Ōshima Subprefecture (Kagoshima)

Ōshima Subprefecture (大島支庁 Ōshima-shichō) is a subprefecture of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The subprefectural office is located in Amami.

It includes the following municipalities on the Amami Islands:

Oshima Subprefecture in Kagoshima Prefecture
Ōshima Subprefecture's location in Kagoshima Prefecture


  • Ōshima Subprefecture: 17-3 Naze Nagatachō, Amami-shi, Kagoshima-ken. 894-8501
  • Setouchi Office: 36 Koniya Funatsu, Setouchi-chō, Kagoshima-ken. 894-1506
  • Kikai Office: 2901-14 Akaren, Kikai-chō, Kagoshima-ken. 891-6201
  • Tokunoshima Office: 216 Kametsu, Tokunoshima-chō, Kagoshima-ken. 891-7101
  • Okinoerabu Office: 134-1 Tedechina, Wadomari-chō, Kagoshima-ken. 891-9111
  • Okinoerabu Office Yoron Town Resident Office: 1420-2 Chabana, Yoron-chō, Kagoshima-ken. 891-9301

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Ōshima Subprefecture

Ōshima Subprefecture (大島支庁, Ōshima-shichō) may refer to:

Ōshima Subprefecture (Tokyo) of Tokyo

Ōshima Subprefecture (Kagoshima) of Kagoshima Prefecture

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