Ángel Garrido

Ángel Garrido García (born in 1964) is a Spanish politician, President of the Community of Madrid since 2018. He is a member of the People's Party.

Ángel Garrido
(Ángel Garrido) Cifuentes y Garrido en el Comité Ejecutivo Autonómico de diciembre de 2017 (cropped)
Garrido in December 2017
President of the Community of Madrid
Assumed office
21 May 2018
Acting: 25 April – 21 May 2018
MonarchFelipe VI
Preceded byCristina Cifuentes
Member of the Assembly of Madrid
Assumed office
9 June 2015
Personal details
Born7 April 1964 (age 54)
Political partyPeople's Party
Alma materUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid


Early life

Born on 7 April 1964 in Madrid,[1] his father was from Ávila while his mother came from Jaén.[2] He took his basic education at the Tajamar School, a centre for males linked to the Opus Dei[3] located in the current district of Puente de Vallecas. He took his college education at the Technical University of Madrid's School of Mining Engineering, where he graduated as mining engineer. He worked in the private sector in the area of logistics.[4]

Municipal politics

Briefly affiliated to the Democratic and Social Centre (CDS), he joined the People's Party (PP) in 1991;[5] he also joined the New Generations youth wing.[6] Endorsed within the party ranks by Feliciano Blázquez,[7] he ran third in the party list for the 1995 municipal election in Pinto[8] and was elected councillor for the 1995–1999 period, his first public office.[9][4] He became the PP's spokesperson in the plenary of the city council.[10][3]

He was included in the PP list for the 1999 Madrid municipal election headed by José María Álvarez del Manzano.[11] Elected as municipal councillor, he began his 16-year spell in the city council of the Spanish capital. He was subsequently re-elected in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections. Throughout this period, he presided over the districts of Villa de Vallecas, Latina, Chamberí, Usera and Retiro. From 2004 to 2008, Garrido was also a member of the Executive Secretariat of Regional Policy of the People's Party of the Community of Madrid, where he befriended Cristina Cifuentes and Jaime González Taboada.[10]

Member of the regional government

XVI Congreso Partido Popular de Madrid (32756206173)
Garrido and Jaime González Taboada siding next to Cristina Cifuentes during the 2017 PP Regional Congress

After the 2015 election to the Assembly of Madrid in which he ran second in the candidature of the People's Party after Cristina Cifuentes, he was assigned to negotiate the investiture of the later as regional president with Citizens.[12]

After the resignation of Esperanza Aguirre as leader of the regional branch of the PP in February 2016,[13][14] he was appointed President of the Electoral Committee.[15]

After the celebration of the regional Congress of March 2017, he was elected at the Comité Ejecutivo Autonómico of People's Party of the Community of Madrid, presided by Cristina Cifuentes as Secretrary.[16]

Presidency of the Community of Madrid

On 25 April 2018 Cifuentes resigned as President of the Community of Madrid, after the release of a 2011 video that shows her being detained in a supermarket for shoplifting,[17] and in the wake of strong evidence that her Master's degree was fraudulently obtained.[18] Ángel Garrido succeeded her and was named as the president.[19][20] He was sworn into office on 21 May 2018.[21][22]

Electoral history

Electoral history of Ángel Garrido
Election List Constituency List position Result
Pinto local election, 1995 PP - 3rd (out of 21)[23] Elected
Madrid local election, 1999 PP - 28th (out of 53) Elected
Madrid local election, 2003 PP - 29th (out of 55) Elected
Madrid local election, 2007 PP - 16th (out of 57) Elected
Madrid local election, 2011 PP - 16th (out of 57) Elected
Madrid regional election, 2015 PP - 2nd (out of 129) Elected


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Political offices
Preceded by
Salvador Victoria
Regional Minister of the Presidency and Justice
Succeeded by
Pedro Rollán
Yolanda Ibarrola
Preceded by
Cristina Cifuentes
President of the Community of Madrid
2014–15 Elche CF season

The 2014–15 season is the 92nd season in Elche’s history and the 21st in the top-tier.

