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The Daily Dot is a digital media company covering Internet culture and life on the web. Founded by Nicholas White in 2011, The Daily Dot is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in New York City and San Francisco. It had a full-time staff of 76 in addition to 222 freelance contributors in early 2016 before laying off 40% of its total staff in September 2016.

Self-dubbed the "hometown newspaper" of the Internet, the Daily Dot posts roughly 50-70 articles per day. It features an array of sections dedicated to Internet-specific issues ranging from the intersection of the state and the web to "Geek", which focuses on Internet-based fandom.

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In 2014, the Daily Dot acquired The Kernel, a weekly Sunday edition featuring long-form editorial built around a single theme, causing The Kernel founder and editor-in-chief, Milo Yiannopoulos, to step down.

In January 2016, the site launched VIP Voices, a collection of op-eds from high-profile contributors on Internet issues in public discourse. Contributors include Mayor Bill de Blasio, Representative Ted Lieu, and Senator Mike Lee.

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