Øyvind Myhre

Øyvind Kvernvold Myhre (born 2 January 1945) is a Norwegian author of science fiction and fantasy literature. He has written more than twenty novels and short stories. from 1975-1977 he was author and editor of the Norwegian science fiction magazine NOVA.[1] He also published a fanzine called GANDALF.

Øyvind Myhre earned his siv.ing. degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. He has worked for IBM as a system consultant.

Born in Fluberg, Myhre is a member of Gran municipal council for the period of 2007-2011, representing a local list.

Frequent themes in his novels are meditations about freedom and how it is threatened by state power and excessive bureaucracy, reflecting Myhre's libertarian outlook. Myhre's fascination with H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos is also apparent in several of his novels and short stories, ranging from more oblique references to the explicit Lovecraftian themes and references in Mørke over Dunwich (1991).


  • Aster (1974)
  • Snøen på Nix Olympica (1975) ISBN 91-7648-045-3
  • Kontrabande (1976)
  • De siste tider: en fantasi om frihet (1976)ISBN 8202035465
  • Demoner i dagslys: tretten fortellinger (1977)
  • Sabotørene (1978) ISBN 82-02-04114-7
  • Magiske verdener: fantasilitteraturen fra Gilgamesj til Richard Adams (1979) ISBN 82-02-04294-1
  • Kongen og gudene (1979)
  • En himmel av jern (1980) ISBN 82-02-04681-5
  • Grønlandsfarerne (1981)
  • 1989 (1982) ISBN 82-09-10108-0
  • Makt(1983)
  • Datakultur: (en forfatters farvel til skrivemaskinen) (1983)
  • Følge en drøm (1984) ISBN 82-588-0307-7
  • Pålgrims vandring (1985) ISBN 82-02-09301-5
  • Møt meg i Moolawatana (1986) ISBN 82-02-11062-9
  • Mørke over Dunwich (1991)
  • Skyld – roman (1993)
  • Stjerner over Tharsis (1995)
  • Vindens datter, Bjørnens bror (1997)


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Dunwich is a village and civil parish in Suffolk, England. It is in the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB around 92 miles (148 km) north-east of London, 9 miles (14 km) south of Southwold and 7 miles (11 km) north of Leiston, on the North Sea coast.

In the Anglo-Saxon period, Dunwich was the capital of the Kingdom of the East Angles, but the harbour and most of the town have since disappeared due to coastal erosion. At its height it was an international port similar in size to 14th century London. Its decline began in 1286 when a storm surge hit the East Anglian coast followed by a great storm in 1287 and another great storm also in 1287, and it was eventually shrank to the village it is today. Dunwich is possibly connected with the lost Anglo-Saxon placename Dommoc.

The population of the civil parish at the 2001 census was 84, which increased to 183 according to the 2011 Census, though the area used by the Office of National Statistics for 2011 also includes part of the civil parish of Westleton. There is no parish council; instead there is a parish meeting.


Fluberg is a village, a parish and a former municipality, now part of the municipality of Søndre Land in Oppland, Norway.

List of Norwegian writers

This is a list of Norwegian literature authors in the order of their year of birth. The century assignment is the period of their most significant works.


Myhre is a Norwegian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Aslak Sira Myhre, (born 1973), Norwegian politician

Geir Myhre, (born 1954), Norwegian former ice hockey player and coach

Hans Bernt Myhre, (1817-?), Norwegian politician

Jan Eivind Myhre, (born 1947), Norwegian historian and professor

John Myhre, American Academy Award-winning production designer

Knut Myhre, (born 1931), Norwegian politician

Kyle Tran Myhre, aka Guante, (born 1983), American hip hop artist, poet, activist, and educator

Lars Elton Myhre, (born 1984), Norwegian alpine skier

Lise Myhre, (born 1975), Norwegian cartoonist

Nils Kristian Myhre, (born 1971), Norwegian newspaper editor and former footballer

Øyvind Myhre, (born 1945), Norwegian science fiction and fantasy author

Peter N. Myhre, (born 1954), Norwegian politician

Petter Myhre, (born 1972), Norwegian retired footballer and current coach and commentator

Rolf Myhre, (born 1939), Norwegian politician

Thomas Myhre, (born 1973), Norwegian football goalkeeper

Vera Myhre, (1920–2000), Danish artist

Wenche Myhre, (born 1947), Norwegian singer and actress

Sarah Myhre, (born 1982)),American feminist, scientist, writer


Øyvind or Oyvind may refer to:

Øyvind Brohaug, (født 3.juni 2003) Norsk 3D-møllemosjonist

Oyvind Aasland, Norwegian darts player

Øyvind Alapnes (born 1976), Norwegian football referee

Jon Øyvind Andersen, Norwegian black metal guitarist

Carl Øyvind Apeland (born 1964), Norwegian musician plays bass, guitar and keyboard in the Norwegian band Vamp

Øyvind Asbjørnsen, Norwegian film producer and director

Øyvind Berg (born 1971), Norwegian ski jumper

Øyvind Berg (lyric poet) (1959–1982), Norwegian lyric poet, playwright, actor and translator

Øyvind Bjørnson (1950–2007), Norwegian historian specialising in labour history and the history of the welfare state

Øyvind Bjorvatn (1931–2015), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party and later the Liberal People's Party

Øyvind Bolthof (born 1977), Norwegian football goalkeeper

Øyvind Brandtsegg (born 1971), Norwegian musician (percussion, electronica) and programmer

Øyvind S. Bruland (born 1952), Professor of Clinical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Øyvind Dahl (born 1951), retired Norwegian long-distance runner

Öyvind Fahlström (1928–1976), Swedish Multimedia artist

Øyvind Grøn (born 1944), Norwegian physicist

Øyvind Gram (born 1985), Norwegian football striker

Øyvind Gustavsen (born 1937), Norwegian civil servant

Øyvind Håbrekke (born 1969), Norwegian politician for the Christian Democratic Party

Øyvind Halleraker (born 1951), Norwegian politician representing the Conservative Party

Øyvind Hoås (born 1983), Norwegian football striker

Øyvind Korsberg (born 1960), Norwegian politician for the Progress Party

Øyvind Leonhardsen (born 1970), Norwegian former footballer

Øyvind Mustaparta (born 1979), Norwegian musician (keyboard)

Øyvind Myhre (born 1945), Norwegian author of science fiction and fantasy literature

Øyvind Nordsletten (born 1944), Norwegian diplomat

Øyvind Rauset (born 1952), Norwegian artist, musician and composer

Øyvind Rimbereid (born 1966), Norwegian author and composer of lyric poetry

Øyvind Sandberg (born 1953), Norwegian film director

Øyvind Skaanes (born 1968), former Norwegian cross country skier

Øyvind Slåke (born 1965), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party

Øyvind Staveland (born 1960), the founder of the Norwegian band Vamp together with Torbjørn Økland in 1991

Øyvind Stene (born 1947), Norwegian engineer and businessperson

Øyvind Alfred Stensrud (1887–1956), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party

Øyvind Storflor (born 1979), Norwegian football player

Øyvind Svenning (born 1980), Norwegian football defender

Øyvind Torvund (born 1976), Norwegian composer

Øyvind Tveter (born 1954), former Norwegian speed skater

Øyvind Vaksdal (born 1955), Norwegian politician for the Progress Party

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