2015 Madrilenian regional election

The 2015 Madrilenian regional election was held on Sunday, 24 May 2015, to elect the 10th Assembly of the Community of Madrid. All 129 seats in the Assembly were up for election. The election was held simultaneously with regional elections in twelve other autonomous communities and local elections all throughout Spain.

The ruling People's Party (PP) emerged once again as the largest political force in the region, but it saw a substantial drop in its vote support and the loss of the absolute majority it had held almost uninterruptedly since 1995—with a brief interlude in 2003—. However, as both the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) and newcomer Podemos fell one seat short of an absolute majority, it meant that the PP could remain in government through an agreement with liberal Citizens (C's). As a result, Cristina Cifuentes became the new President of the Community of Madrid, forming a minority government with C's providing confidence and supply. Cifuentes would be the third regional President in three years, after Esperanza Aguirre's resignation in 2012 and incumbent President Ignacio González not running for the office as a result of several scandals.

The strong performance of both Podemos and C's was at the expense of left-wing United Left (IU)—which lost its parliamentary representation for the first time in history as a result of not reaching the required 5% threshold—and Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD), whose parliamentary presence was ephemeral having only entered the regional parliament in 2011 for the first time.

2019 Madrilenian regional election

The 2019 Madrilenian regional election will be held on Sunday, 26 May 2019, to elect the 11th Assembly of the Community of Madrid. All 132 seats in the Assembly will be up for election. The election will be held simultaneously with regional elections in eleven other autonomous communities and local elections all throughout Spain, as well as the 2019 European Parliament election.

Adolf Lindenbaum

Adolf Lindenbaum (12 June 1904 – August 1941), was a Polish-Jewish logician and mathematician.

He was born and brought up in Warsaw. He earned a Ph.D. in 1928 under Wacław Sierpiński and habilitated at Warsaw University in 1934. He published works on mathematical logic, set theory, cardinal and ordinal arithmetic, the axiom of choice, the continuum hypothesis, theory of functions, measure theory, point set topology, geometry and real analysis. He served as an Assistant Professor at Warsaw University from 1935 until the outbreak of war in September 1939. He was Alfred Tarski's closest collaborator of the inter-war period. Around the end of October or beginning of November 1935 he married Janina Hosiasson, a fellow logician of the Lwow-Warsaw school. He and his wife were adherents of Logical Empiricism, participated in and contributed to the International Unity of Science movement, and were members of the original Vienna Circle. Sometime before the middle of August 1941 he and his sister Stefanja were shot to death in Naujoji Vilnia (Nowa Wilejka), 7 km east of Vilnius, by the occupying German forces or Lithuanian collaborators.His most cited works are Lindenbaum's lemma and Lindenbaum algebras.

Cifu (footballer)

Miguel Ángel Garrido Cifuentes (born 5 October 1990), commonly known as Cifu, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Málaga CF as a right back.

Cifuentes Government

The Cifuentes Government was the regional government of the Community of Madrid from June 2015 until May 2018. Established in June 2015, after the resignation of Cristina Cifuentes as president of the region in April 2018, Ángel Garrido became acting president for some weeks. The cabinet was reshuffled in September 2017.

Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid (English: ; Spanish: Comunidad de Madrid Spanish pronunciation: [komuniˈðað ðe maˈðɾið] (listen)) is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. It is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, and of the Castilian Central Plateau (Meseta Central). Its capital is the city of Madrid, which is also the capital of the country. The Community of Madrid is bounded to the south and east by Castilla–La Mancha and to the north and west by Castile and León. It was formally created in 1983, based on the limits of the province of Madrid, which was until then conventionally included in the historical region of New Castile.

The Community of Madrid is the third most populous in Spain with 6,549,979 (2018) inhabitants mostly concentrated in the metropolitan area of Madrid. It is also the most densely populated autonomous community. In absolute terms, Madrid's economy is roughly equal in size to that of Catalonia, which remains Spain's largest. Madrid thus has the highest GDP per capita in the country.

Cristina Cifuentes

María Cristina Cifuentes Cuencas (born 1 July 1964) is a Spanish politician from the People's Party. She was the President of the Community of Madrid from 24 June 2015 to her 25 April 2018 resignation. From 16 January 2012 to 13 April 2015, she served as the Government Delegate in the Community of Madrid.

