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Marvel Music is Marvel Studios's music arm. Marvel Music used to be an imprint of Marvel Comics, and the former music publishing subsidiaries of Marvel Entertainment Group, Mighty Marvel Music Corporation and Marvel Music Group, Inc..

Mighty Group

Mighty Marvel Music Corporation and Marvel Music Group, Inc. (both incorporated on July 29, 1981[1][2]) ) were music publishing subsidiaries of Marvel Entertainment Group that were retained by New World Entertainment when Marvel was sold to Andrews Group in 1989.[3] and were with New World when they were sold to Fox.[4]


Marvel Music was a short-lived Marvel Comics imprint published in 1994[6]–1995,[5]


Marvel had previous done some music based comics. The premiere issue of Marvel Comics Super Special, dated simply 1977, featured the rock band Kiss in a 40-page fictional adventure written by Steve Gerber, penciled by John Romita Jr., Alan Weiss, John Buscema, Rich Buckler, and Sal Buscema, which saw the quartet battling Marvel supervillains Mephisto and Doctor Doom.[7] Issue 50 of Marvel Premiere (stand date of October 1979) featured a story, "From the Inside", with Alice Cooper.[5] Neil Gaiman in 1991 was approached by Epic Records on Cooper's behalf to design a "concept record". Gaiman, recalling the Marvel Premiere with Cooper agreed. This record, The Last Temptation was released in 1994. Revolutionary Comics had Rock 'N' Roll Comics series that put out unauthorized-biography of musicians and bands, over which the company was sued at least twice.[5]


Marvel President Terry Stewart was looking to expand Marvel beyond the usual superhero fare, "Bible comics, kids comics, comics geared towards girls" were considered.[5] Stewart went with music doing two test runs in 1990 with Cheap Trick: Busted and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E: Coming to Yaa. Then he hired[5] Editor Mort Todd as the imprint's first and only editor.[6] The imprint was launched with Alice Cooper's "The Last Temptation" in June 1994.[6]

Todd check with the marketing department and found that they did not market the graphic novel well, as the original plan was to have the bands sell them at their shows, thus the imprint was not making money. He was infuriated that he let his contract lapse. With Marvel heading into bankruptcy, the imprint was discontinued in 1995.[5]


These comics featured the life stories of famous musicians and bands, while some were album-oriented mini-dramas, drawn song lyrics or superhero fantasies. All of these comics were made with the band or singers input.[6] The imprint used the square, bound graphic novels as they were consider better price points for bookstores.[5]

Current corporation


Marvel Music, Inc. is the music publishing and licensing company and subsidiary of Marvel Studios.

Marvel Music is now distributed by Disney Music Group's Hollywood Records.[8]


Marvel Music, Inc. was incorporated on September 9, 2005[9] to manage Marvel Studios' and Marvel Animation's filmed music.[10] At the New York ComiCon in 2009, Marvel announced Marvel Music's launch and would begin licensing its music and scores[5] promoted with a Iron Man: Armored Adventures theme song free download cards promo with songs being for sale on iTunes.[11]

Beginning in 2012 with the release of Avengers Assemble, Disney Music Group's Hollywood Records label began distributing Marvel Music's albums. In 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 became the first Marvel Music album to be certified Gold—and subsequently certified Platinum—by the Recording Industry Association of America, as well as the first soundtrack album in history to top the Billboard 200 chart, while consisting entirely of previously released songs.[12][13]

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