Štefan Svitek (basketball)

Štefan Svitek (born 20 November 1966 in Gelnica) is a Slovak former professional basketball player and basketball coach. During his playing career, at a height of 2.04 m (6'8 ​12") tall, he played at the power forward position.

Professional playing career

Club career

During his pro career, Svitek won the German Cup in 1994, the Austrian Cup in 2001, and the Slovak League championship in 2007. He was named the Slovak Player of the Year, in 2003.

Czechoslovakian national team

Svitek was a member of the senior Czechoslovakian national basketball team. With Czechoslovakia, he played at the 1987 EuroBasket, and at the 1991 EuroBasket.

Coaching career

Svitek was the head coach of the senior Hungarian women's national team, which he coached at the EuroBasket Women 2017.[1]


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