoints both lie on the circle. A secant line, or just secant, is the infinite line extension of a chord. More generally, a chord is a line segment joining two points on any curve, for instance an ellipse. A chord that passes through a circle's center point is the circle's diameter. Every diameter is a chord, but not every chord is a diameter.

The word chord is from the Latin chorda meaning bowstring.

Ciroyom railway station

Ciroyom Station is a train station that located near Arjuna street at Andir, Bandung. The station located just on the east side of Ciroyom traditional market.

The station also located only 500 meters on the west side of Bandung Station.

There are only a few train stop in this station :

KRD Cianjur to Cianjur

KRD Bandung Raya to Padalarang and Cicalengka

Simandra to Cibatu and Purwakarta

Final Battle (2015)

Final Battle was a two-night professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by the U.S.-based wrestling promotion Ring of Honor (ROH). It took place on December 18 and 19, 2015 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the seventh event under the Final Battle name. The first night was a pay per view broadcast, and the second night was a set of tapings for ROH's flagship TV show Ring of Honor Wrestling.

In the first night, nine matches took place with one in the pre-show. In the main event, Jay Lethal defeated A.J. Styles to retain the ROH World Championship. In another prominent match of the event, Adam Cole defeated Kyle O'Reilly in a grudge match. Other matches in the undercard, Roderick Strong retained the ROH World Television Championship against Bobby Fish, War Machine defeated The Kingdom to win the ROH World Tag Team Championships, Alex Shelley, Matt Sydal and ACH defeated The KRD (The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) and Chris Sabin), and Michael Elgin defeated Moose.

JST connector

JST connectors are electrical connectors manufactured to the design standards originally developed by J.S.T. Mfg. Co. (Japan Solderless Terminal). JST manufactures numerous series (families) and pitches (pin-to-pin distance) of connectors.JST connectors are used in many types of products, and commonly used by electronics hobbyists and consumer products for rechargeable battery packs, battery balancers, battery eliminator circuits, and radio controlled servos.The term "JST" is incorrectly used as a vernacular term meaning any small white electrical connector mounted on PCBs.


KRD may refer to:

.krd - the Internet Generic top-level domain for Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Karad railway station - Indian Railways station code for a railway station in Maharashtra

Key Rate Duration - see Fixed-income attribution

Key Retention Device - see Key retainer

Kapas railway station

Kapas railway station is located in Kapas, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. The elevation of this station is +20 metres.

Kenyan Riders Downunder

Kenyan Riders Downunder (UCI team code: KRD) is a UCI Continental team founded in 2016 and based in Kenya. It participates in UCI Continental Circuits races. The team was formed from the merger of two teams, the Kenyan Riders and Pro Team Downunder. It is the first UCI Continental team to be registered in East Africa.

Key retainer

A key retainer device (KRD) is a small metal unit that is wall or door mounted, usually designed for the interchangeable core that retains one key (Key A) while the second key (Key B) is used for authorized purposes. When the key in use (Key B) is returned into the key retainer, the key held captive (Key A) is turned and then can be released. Now, the special key, perhaps top master (Key B) is held captive again. The key retainer is a method for providing visual key control.

Nambo railway station

Nambo Station is a train station located in Bantar Jati, Klapanunggal, Bogor Regency. Together with three other stations located on this line, it was only inaugurated in 1997, which makes it one of the newest station in the network. At the beginning, this line was planned to be incorporated into a larger circular line network, ranging from Cikarang to Parung Panjang. This plan had to be postponed due to the 1997 economic crisis. Indonesian Railway Company (PT KAI) operated DMU (KRD) Tanah Abang-Nambo in 2002. This route only lasted until 2006 due to the very old rolling stock. In 2012, PT KAI began to reactivate this railway line. This line was also electrified in order to let trains from Jakarta Commuter Line service run through this line.

Nippon Sharyo

Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. (日本車輌製造株式会社, Nippon Sharyō Seizō Kabushiki-gaisha, literally "Japan Vehicles Manufacture Company"), (TYO: 7102), formed in 1896, is a major rolling stock manufacturer based in Nagoya, Japan. In 1996, it abbreviated its name to "日本車両" Nippon Sharyō. Its shortest abbreviation is Nissha "日車". It was a listed company on Nikkei 225 until 2004. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange as ticker 7102. In 2008, Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) became the majority shareholder (50.1%) of the financially struggling Nippon Sharyo making the firm a "consolidated subsidiary" of JR Central. In July 2012 Nippon Sharyo USA started production in their new facility in Rochelle, Illinois. The facility closed at the end of October 2018 due to a lack of orders.


The S5.80 is a liquid pressure-fed rocket engine burning N2O4/UDMH with an O/F of 1.85. It is used for crew-rated spacecraft propulsion applications. It is currently used in the Soyuz-TMA-M spacecraft propulsion module KTDU-80, and its sibling, the S5.79 rocket engine, is still used as the main propulsion of the Zvezda ISS module.

The S5.80 generates 2.95 kN (660 lbf) of thrust with a chamber pressure of 0.88 MPa (128 psi) and a nozzle expansion of 153.8 that enables it to achieve a specific impulse of 302 s (2.96 km/s). It is rated for 30 starts with a total firing time of 890 seconds. The engine, without the pressurization system or propellant tanks, weighs 310 kg (680 lb) and is an integrated unit that is 1.2 m (47 in) long with a diameter of 2.1 m (83 in).


Shaqlawa (Kurdish: Şeqlawe , شەقڵاوە‎, Arabic: شقلاوة‎) is a historic city and a Hill station in the Erbil Governorate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Shaqlawa, a city of approximately 25,000 people, lies 51 km to the northeast of Erbil, at the bottom of Safeen Mountain. Shaqlawa is situated between Safeen Mountain and Sork Mountain, and sits 1066 m above sea level. The town is inhabited mostly by Kurds, with a small Assyrian minority. Shaqlawa has a very large quantity of waterfalls, trees, and a great growing of greenery.

Sumberrejo railway station

Sumberrejo railway station is a small railway station located in Sumberrejo, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. The elevation of this station is +16 metres.


WKRD (790 AM) is a sports talk formatted radio station in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area. It is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., and is known as 790 KRD. The station is best known for being a Top 40 powerhouse in the 1960s and 1970s as WAKY. The station's studios are located in the Louisville enclave of Watterson Park and the transmitter site is in east Louisville southwest of the I-64/I-265 interchange..

Waimoa language

Waimoa or Waima'a is a spoken by about 18,467 (2010 census) people in northeast East Timor. Waimoa proper is reported to be mutually intelligible with neighboring Kairui and Midiki, with 5,000 speakers total.

The classification of Waimoa is unclear. Structurally, it is Malayo-Polynesian. However, its vocabulary is largely Papuan, similar to that of Makasae. Although generally classified as Austronesian languages or dialects that have been largely relexified under the influence of a language related to Makasae, it is possible that Waimoa, Kairui, and Midiki are instead Papuan languages related to Makasae which have been influenced by Austronesian.

Ōarai Kashima Line

The Kashima Rinkai Railway Ōarai Kashima Line (鹿島臨海鉄道大洗鹿島線, Kashima Rinkai Tetsudō Ōarai Kashima-sen) is a 53.0 km Japanese railway line in Ibaraki Prefecture, which connects Mito Station in Mito with Kashima Soccer Stadium Station in Kashima. It is owned and run by the third-sector railway operating company Kashima Rinkai Railway (KRT).

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