Ånderdalen National Park

Ånderdalen National Park (Norwegian: Ånderdalen nasjonalpark) is located on the large island of Senja in Troms county, Norway. The 125-square-kilometre (48 sq mi) park lies within the municipalities of Torsken and Tranøy. The park was established by royal decree on 6 February 1970 and it was enlarged in 2004. The national park preserves this Northern Norwegian coastal region in a natural state, including pine and birch forest and alpine plants.

The national park had no moose before 1940, but it now has a permanent population. It is also an important calving and grazing area for semi-domesticated reindeer. The most common smaller animals are red foxes, stoats, hares, small rodents, and two species of shrews. Seals occur at the heads of the fjords and otters are often seen along rivers. Trout and char are common, and salmon run right up the river to the lake Åndervatn.[1][2]

Ånderdalen National Park
Ånderdalen nasjonalpark
IUCN category II (national park)
%C3%85nderdalen National Park logo
Nasjonalparker Nord-Norge
Number 23 is Ånderdalen
LocationSenja, Troms, Norway
Nearest cityFinnsnes (closer), Harstad
Coordinates69°12′N 17°16′E / 69.200°N 17.267°ECoordinates: 69°12′N 17°16′E / 69.200°N 17.267°E
Area125 km2 (48 sq mi)
Established1970, enlarged 2004
Governing bodyDirectorate for Nature Management


The last element is the finite form of dal which means "dale" or "valley". The meaning of the first element is unknown. In the valley and the park are similar names such as the river Ånderelva and the lake Åndervatnet.


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