Ángel Cabrera (naturalist)

Ángel Cabrera (19 February 1879 – 8 July 1960) was a Spanish zoologist.

Cabrera was born in Madrid and studied at the city's university. He worked the National Museum of Natural Sciences from 1902, going on several collecting expeditions to Morocco.

In 1925 Cabrera went to Argentina and remained there for the rest of his life. He was head of the Department of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Museo de la Plata, and made collecting trips to Patagonia and Catamarca.

His books included South American Mammals (1940).


Biography (in Spanish)

Ángel Cabrera (disambiguation)

Ángel Cabrera (born 1969) is an Argentine golfer.

Ángel Cabrera may also refer to:

Ángel Cabrera (naturalist) (1879–1960), Spanish zoologist

Ángel Cabrera (footballer) (1939–2010), Uruguayan football forward

Ángel Cabrera (academic) (born 1967), President of George Mason University

Ángel Lulio Cabrera (1908–1999), Spanish-Argentine botanist

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