Édouard Leclerc

Édouard Leclerc (20 November 1926 – 17 September 2012) was a French businessman and entrepreneur who founded the French supermarket chain E.Leclerc in 1948.[1][2][3][4] From his first store, Leclerc's chain has multiplied into more than 550 locations in France and 114 stores outside of the country, as of 2012.[1]

Leclerc was born in the commune of Landerneau, Finistère, in the region of Brittany on 20 November 1926. He died in Saint-Divy, Finistère, on 17 September 2012, at the age of 85.[1][2]

Édouard Leclerc
Born20 November 1926
Died17 September 2012 (aged 85)
Saint-Divy, France
OccupationEntrepreneur E.Leclerc


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David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg, born in 1965, is a French art curator and author, specialized in modern and contemporary art.

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E.Leclerc (informally simply Leclerc, French pronunciation: ​[ləklɛʁ]) is a French cooperative society and hypermarket chain, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine.

E.Leclerc was established on 1 January 1948 by Édouard Leclerc. E.Leclerc currently has more than 500 locations in France and 114 stores outside of the country, as of 2012. The chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the Leclerc brand.

Own brand ranges come under the Marque Repère and Eco+ banners. Some larger hypermarkets have a separate entertainment/multimedia section, under the name of Espace Culturel.

E.leclerc operates numerous stores and services around France, some near and in cities and towns while most of them are located just outside or in the hypermarkets and shopping centres.

L'auto (Car Garage)

Brico (DIY store)

Le Prou Construction (Residential and commercial construction)

Espace Culturel (Multimedia store/DVD store)

Jardin (Garden Centre)

Location (A Quick Car rental Service)

Manege a Bijoux (Jewelry Kiosk)

Optique (Opticians)

Parapharmacie (Pharmacy, Chemist store)

Sport (Sports shop)

Station-Service (Petrol/Gas Station)

UNE HEURE POUR SOI (Perfume store)

Bornes electriques (Electrical store)

Animalerie (Pet Shop)

Jouets (Game store mainly aimed at kids)

Henry Hermand

Henry Hermand (11 July 1924 – 6 November 2016) was a French businessman, media executive and political advisor. He was the founder of Progest, a developer of shopping centres in Europe, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, which he sold to Klépierre in 2006. He was a co-founder of Terra Nova, a think tank with ties to the Socialist Party. He was also a benefactor and mentor to President Emmanuel Macron.

Joël Egloff

Joël Egloff (born 1970, Créhange in Moselle) is a contemporary French writer and screenwriter.

Leclerc (surname)

Leclerc, Le Clerc and LeClerc are typical French or Francophone surnames which can refer to:

Daniel Le Clerc (1652–1728), Swiss medical writer

Charles Leclerc (1772–1802), French general and brother-in-law of Napoleon Bonaparte

Charles Leclerc (racing driver) (born 1997), Monégasque Formula One driver.

Édouard Leclerc (1926–2012), the founder of the French supermarket chain E.Leclerc

Félix Leclerc (1914–1988), Québécois folk singer

François Leclerc (~1554), French pirate

Fud Leclerc (1924–2010), Belgian singer

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707–1788), French scientist

Ginette Leclerc (1912–1992), French film actress

H. Leclerc – French biochemist found the enterobacterium Leclercia adecarboxylata (1962)

Jean Leclerc (disambiguation), several people

Jean Théophile Victor Leclerc (1771–1796), also known as Jean-Theophilus Leclerc, radical French revolutionist and newspaperman

Joseph-Victor Leclerc (1789–1865), French scholar and linguist

Kim Leclerc (born 1985), Canadian politician

Mike Leclerc (born 1976), Canadian ice hockey player

Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque (1902–1947), French general in World War II

Monsieur Roger LeClerc, incompetent Resistance activist in the farce 'Allo 'Allo!

Monsieur Ernest LeClerc, his brother and successor

Roger LeClerc (American football)

Sébastien Leclerc (1637–1714) French artist and engraver, or his son, Sébastien Leclerc "the Younger" (1676–1763), a French painter.

Sébastien Leclerc (politician) (born 1970), French politician

November 20

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The population was 5,693 as of the Canada 2011 Census.

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