Diego Sanjuanbenito

Diego Sanjuanbenito Bonal (born 1978) is a Spanish politician of the People's Party (PP).

Franck Omgba

Emmanuel Franck Omgba Opono Edoa (born 4 July 1992) is a Cameroonian footballer who plays for Spanish club CD Alcoyano as a midfielder.

Garrido (surname)

Garrido is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, meaning "elegant". Notable people with the surname include:

Adriano Garrido (born 1972), beach volleyball player from Brazil

Antonio Garrido (actor) (born 1971), Spanish actor and TV presenter

Antonio Garrido (golfer) (born 1944), Spanish professional golfer

António Garrido (referee) (born 1932), former Portuguese football referee

Augie Garrido (born 1939), coach in NCAA Division I college baseball

Carlos Garrido (born 1977), Chilean footballer, who currently is the captain of Audax Italiano

Carlos Rafael Uribazo Garrido (born 1951), Cuban artist

Celso Garrido, Peruvian composer

Claudio Garrido (1852–1911), Cuban concert violinist

David Garrido, journalist and sports presenter who works for the BBC

Fanny Garrido (1846–1917), Spanish writer

Francisco Garrido (born 1953), Mexican politician

Francisco Garrido Peña (born 1958), Spanish politician

Garrido's Hutia, critically endangered species that is found in the Greater Antillean moist forests Global 200 ecoregion

German Garrido (born 1948), member of one of Spain's most successful golfing families

Hector Garrido, pulp fiction cover illustrator, active 1965–1995

Ignacio Garrido (born 1972), Spanish professional golfer

Javier Garrido, (born 1985), Spanish football player

Jorge Garrido (died 1998), one of the three leaders of the first government that ruled Guatemala

José Garrido (born 1975), Spanish professional road bicycle racer

José María Rojas Garrido (1824–1883), Colombian Senator and statesman

Juan Garrido, conquistadors

Juan Carlos Garrido (born 1969), Spanish football manager

Lizardo Garrido (born 1957), retired football defender from Chile

Luis de Garrido (born 1960), Spanish architect

Luis Garrido, Honduran football player

Luis Javier Garrido (1941–2012), Mexican political analyst

Manuel Rivera Garrido (born 1978), Peruvian football player

Miguel Ángel Garrido Gallardo (born 1945), university professor of literary theory

Nancy Garrido (born 1955), American nursing aide and wife of Phillip Garrido convicted of kidnapping Jaycee Dugard

Norberto Garrido (born 1972), former American football offensive lineman

Pablo Garrido (born 1938), Mexican athlete who competed in the late 1960s

Phillip Garrido (born 1951), sex offender who along with his wife; Nancy Garrido, kidnapped 11‑year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard and held her captive for 18 years.

Raúl Hernández Garrido (born 1964), Spanish playwright

Reynaldo Garrido (born 1934), tennis player from Havanna, Cuba

Roberto Garrido (born 1945), bishop of the Independent Catholic Church

Tomás Garrido (born 1891), Mexican politician and revolutionary

Garrido Government

The Garrido Government is the incumbent regional government of the Community of Madrid, formed in May 2018 and leaded by Ángel Garrido (acting president until then due to the Cristina Cifuentes resignation), who took possession as President of the Community of Madrid on 21 May. The ministers ("councillors") assumed office a day later, on 22 May.

List of current presidents of the autonomous communities of Spain

This is a list of incumbent presidents of the autonomous communities of Spain. The presidents head the regional government of the autonomous communities and are elected by the regional legislatures.

Menéndez Pelayo International Prize

The Menéndez Pelayo International Prize has been awarded since 1987 by the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) with the objective of honoring those persons whose literary or scientific work has a humanistic orientation and application, in the tradition of the University's namesake Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo. It was established with the generous support of Eulalio Ferrer, a Spanish-Mexican entrepreneur and academician. Citizens of any Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country are eligible. Nominations for the prize are made by universities and academies, as well as other organizations involved in the literary, humanistic or scientific cultures of those countries. The panel of judges is composed of the following persons:

The rector of UIMP.

