Terra nullius

Last updated on 20 June 2017

Current terrae nullius

Egypt Sudan claims.svg
Simplified map showing Egypt's claim (yellow and green), Sudan's claim (blue and green) and Bir Tawil (white)
Antarctica, territorial claims.svg
Territorial claims in Antarctica, with the unclaimed part of West Antarctica shown in white. The off-white area near the South Pole in the Norwegian sector may also be unclaimed, since Norway extended its claim here in 2015, thus violating the Antarctic Treaty.[14]

Other claims of terra nullius

By the time of Mabo in 1992, terra nullius was the only explanation for the British settlement of Australia. Historians, more interested in politics than archives, misled the legal profession into believing that a phrase no one had heard of a few years before was the very basis of our statehood, and Reynolds' version of our history, especially The Law of the Land, underpinned the Mabo judges' decision-making.[20]

Croatia Serbia border Backa Baranja.svg
Liberland claims the largest pocket, marked (in green) as "Siga"; Enclava, pocket 1; and Ongal, pockets 2 & 3, as well as an unmarked point immediately opposite Apatin.

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