Cīnan Folclicu Cynewīse

Sēo Cīnan Folclice Cyneƿīse (PRC; Pinginisce: Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó  hīeran ; Þēaƿlīce: 中華人民共和國 Ānfealdode: 中华人民共和国), gemǣnelīce geháten Cīna, is land in Ēasternre Asie. His hēafodstōl is Beicing.

China in its region (claimed hatched)
Hong Kong

Hong Kong is se burg of Cīnan Folclicu Cynewīse, Þēawlīce:香港, is land in sūþ Ēasternre Asie.

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