Three former rectors of UIMP.

One person designated by the Royal Spanish Academy.

The Director General for Cultural & Scientific Relations of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

The President of the Santillana Foundation.

The President of the Cervantes Foundation of Mexico. (until 2009, Eulalio Ferrer, or someone designated by him)

The rector of a Latin-American university, chosen by vote among themselves.

The previous year's prize winner.

Miguel Ángel Garrido Gallardo

Miguel Ángel Garrido Gallardo. Born September 7, 1945 in Lubrín (Almería, Spain). Adopted Son of the town of Los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz, Spain). Philologist. He is a professor of research at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) [National Council for Scientific Research] in Madrid and distinguished university professor.

Known primarily for his contributions to the progress of semiotics in the field of Hispanic philology, he has been the promoter of the International Conference on Semiotics and Hispanism (Madrid, 1983), first president of the Spanish Association of Semiotics (1983–1987), member of the executive committee of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (1983–1998), advisor for Arts and Social Sciences to the CSIC chairmanship (1996 -2000), member from 1999 to 2001 of the International Committee of Experts in charge of Italian Encyclopedia, Delegate of the International Union of Academies (1999–2005), president of the Spanish Association of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature (2001–2005), promoter of Institut for Spanish Language (2000–2002), director of the "Curso de Alta Especialización en Filología Hispánica" and general director of the Chair "Dámaso Alonso", for the cooperation between European and American universities (2000–2012). He taught regular courses in the universities of Seville, Navarre and Madrid Complutense (35 years) and had given speeches, seminars and Ph.D. Courses in other universities from 25 countries and four continents.

Currently, he is director of the Spanish Dictionary of International Literary Terms, director of the Culture Division of the “Obra Pía de Los Pizarro” Foundation and editor of the Nueva Revista de Política Cultura y Arte.

For 30 years (1980–2010) he has been director of Revista de Literatura (CSIC) and member of the supervisory body of 25 Spanish and international journals and bibliographic collections. He is author of a large collection of works on language theory and about the Spanish Language, Culture and Literature.He is also correspondent member of the Academia Argentina de Letras, of the Academia Chilena de la Lengua and of the Academia Nacional de Letras, del Uruguay.

Among other distinctions, Garrido Gallardo has been awarded with the prize Antonio of Nebrija (2011), the prize 'Julian Marias' of research in human and social sciences (2012), the prize 'Castelar' (2013) and the international 'Menéndez Pelayo' award (2016).

People's Party of the Community of Madrid

The People's Party of the Community of Madrid (Spanish: Partido Popular de la Comunidad de Madrid, PP) is the regional branch of the People's Party in the Community of Madrid, as well as one of the historically most powerful organizations within the PP.

President of the Community of Madrid

The President of the Community of Madrid is the highest-ranking officer of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the head of the Executive Branch. The office is currently held by Ángel Garrido of the People's Party.

Yolanda Ibarrola

Yolanda Ibarrola de la Fuente (born 1964) is a Spanish lawyer and politician. She has exercised her political activity within the structure of the regional government of the Community of Madrid.

Ángel Gabilondo

Ángel Gabilondo Pujol (born 1 March 1949) is a Spanish university professor.

Between 2009 and 2011 he was Minister of Education in José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's Cabinet. On September 6, 2010 José Antonio Labordeta was given the Orden de Alfonso X el Sabio by Gabilondo.On June 2011 he received the Medalla de Oro for the Universidad de Málaga. On December 30, 2011 he received a condecoration for the Order of Charles III and also the Orden de Alfonso X el Sabio on December 26, 2014.In 2015 he was named Spanish Socialist Workers' Party's candidate for the Community of Madrid 2015 election. He returned to be a candidate for the 2016 election. Suggested by Pedro Sánchez, he will be again a candidate for the 2019 election.In October 2018, he offers himself to be the president of Madrid in order to succeed Ángel Garrido.He is brother of Spanish journalist Iñaki Gabilondo.

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